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I’ve been on a fairly extensive white-blouse trip the last few weeks and in that time have learned that there’s a serious void in the marketplace. Most every female I come across asks me where I managed to find the most perfect over-sized boyfriend fit blouse–case in point, at which point I retort: it’s a brother fit blouse and from the Lands’ End Boy’s catalog. Cha-ching, corny and magical, trust.

I have a sixteen year old brother who is slim and handsome. When he was 13, however, chunky and cute–emphasis on the chunky. It was at that time that when my mother would order his school uniform from Lands End, I would put in a request for one more white blouse. She insisted I cop a smaller version, one fit for a woman, I told her though that I was not a woman and if she ever confused me for one again I would jump twenty six stories out her window. I’m kidding, that’s a really dramatic response to a seemingly objective insistence. But my point is, ladies, if you’re looking for the perfect white blouse, abandon the usual suspects and look to where the boys shop for school. I’m talking Club Monaco Men, the Lands End catalog, and, fine: for the sake of clarity, the Acne blouse photographed above, made for vaginas, does look pretty damn good too.

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  • Hahaha…thanks for your advice! 

  • A very wise advice 🙂
    Haha, so let’s look at shirts made for penis!

  • Spalmer_60640

    Speaking of white shirts and Club Monaco this is a good article I read in flight recently.  On the way home from NYC where I had just gone to Joe Fresh on a whim while walking by a store.  Now I’m going to Canada next week for work and can’t wait to shop there again.
    A whole company started by the search for the perfect white shirt.

  • hahah perfect. thanks

  • Melon

    I love buying sweaters from Land’s End and LL Bean boys’ section. What size shirts do you buy though? I am quite thin and petite – should I go for a boys’ M?

    • Leandra

       Typically a boys’ L or XL

      • becs

        regular or husky?

        • Leandra

           Haha, pretty sure regular, though I’d probably go for a M in a husky and be happier.

  • ah! love a good white blouse. nothing better, i tell ya!

  • so true… finding the perfect white shirt, that doesn’t feel like a corset, is way harder than it should be!
    loving your new blog layout by the way 🙂

    ardena rose

  • Juliana Daddi

    I’ve been trying out my boyfriend’s clothes… but trying the little boys section should fit me better.  Thanks!

    Hudson East

  • andreacheong

    That shirt has an amazing shape, I agree men’s shirts can be a much better look.

  • rhodawong

    yes! a perfect blouse is a great staple that I can’t get enough of!

  • Sketch42blog

    I hunt for good white blouses. Ive had some made by ascot chang and they are perfect. But slim fitting. Then I have ones that are bat-winged, thats a good look… vintage etc etc…. Ill steal el hubbo’s today and let you know how it goes! 

  • Sketch42blog

    Can I also say what a joy it is to not have to type those crazy ass codes every time I comment here. K. Thanks. Welcome to WordPress! 

    • Many a night, I used to hit the clubs wearing a man’s oversize tuxedo shirt– love those cuffs! For some wonderful cool boots, boy’s boots fit can nicely on a woman.  

  • Pip

    Very good thinking!  I think I will head to my husband’s closet, but his shirts are really big and oversized!  Hmm… maybe not then.  I will just take your advice instead!  xx


  • Anna

    I also always by Mens shirts, in the smallest size..they fit so much better than those blouses “made” for women! 😉

  • ilaktionova

    The blouse is awesome!

  • It’s so true that you can find great white blouses in the most unlikely places.  I found a perfect style (plain, soft , and perfectly fit) at J. Jill of all places (Please don’t ask what I was doing shopping in J. Jill in the first place.).

  • LA

    Being the boobless woman that I am, the $17 little boys oxfords from Target are amazeballs. 

    • Christine

      even for the boob-ed, these things are solid gold. kelly green windowpane, loose and light, boys’ extra large rolled up to the elbows. perfect. ^_^

  • Great advice for thinking  outside the box… a great white shirt will always be a statement! xo

  • rye

    Man repellers unite in the men’s department. I wear this one and I love it

  • Exactly. I never like the blouses in the women’s section. They feel too structural to me, which is why I usually buy them in the men’s section. 

