Two Shoes, One Pair, Five Outfits

What we have here is the ultimate cost-per-wear summoning, enter cautiously.


After the news of a Narciso Rodriguez shoe launch surfaced last runway season, the world—or myself at very least–waited anxiously for a close up. The result of this anticipatory period was nothing short of breathtaking. The ideal marriage of a class-act boot infused by a dose of relevant cool made the outcome a seamless transfusion of trendy timelessness, and that is no easy feat. Earlier this summer, Barney’s New York, exclusive shareholder, (if shares were shoes and holding was vending,) to the Narciso Rodriguez shoe collection challenged me to style a pair of my choosing for five different occasions. Because it’s not my style to let a good shoe go uncelebrated, I attacked faster than you can ask, “are those white suede?” The product, below.

Scenario A: In the workplace

Narciso Rodriguez heels, Land’s End blouse, rag & bone pants, Dannijo necklaces and bracelets, Celine trapeze tote, where my chubby stick hangs out. Right next to the crudite.

It’s hard to let creativity run free when stricken by the plague of strict dress-code. There’s no reason the arbitrary blouse and pants can’t see a silhouette update though, enter the stylized clothing approach. A pair of skinny rag & bone pants—ironically purchased at a Barney’s warehouse sale some three years ago with a men’s white blouse—you’re well versed in my stance on these, offers nice bodily breadth: loose up top, tight down low and thoroughly complimented by the right slew of accessories and interesting shoe.

Scenario B: Night out

Topshop muscle tee and leather pants, Madewell denim blouse, Iro sequined jacket, Ferragamo minaudiere, Dannijo necklace.

Leather pants are only as interesting as the shoes you pair them with. Sure a white tee layered under a denim blouse and a sequined jacket can easily hold its own, any number of alternative upper half outfitting methods would have effortlessly complimented the concept of a black leather pant with a white suede boot. Versatility, people.

Scenario C: Brunch with the Ladies

Isabel Marant tee, Calypso pants, Naomi’s PS1, Aurelie Bidermann and La Petite Princess jewelry.

True or False: brunch with your lady friends is essentially the outfitting alternative to fashion week? I’ll answer for you: true. And with that said, a question: when else would a pair of slouchy sequined pants and a football tee render so ideal? It’s the blouse that gives creative license to the shoes but the slouchy nature of them glitter critters all but beg for a sensible ankle boot.

And a Vespa, obviously. My dad’s vespa. It’s my dad’s. No, really. Dad.

Scenario D: Weekend hang out

Maje jacket, Topshop muscle tee, Asos shorts, Iosseliani, Jennifer Fisher, Aurelie Bidermann, Vivienne Westwood necklaces, Celine triple pouch.

Suede fringe is practically the poster child for weekend chilling, paired with obtrusively ripped denim bermudas, you’re almost reliving a Woodstock tale as old as Jerry Garcia, enter a boot to create the magical disconnect. Relaxed meets refined and your Saturday is looking great, sorry, GR8.

And finally, Scenario E: The Evening Wear

Etoile Isabel Marant plaid blouse, Peter Soronen skirt, Chanel purse, MR. Dannijo necklace, bracelets.

…But only in the same way Jenna Lyons does evening wear. The concept of dressing for formal events is ambiguous. Who’s to say a plaid blouse isn’t relevant if paired with a silk mermaid skirt or that skinny cotton pants don’t work if you find yourself in say, a thick satin jacket adorned by layers of horsehair? In this case, I opted for the former, throwing in a satin clutch and some thuper duper shiny armbands. And here’s where the beauty of a contradictorily trendy-timeless shoe comes in: applicable with ripped denim because of the style and fabric and just the same with fine silk because, well, Narciso said so.

You know, someone is going to get run over some day probably very soon and that will put all this posing in the middle of the street into perspective. Is getting “the shot” when the shot is just a really simple step forward on two parallel traffic lines really worth it? I don’t know.

Conclusion: if shoes were reptile-mammals, these ones just may have been be the chameleon meets Carine Roitfeld equivalent, and I’d say the former is reason enough to lend a thumb or two firmly up. All photos shot by superstar photo-freak Naomi Shon. View an interview here at Barney’s site, The Window and then browse the collection. Heck, buy something if you’d like. Taxes aren’t due for another eight months.

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  • Elise and Margot

    You paired the shoes soooo nicely 🙂

    x For Happy Days

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    The last outfit is my favorite one! Wonderful style as always!


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    sheree x 

  • Elisa

    I’m loving all these outfits man! But what really strikes me are not really the shoes, indeed I’m not a bootie person, but the way you half-tuck your tops/shirts in your skirts/trousers. L-o-v-e i-t.

    Wandering Minds fashion

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  • Getting run over might be worth it if you look like that! I love the last look in particular and you stunning.

    Man repelling perhaps, but not chick repelling. (totally in a non lesbo sort of way)

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    • Leandra

       That’s spirit.

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  • Catherine!

    jesus mary and joseph how do you do it! you are legit my inspiration im 15 and you have no idea how admirable to me you are. YOU MAKE FASHION FUN! your posts are better than eating peanut butter WITH an umbrella!! would mean so much if you could check out me and my bestfriends blog ILL GIVE YOU 1million in monopoly dollars if you do! xxx

  • Catherine!

    jesus mary and joseph how do you do it! you are legit my inspiration im 15 and you have no idea how admirable to me you are. YOU MAKE FASHION FUN! your posts are better than eating peanut butter WITH an umbrella!! would mean so much if you could check out me and my bestfriends blog ILL GIVE YOU 1million in monopoly dollars if you do! xxx

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  • Sussy Octavia

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