Thematic Repelling: Summer Internship

Look like a figure skater, file paper work while doing it.


In the third week of the second year of my first internship on a Monday morning, a company wide memorandum went out to both staff and interns at the high fashion label for which I was working. In capital bold letters it read, “no shorts.” This memorandum was very clearly directed at me and no one other than me. People knew better than denim cut-offs at this particular place but hello people, it was a fashion internship, it was July and denim is the fabric of our generation. For that reason, high waist vintage cut offs seemed appropriate no matter the occasion. Most notably paired with fancy shoes I might add. Executives didn’t see it my way though and that was the day my summer internship fashion woes started. It was too hot for pants and I had only so many dresses to conjure up into cool outfits. So while I wasn’t one to indulge too deeply in skirts–blame it on the sartorial boundaries of my yeshiva education or the notion that every skirt in some way reminded me of those of the Abercrombie cut-off variety–I went with it.

The idea of wears for a summer internship rose again a few weeks ago when humble herds of emails started to come in summoning outfit tips for internship dressing and now we’re here, where you’ll find what I consider the quintessential internship outfit. It includes the proper dose of formal married to a splash of cool. It’s like a cocktail with out the tail, hehe. But not actually at all.

And certainly features the back-end charactertistics of the ubiquitous mullet if we equate the work day with business in the front because when that shit is over, the party will start. And your wears will not act as the Macdougal Party cock block.

Margheritas on ‘da house: cha-ching! There it is again. 3.1. Phillip Lim blouse, Wink skirt, Altuzarra shoes, Z Spoke purse, Warby Parker eyeglasses, MR. Dannijo bracelet, necklace. Photos by Naomi Shon.

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  • Cj

    I’m the first one to comment on this, so I feel both excited and nervous.  I’m just going to say that I love this outfit more than Princess Diana liked safe drivers.   Oops.  Sorry.  Anyway, I think the bag is what really pops out and I was surprised to see that it’s Z Spoke.  What an original choice.  High five.

  • Z B


  • Ireneccloset
  • fyun

    Great news about the internship! Wish you all the best!

    • Leandra


    • Kim

       hahahaha 🙂

    • -__- 

    • CJ

      This is more priceless than a Visa commercial.

  • Natali Karppinen

    Awesome bag and shoes!

  • Dearest darling person…..
    I am a 64 year old mother of two wonderful daughters (19 and 29). American but living in Paris for the past 32 years. I have always been in the fashion business…..model, Ralph Lauren, and now my own shop in Paris (Crimson-Cashmere). I follow the Sartorialist and I love Garance, but seriously, young lady, you make my day!!!
    A good dose of your blog just brightens my spirit. What can I say……it goes well with green tea in the morning, sushi at noon and a glass of good french wine with cheese in the evening. Yep, you keep me in a good mood from morning to night. YOU are a breath of fresh air in this overly serious fashion world. You have the right mix of always getting it GOOD!!! The recipe? You manage to keep it classy and fun and modern and sometimes a bit outrageous with incredibly interesting style that never looks cheap or vulgar or screaming over the top fashion victim. You are simply the BEST and I wanted to thank you for your Freshness and Fun.
    Sending huge hugs from Paris, Linda

    • Best comment here! 

    • you are awesome linda; next time i am in paris, i would love to share a bottle of red wine with you. glad to see a fashion industry stalwart such as yourself can appreciate and embrace some good social media satire! (and some deliciously fun and refreshing fashion to boot!)

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    You look so perfect, love this!

  • freed mode


  • La Petite Olga

    Very cool look!! Love the skirt!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Agree with Linda Wright a dose of The Man Repeller makes my day! x

  • These shoes are just fantastic!!!

  • Aleksandra Paszkowska

    In the conservative place where I’m going to intern, the staff would probably pick up a phone and whisper “Hello, is this the psychiatric ward? Somebody here isn’t wearing a suit, and we lost our sense of security.”

    I’ll try smuggling some of this into the Polish National Bank, though.

    • Karen Yuan

      I’m interning at a law firm at the moment, I would love to see the reactions if I wore something like this. Well, as much of a reaction as I get before getting fired hahaha


  • Lilylovelock

    This is genius, ha! Literately dying over those Altuzarra shoes! 

  • geez I can only imagine – so glad I don’t need to worry about these things!  still, if I did, this would be great. although heat is not something we tend to have a problem with in Scotland sadly.  Those shoes rock.