    • Leandra

      Darting is the enemy!

  • abigail lind

    i jacked the perfect chambray shirt from my formerly chunkers bro.  the husky section of gap kids is a teenage dream.  i’m pretty confident that’s what that song is about.


  • I also have a brother, he’s older than me and already moved out, but left a closet full of shirts which probably won’t fit him anymore, but me. It’s fantastic! Besides, I have that Acne blouse in white and baby blue. bam.

  • Good food for thought! I’ll keep the LMS (little man shirt) in mind.

  • Jenaly Enns

    I actually have been looking for a great white blouse so thanks!!!

  • Hahaha, thanks for the tip 😛

  • Delphine

    madewell does make some pretty awesome ones. Though they may not be man repellent enough, cause they are often made of soft stuff, like silk…

  • Delphine

    + I also do tend to go the punk way and get old shirts of my dad’s (for whom “chunky” is an understatement…), and just cut the hell out of sleeves and tails, and roll up what’s left of the sleeves, and look like a crazy grunge-y teenager (thank god for skinny jeans and gold jewellery to balance that out)

  • kelsgrah

    so funny, I was just “researching” white shirts and decided I would pop over and check out your post for the day. Should have started here 🙂 You are one of my favs! 

  • mcgintylauren

    Never would have guessed that was Lands End. Great tip. I’ve actually gotten a couple great, billowy white blouses from H&M. Trust.

  • i have a love-hate relationship with button downs… sometimes i feel like i can rock them and other times i feel like i´m disguised as a pathetic beluga whale gone human ish.
    but ohhh Repellah, you can wear them as a second skin. 
    XO Jannine 

  • Is that the white shirt you were wearing in the Call Me Maybe cover video?

  • great blouse!

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Great advice and nice blouse 😉

  • Guest

    Was just doing this research – and voila you somehow knew that we needed this info!  Thanks.

  • Svea

    great tip! will raid my brother’s closet in a bit hahaha

  • Amara Howe

    love a good shirt! can’t beat a baggy white shirt and your mums 80s denim high waisters

  • bryonydodds

    I want this shirt! I think a masculine attire is such a greate look!


  • Marina Casapu

    Funny! I just used my bf’s D&G white shirt in my new post!

  • i have a love hate relationship shit with buttons, i wish they made white shirts like this without buttons maybe with a faux buttons. 

  • TdotToNYC

    Aaah! I’ve been looking for a simple white blouse as well but most of the ones for women come with weird “girly” ruffles and all sorts of adornments, which is fine but not what I’m looking for. Thanks for your advice :D!!

  • love that the Man Repeller reps’ Lands’ End, great quality & value!

  • Patricia Blanco

    SHUT THE F UP! Going there now.

  • I’m a big fan of Gap Kids for loosely cut white shirts.

  • Stephaniemlarosa

    What an easily overlooked place! thanks for the enlightenment!
    In the past I’ve gotten my loose fitting white blouses from thrift stores…in the boys/men’s section lol

  • guest

    what size in the lands end shirt do you get?!

    • Guest

      nevermind – saw the comments below. thanks!

  • I have a twelve year old brother and I always steal his shirts! Not to mention he always has the best flannels as well. I’ll have to check out these Lands End ones though…


  • Hilary

    Totally agree! I found some great camo cargo shorts in the boys department at Target! MR I’d be honored if you checked them out on my site!!!!!!.html

  • I loveee white shirts. Especially layering them with boyfriend jeans. So effortless but chic and classic. That Acne one makes me beyond jealous. It looks so clean and crisp. Digging the high-low look with it also, I have never seen that before on a white shirt!


  • Suzanne

    You made me laugh while I was drinking water (whiskey?).. that’s a good thing though. You always make me laugh and that you’re USP!

  • Isbellamusicca

    Where does your brother go to school? Sixteen, slim and handsome… sounds nice.

