Skirt on Pant on Leg

When eight layers just aren’t enough.


A conversation with an admirable publication earlier this week re-sparked the age old, and when I say age old what I mean is eight month old question: skirts over pants are happening, but are they really happening? Existential, an important conversation at very least, and we should get to the bottom of it. ThE bOtToM. Above you’ll find a photo Naomi took a few months ago. It was for a styling denim story based on the premise that real style is measured by what we can do with jeans and a t-shirt, but it never went live. Primarily because I think we can certainly to better than this, cha ching! I remember while putting this look together thinking I had been so keen on throwing skirts over everything for Man Repeller but when push came to shove had only actually gone to the public wearing the makeshift peplum of sorts some three or four times. I for one appreciate the prospect of hidden thighs or at the very least the elimination of shape where my stems are thickest and accentuation of their skinniest post. And while I know my legs are certainly not fat, there’s something to be said about the relationship most women have with their gams. And that is: weird, a love hate. Love because they get you places, hate because in matters of the ubiquitous leather leg, we will never equal Kate Moss. What do you think though, does this trend have staying power or does it all too clearly scream victim? Go.

Outfit credits here.

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  • Jennifer D.

    The link “Naomi” ain’t working, and as far as the skirt over pants goes… I don’t think it’s working either. Maybe for long legged wonders, but anyone below 1,80 (meters that is) would look like… I don’t know what but it can’t be good. 

    The White Studio

  • Alice Cameo

    I love love love love love the shoes. And I’m digging the outfit too! 🙂



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  •  I love skirts over pants! Awesome outfit!

    Fashion Agony blog

  • Emily Harding

    Love the look and the skirt as well xx

  • Not a fan. It’s like setting up a tent insiden your house and sleeping in it. Why? You already have a house/you’re already wearing pants.

  • Natali Karppinen

    Gorgeous jeans and jacket! Love your style girl 🙂

  • Luna

    With you involved, anything can happen. 😉 Pant peplum!


  • Veronique

    It’s a YES YES YES, i love it.


  • Jasminenalvarez

    I love skirt over pants….since junior high school

  • Monica

    I think you look really great! But I don’t think I would were a skirt over some jeans, perhabs leggings. Mmm I think it will not be a trend with staying power. I haven’t seen a lot of people using it, and for a short girl like me you will have to be really tall not to look like you gain some pounds. 


    “Awkwardly Dancing: Fashion, Films, Photography and Music”

    Hope you may pass by my blog! Saludos! 

  • Fox & Minx

    It only works for those who are long and tall. Or else you’ll just look stumpy like a round little apple wearing a skirt!

    On another note, I had to share this because I saw this chair and immediately thought: this is great for the man repeller! Check it: A UTERUS CHAIR!

    Love you!
    Fox & Minx

  • Donna

    I’ve been seeing skirts over pants a lot lately and I have to say I’m not really a big fan. Your combination is probably one of the best though 🙂

  • I love your jeans and shoes here!

  • I hope this trend won’t catch on… Really dislike it.

  • Sohoaccessories

    One way to get us to spend more money on a outfit !!! I wore this look in elementary school.  

  • Obsessed with the shoes! I’m warming up to the skirt over pants look with this outfit, but I don’t know if I see it taking over our fashion world. xx

  • Théa Unknown

    I’m totally fall in love with the jacket, and of course the outfit!

    Théa Unknown

  • Pip

    I do find this look interesting, but I couldn’t pull it off.  You can wear anything though, so I think you look great!  xx Pip

  • marina miouprincess

    I like short dresses over pants more than skirts over pants.It’s risky business but I like it,and it’s definitely man-repelling stuff! 🙂

  • Nimue

    Not quite decided yet…I tried out the look a few times in front of my mirror always to decide to drop the skirt, so I don’t think it’s really working for me. I do know it looks great on you, but than again you  can pull of almost anything, so that’s no reference 😉

  • Melissa
  • haven’t tried the skirt over pants thing yet but this looks pretty cute. and awesome jacket!

  • Anni Alb

    I normally don’t like skirts on pants, but that style looks really cool.

    Especially like the I guess leather jacket!

  • Mariasousa8

    Hum, not sure what to think about this trend. I know I wouldn’t use it, but I’m not sure if I’d like to see it on other people either. It’s kinda weird… But hey, if pajamas are trendy, why can’t we apply the layer effect on the bottom?