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • andreacheong

    This is such a cool outfit, I love the tiers created by the layering. Great accessories too!

  • rachel.4

    I love this girl. Even amazing in creased 3.1 Philip Lim – no one can do it quite like the man repeller. Bravo.

    Rachelle xx 

  • Gita Bončina

    Great, cool, awesome, cool, awesome, great, cool, very cool.


  • Kate

    the skirt is so pretty! and I love this look, maybe I will wear something like it to my internship.. It is so hard to look business appropriate and fashionable at the same time during a heat wave… One of the hardest style problems there is, but you did it so well:) 
    xx Kate

  • thanks for your take on what to wear when one actually has the internship… i’d love to know what you would wear to the interview to land the job in the first place 🙂 

    ardena rose

  • agnes szucs
  • Lostinpattern

    Hands down, you are the best! Brigita

  • El atelier de Mariquilla

    facebook: el atelier de mariquilla

  • Lucianacorrales

    Where is that amazing necklace from???

  • Oppositelipstick
  • Alexia Mickens

    Love the shoes!!

    in the meantime

  • ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    That’s a great little internship outfit! Professional enough, but still married to a dash of cool. You look like you’re ready for work!

    My jewelry blog:

  • If you could come up with some cool summer outfits for me that would involve covered knees and toes, I would be most grateful. Sincerely,
    Lilya DDS

  • ha! I wishhhh I could wear shorts to the office 🙁
    Such a great post because sometimes I get stumped on what to wear to the office but now my vision is alot more clearer

  • Kesly

    Awesome. Love your face on the first and second pictures! 🙂 Love the bag! 😀

  • Dominika Wojciechowska

    you’re just amazing!


  • Perfect!!!!! love the shirt!!!

  • The MacDougal Party reference from SATC is brilliant.  Your posts seriously bring out a delightful giggle no matter what kinda mood I’m in. Thanks for brightening my Wednesday.

  • vittoria gallacci

    Your are so funny! Great look!

    This is my blog:

  • katie

    cute outfit! think the skirt might be a little short for my office, but *sigh*, i’m sure fashion work place attire is a little more accepting of trends and a little more forgiving on the appropriateness front. 

    – katie 

  • LeahS.

    It is definitely the perfect internship outfit. Sad that you can’t wear shorts though… summer just isn’t the same without a good pair of denim cutoffs.

  • maschenka

    I almost cried, because I had to laugh so badly. This topic is a never ending story: What’s appropriate and what’s not? And where else should I wear my f***g amazing clothes, if not during my work for a fashion magazine? I’m glad that I didn’t experience such thing during my internship at a fashion magazine in germany.

  • welovefur

    mi piacciono soprattutto le tue scarpe
    Un bacio 

  • Théa Unknown

    Love this outfit!

    Théa Unknown

  • This is an awesome look, hands down. When I’m old enough to get an internship (1 more year!) I’ll be wearing something in the likes of this…


  • had missed ur proper outfit post 🙂


  • Shannon Drake

    Love the outfit…chic and casual. The shoes are amaizng.

  • Chrissy

    Perfect for an internship or any ship! love those shoes. xx 

  • Hfile39

    I loveeeee this outfit! The shoes omgggg=0 Absolutly perfect!

  • Neijah

    I work for a huge fashion company and the amount of short, very short, shorts each day is hard to count! I love this look though, it’s all about statement pieces like those Altuzarra shoes and your Dannijo bracelet. To me, that says more about fashion than skin skin skin!

    ….though I love a good pair of shorts :/


  • Daisy Roadster and Coco

    These shoes are to die for !! and the blouse over the skirt is quite nice too ! Will probably try it some day!

  • Belén cavas

    Beautifull outfit!!! simple but fabulous!!!

  • Alimoresco

    I love this! No cut offs? What? At a place of fashion? That is basically THE “it” piece for the summer! I love this outfit though! So original! Leandra Can literally pull off anything and look amazing…even a paper bag.

  • Haha, you are so funny! And cute. And fab.

  • No shorts at a high fashion internship? How odd. Although, you sure made it work with the skirt! 🙂

  • feliciatys

    such a  cool quirky outfit 🙂  i’ve always loved whites xxx

  • Stefany Pham

    You still look great in skirts and this look is fab! 

  • Door No. 8

    Looks so f****** cool!

  • I love it! Summer structure with a hint of fluidity and funk. 