  • AGanBhullar

    Spot-on post! Thank you, Leandra 🙂 Now that our teenage son is fast approaching the Sure-Mom-I-love-you-just-please-don’t-hug-me-in-public age, and is outgrowing his own clothes faster than the weeds in our rose bed shoot up, his out-grown white and plaid/printed/striped cotton shirts (so, so, cheap from the kids’ department and so incredibly soft from all  the washing one must subject little boys’ clothing to) and his jeans from last year (super comfortable and the cheapest, most supple loose-cut jeans for females) has saved me a whole lot of hassle in the women’s department looking for the same thing for considerably more.

  • I have one, almost exactly like the one you wore on the call me maybe shoot (and this one I presume) that I bought in H&M about three years ago as a mistake.

    It is to this day the best purchase I’ve ever made. Even if it wasn’t intentional.

  • haha I stole my first white blouse from my older brother and it remains one of the best white blouses I’ve ever had. 

  • mcp68

    Wassup???? The cute acne shirt featured above is gone… Any other links besides shopbop?

  • mcp68

    The power of the man repeller (this is why men are scared of you) — you have the power to deplete entire inventories in less than 24 hours

  • Agreed. Love shopping in the boys/mens section. 

  • Nathan Niche

    yes yes!! loves it soo much!!! u r too hilar!!

    oh i turned 21 and i bought the prada SS12 runway sunnglasses, check it out on me in my newest blog post!! and tell me what u think 😉

    xx nathan.niche

  • Alisonryncarz

    Love that you’re not afraid to take risks in the men’s section! And they always look great on you!! 

  • Love it! I’ve been looking for one like this too. x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • ana

    yes please! the perfect shirt for messy eaters too. man repelling x2

  • Alexquitta

    AWESOME idea!!!!! I’ve actually been on the same hunt!! what size did u order?
    xoxo Meagan 

  • M F

    amen. you’re the fucking best (move over drake).

  • Nicola Ens

    I have been on serious hunt for the perfect white blouse for the past month to no avail, every single one is too long, too wide, too shaped. Perhaps the boys section is the way to go…

  • Hannah

    I’ve been looking for the perfect white shirt for aaaaaaages now and your advice just solved everything – currently wearing a 100% cotton, boys, age 14 white shirt that cost less than my lunch…not bad, not bad at all!!

  • Haha 😀 I am 35 with 2 kids, and I still hate my mom calling me “woman” 😀

  • Melanie

    I’ll definitely try this out!

  • I still keep stealing white shirts from my brother!

  • Kate

    Haha going to steal my boyfriend’s little brothers uniform tomorrow;) 
    xx Kate

  • thecoattaileffect

    trolling the boys section for clothes has been secret trick of mine…especially when thrifting. I scored the cutest claiborne blazer for $2.50!

  • Lilly

    Thx, always looking for cute blouses. never thjought of using men’s stuff.

  • Polaminou

    Mmmm doesn’t work if you have large breasts, though. Which you don’t, sweetie.

  • Hilary Feldman

    this is awesome!

  • Nikita

    Hahah! I seriously love you. thanks for the advice! kisses from denmark

  • Found the write-up and commentary in this post particularly hilarious! Good one!

  • NewEnglandNoir

    sorry repost

  • NewEnglandNoir

    Agnes B has one similar to the Acne. Love.

  • Linda

    ok just received my shirt from lands end I ordered two a Med and a Large both are too small and don’t look anything like your shirt please help me what is the style of your shirt !!!!!!

  • CookieAtEnvynde

    I could not agree more!  My go to shirts are the Finley Shirt –  I am in no way affiliated with this company so this isn’t spam lolol.  I just had to share.  No one knows the white tailored shirt like these ladies.

  • Girlhuntingcatherineandgreer

    I have a feeling this chunky to funky little brother ain’t Haim, SHOW US THE BROTHER LEANDRA, you’ve got some teenage girl fans ya know and a boy version of you sounds like a pretty done deal to me 

  • часовници

    Super article! I like it very much!
    часовници is nice! 🙂

  • Christina

    This is great advice! The most simple pieces always seem to be the hardest to find!