  • Chelsie M

    this takes me back when I was 10. It was ALL the rage in texas.

  • abigail lind

    i love it!  you look like a mash up of my catholic high school uniform and free dress (for those not familiar, it’s when we were allowed to wear whatever we wanted.  and by whatever we wanted i mean what the nuns found acceptable).  except that i was nowhere near that cool in high school.


  • Guest

    Miley cyrus used to wear em

  • I basically wear this trend every other day. Actually, scratch that, it’s everyday. I love layering skirts and dresses over pants but I feel like this trend had died before it even started. Unless you are long-legged, graceful and/or Gisele Bundchen it will be hard to pull it off(and since I am none of those things I most definitely do not pull if off, but whatever. I’m too awfully lazy)

  • Love the outfit. I think that that skirt on pant trend MIGHT happen for Fall. PRADA presented some interesting skirt on pant looks for F/W so we’ll see.
    Take care.

  • rhodawong
  • oh my so cute, i’m obsessed (as always)!

  • I guess it depends on the skirt, pleated look fine to me, it’s a bit outrageous but JUST LIKE EVERYTHING else if its worn nicely it’ll definetely become a trend! Try an a-line skirt on, might just change your mind 😉 !!! 🙂

  • Maria

    When I was a teenager it used to be pretty cool (here, in Spain). Now , I don’t like it at all!
    You’re gorgeous nevertheless.

  • Artificialsunshine

    Weird thing is, I think that the skirt is making the legs looks larger, perhaps because of where the bottom is hitting… it’s cutting you off. Overall though, I like the thought of this trend, but you have to have just the right pieces in combination to do it right. I really do like where this was going! 

  • Belén cavas

    I like that jacket, i like skirts over pants, depends that you mix, i think in fashion there are no rules!!!

  • Love the shoes!

  • Aleksandra Paszkowska

    Skirt on pant is not for me, especially because of the odd warm feeling in the thigh area, which 9 times out of 10 would mean trouble.  But you can pull of anything you set out to do, Leandra. 

  • Lauren

    Last time I wore pants and a skirt I was about 10 years old… It was cool at the time!

    Seriously bring it back, your outfit looks awesome! The jacket is A-mazing too.

  • Thenouveaupov

    Me say yes. Jeans and shiny navy a are goodly combo. I’ve done it a few times of late without even thinking it odd, it just MADE SENSE. [And pish to having Kate Moss legs].

  • Chloë

    I do this a hell of a lot with dresses and skirts. Its just so comfortable, but also very ‘Chic!’ 
    Love this post Leandra. The Chaser jacket is very awesome! Xx

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    I have to get used to it, all though it looks great on you (as usual ofcourse :p)

  • Seekingstyleblog

    I’m not sure how I feel about skirts over pants… I remember it being a huge trend back in 2004/5 or so.. I think your outfit works but would look silly on me personally lol

    xo Jennifer

  • Nancy

    I think there’s a difference between throwing a skirt over a skinny jean and a boyfriend jean. Although I’m not incredibly keen on either, I think that with a shorter skirt, a skinnier jean would do better. But as I’m writing this comment, I think to myself — maybe it could be cute to have a long (not maxi) skirt that comes mid shin with some distressed boyfriend jeans poking out underneath? Also – I hate the term “boyfriend jean.” It’s awful…can’t I just wear baggy jeans? Do they have to be my boyfriends old ones? No – because those would look entirely too ridiculous on me. 

  • That outfit is quite hideous, skirts over pants won’t be happening for me 😉

  • I was gonna say no and was all against the dress over pants but this photo kinda changed my mind and now i’m seriously thinking about it! I think as long as the skirt is flowy and short  it kinda works! Either that or you’ve rubbed off on me and I need to find my reset button.


  • Reptilia

    Woowww, love this! So cool!


  • Jamie Myers

    I think the way you styled this look makes it your own and not so much an outright copy of the skirt-over-pant looks on the runway, which more or less stuck to a clean-lined silhouette.  On you, since you went with a lot more volume and layers, the look just skews as wonky more than trendy, which is your thing, no?

  • Theblondebohemian
  • This outfit has a lot of good things as far as inspiration goes… would I actually leave the house wearing it? I doubt it.

    On another note, I do love the outfits you posted on your previous skirts-over-pants posts… so I’m not really sure about this trend yet…

    Sorry for the overuse of the ellipsis… I couldn’t help myself.