  • MKP

    You look great, those shoes are amazing! Is the skirt lilac? 

    Also denim cutoffs + fancy shoes makes it totally acceptable, surely everyone knows that??

  • Seekingstyleblog

    I like this look a lot!

    xo Jennifer

  • Just found out about your blog and may I say…love the concept! How unique are u?! xx

  • I had the same thing happen to me when I worked for a mainstream brand. My boss told me that no one was allowed to wear jeans anymore, but she was wearing them the next day and so was the rest of the staff. The jeans were 7s which was THE jeans to wear at the time. Nice shoes by the way.

  • Just perfect and love the shoes xoxox

  • chic 

  • Shauna McCurdy


  • Chelsea

    I’m obsessing over your shoes!! I love your writing style by the way, very engaging. 

  • neatfrances

    I actually was fired from a job after transferring from the high volume customer traffic to the back room processing and was told I am too fashionably offensive for the basement! True Story, only slightly altered for dramatic affect. But yeah, true. 

  • prudent fashionista

    Love the glasses and shirt <3 

  • Love this outfit, a definite formal/cool look. 
    You’ve inspired my workwear wardrobe! Your shoes are amazing!

  • I absolutely adore the shirt!

  • Myjeger

    Inspiration for today’s internship outfit!

  • Unfortunately, I have the same taste aversion to past the knee skirts due to a Yeshiva school upbringing. Thanks for making me feel like its a normal psychological phenomenon, and hells yes to short skirts and jean cut offs.  

  • Clau

    Lovely sandals!
    I <3 your outfit!!
    Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg

  • hi !!! i would like to give you a photoshoot, cause i love your style, i hope u like mine, check please my website and tell me if youre interested 🙂

  • Floratreiber

    I want this bag!

  • Currently an intern and currently trying this look.

  • seven

    i love that necklace!  who makes it?

  • dashionmouse
  • lafilledanvers

    great dancemove

  • factorygirl

    I am a firm believer that if you pair any “casual” item with the right pieces anything  can be appropriate for the office environment. And you’re right, denim is the fabric of our generation and if you’re also slapping on a pair of sickly beautiful shoes why shouldn’t you be able to wear some freakin’ shorts. We are in the industry of fashion right? where self-expression should be applauded. Anyways, rad outfit above- you could make a paper sack look like givenchy– paper sack, the perfect summer fabric. Love your blog- keep it coming. 

  • Romina Ch

    I always adore how you play on the picture! You look so geek. 
    x Romi

  • Maneater

    Gurrrl, shake whatcha Mama gave ya’ll, shake whatcha Mama gave ya’ll!
    Boom! CHa-wada-wada! BOOM! Cha-wada-wada!

  • the coattail effect

    this is actually pretty tame that even i could pull it off. now, don’t you dare go soft on me…

  • Veronika Kostrouchova

    LOVE those shoes!!!!!

  • This. So so good. I’m obsessed with this outfit/post/man repeller. 

  • triumph of style, hurrah  !

  • Jaide

    It’s funny that this happened to you because during my first internship last summer I too thought that high waisted denim shorts with a cute top would be an appropriate summer outfit for a small marketing company I worked for. Needless to say, I wasn’t so lucky to receive a mass general email about the subject, I was summoned to the boss’s office where I was lectured on my office attire!!! After that I had to go home and change…..YOLO!

  • Kate Neary

    Augh, you’re so freaking cute and I want that necklace.


  • Angie

    What a truly rockin outfit! I love those shoes!

  • Sam

    AWESOME fashion/streetstyle blog

  • Style mish mash

    I’m starting my internship next year so Thanks for the great tips:)! Love it!!

    Go to:

  • Was rereading this for my own enjoyment and couldn’t help but consciously make the joke ‘denim is the fabric of our generation.. or at least a generation’. Right? RRRight?

  • I looove this look!

    You have so much going on, yet it’s perfectly in sync, and therefore, looks very simple and well thought through. Perfect <3

  • Beautiful! love the photos! My sister did makeup school in toronto, and it has helped her develop a career from beauty school.

  • Dahlin’

    Hey! I loooove fashion and of course I’m a fan of Project Runway! I just have to ask you a question. Why in the world would you choose an old sports jersey, and those same shoes to wear on national television? Good heavens, you were on the same panel as Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum and Zac Posen! Maybe we’re you just too nervous that morning and couldn’t make a good decision. Yikes!