Sweden in New York

Why, yes, this is in fact a boom shaka laka laka, Midsummer Recap. What? You’ve never seen Get Over It?


As it happens, when the Cobra Snake is infront of the camera instead of behind it, overalls manifest, my heart gets warm. Sorry for stealing your pageview, I wish I hadn’t, I didn’t want to but all I am going to do is summon your ass to click this link and read a remote recap detailing the events of Midsummer with, you guessed it, my pals at Kanon last week at the Bowery Hotel in New York. I wasn’t there, which is lame but I always have something to say about everything so click me, read me, wear a flower crown. Heck, get married in it too.

Do also, by the way, feel free to interject at any moment and deliver whatever stream of consciousness or immediate internal reaction to the photographic evidence provided here, that suggests, nay, proves flower crowns, overalls and even neon pink backpacks are not gender exclusive. There’s no place like home, New York. See you soon.

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  • Haha, is he from sweden? Its sotypical them…. swedish dumbasses! haha, thats what we say in norway!

    • Gabriella Holm

      Oh so Thats what u guys say about Sweden? I’m from Sweden and we all love norway. Oh well. Thanks.

      • Silje

        Oh no, I’m also from Norway and we love Sweden. So there …

    • Joey

      He is not from Sweden. He is from LA. The vodka at the party is from Sweden. 😉 At least that is what I get…

  • Oppositelipstick
  • Aleksandra Paszkowska

    I AM REPELLED BEYOND BELIEF! Leandra, if he had the same target group as you, your blog would be finished. Done. Blown to smithereens.
    I’m just so happy that he just doesn’t.


  • Neijah

    Haha love this! Makes me want to go to New York even more!



  • Flower crown AND overalls? Oh my god, obsessed much. Oh, and have fun eating your feta cheese.


  • Ria
  • VotreAmie

    I am loving every single thing that’s going on in this photo. A big thumbs up right back attcha!

  • Wow. Just wow. Getting a Hibiscus/Cockettes vibe from the flowers, bears and hippy thing. We could do with a few less Wayne Rooneys and a few more of these Swedes in the UK!

    Cat x

  • Beard, not bears. Although there is a bit of bear going on too 🙂


  • Ha! Is he the WOMAN REPELLER?  I am, indeed, repelled!

  • This post appeared on my reading list right (and I mean immediately) after The Sartorialist’s post of the most drop dead gorgeous Italian guy you could ever dream up.  Like stepping into a cold shower! 😀

  • Monica

    Haha so cool ! Love it! 
    Awkwardly Dancing: Fashion, Films, Photography and Musichttp://awkwardlydancing.blogspot.mx

  • c.

    Lady Repelling? 
    OMG, YES.

  • Diana

    Loving this! Flower crowns rock:)) 


  • karacrabb


  • Eva Kraaijeveld
  • Annasteenberg

    LOL! He’s cute 😀

  • Annasteenberg
  • Kesly

    I’ve officially been repelled. Awesome! 🙂


  • LOL love it! NYC is full of surprises.


  • why not?!
    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Lilly

    omg, im actually sorry 4 that guy. that is just a frightening crime agianst nature! ;(

  • nataluya85

    that guy is. awesome.


  • Unterhosen

    Socks with sandals, pasty white pecs on display, silly topper. Well done NY…. Glad to see you finally get Blackpool chic. Hate to mention the glaring omission of kebab and lager can. Am sending tartan tam o’ shatter with sewn-in ginger wig to augment your collection young man……don’t mention it.

  • yes swedette!

  • The King of Sweden in his finest garb.. though why does he tempt us so by revealing only one nipple? Hmmmm….

    Go The Swedish!!!!

  • Guest


  • the coattail effect

    the cobra snake is so LA style though…he has access to the raddest parties


  • Isaacgray

    I love a good pair of overalls! Yew! The things id do to be traveling round going nuts! •º•

  • Isaac

    I love a good pair of overalls! Yew! The things id do to be traveling round going nuts! •º•

  • I think flower crowns are the best invention ever! they give you an instant boost and happy face and they are so easy to make! above all that, i am a huge fan of fake flowers! et voila, perfect combo! we have the best festival in the world, rock werchter, and it was the perfect time to wear my flora crown! but i will definitely wear it in nyc too! 

  • Lcorin01

    I made that flower crown for him at Midsummer!!! Looks great in the picture!