  • a.n.a.l.u

    Is all about the election of pants and skirt, i think it can work i mean, wearing two favorite pieces in our closet that never went well together is a win, right?

  • I’m pretty certain that if it was anyone else I would tell them to stop and leave, but for some strange reason. I like the whole ensemble. It doesn’t look like your closet had vomited on you. Maybe because every piece looks so luxe.

  • Lisa

    I don’t like this skirt over these pants, these two things should diffidently not be worn together, that being said, I do like the right skirt, dress, over the right pants.  Great jacket, jeans and shoes. 

  • Samantharei Medeiros

    you are my fashion idol…i never knew i was “man repelling: all this time!!!

  • Hbnm999

    Seriously?  No.

  • Jessie Leschart

    Victim I’m not so afraid to say.

  • Kesly

    I’m not really into the skirt over pant thing, but I guess you look great! It’s unique but I’d only see someone in this trend. I’m only 5’3″ so I won’t be trying this trend anytime soon… 😛

  • daniela corno

    Definitely victim. I don’t think I will ever be a fan of skirts over pants.

  • MW

    i <3 this look leandra!

  • Effie

    I love your style!! I recall a time circa 1997 when wearing a skirt over jeans was in. Fashion is cull circle!

  • Neijah

    You can wear anything you want with the JACKET! It’s amazing. But you show us all how to really do it up with layers. I don’t mind the skirt pant thing, I don’t mind it at all.


  • I think you work it pretty freakin’ well there, lady.


  • YES, absolutely 100% YES!  Just because it was cool in elementary school doesn’t mean it’s over.  Methinks the naysayers just haven’t found the right skirt/pant combo.  Mullet skirts are especially amenable to being layered over pants.  It’s kind of like a dramatic cape for your butt.

  • I dig it! Makes me feel like i’m back in my spice girls days!

  • Emmylou

    Working. Its sooo working. I love this blog, it inspires me a ton. Usually I’m the girl wiht the jeans, sneakers, and hoodie, but I think it’s time I give that up. I can blog about style all day and use Polyvore 24/7, but once I go shopping, I’m lost. But that will change. Thank you for your AWESOME blog!

  • Pauline Hendrix

    I love your jacket

  • Eliza

    I have no idea if skirts over pants are going to be a stay trend or not, buuuut, if it’s done right, styled nicely then it could be, I mean at least for that person? 🙂 idk  I love the oufit of the skirt of the jeans in your Naomi post, really nice styling! 😀 ♥
    I love the skirt in this post <3 & love the jacket, really cool. 🙂

  • nah, dresses maybe but not skirts – not for me

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Kate

    I’m not sure, the Olsens can certainly pull it off, but as far as normal non-fashion people, I guess it is not happening.. 
    xx Kate 

  • Kasia Kucharczyk

    I remember skirts with pants from primary school. It’s sooo sweet. And I love your jacket – colours are great!

  • Cassandra

    Love how the layering turned out! Awesome outfit! 😀

  • Whichclothestoday

    The jacket is just AMAZING !!!!!!

  • I just love your blog so much. Beautiful outfits, always!:)

  • I happen to be a fan and find that my go to look is often a dress over pants. The type of pants fully depends on the dress. Tight dress = wide legged pants, full dress = skinny pants. It’s comfortable, allows me to add a bit of my style to my daily life and as I am a woman over 40 it covers my knees! (your breast and bum aren’t the only things that go south you know!)

  • Serdane-elie
  • ETC…

    I love this look. Am a sucker for anything with glasses! Your destroyed jeans are awesome…


  • I actually like this except for the glasses but I’m sure you need those. 

  • Sharon
  • I almost bought that jacket but they were out of stock!! I wore a dress over jeans last winter! A really unique look. It can always be changed up which keeps it current and fun. Those glasses are too cute on you!


  • PA

    Best Wishes to the new bride Mrs. Cohen! xx 

  • I love this jacket!

  • Betty Anderson

    i wore skirts over pants all the time like 10 years ago, which was retrospectively an excellent style period in my life.  needless to say, i’m pro-leg layers 🙂 these days i’m more likely to do a bodycon mini over leggings but i like your more repelling version too

    ps Jennifer D, I’m 5’4” and short ladies can wear anything tall girls can!

  • mcgintylauren

    Not a fan. It just doesn’t make sense. That being said: I do love the upper thigh cover up but this should only be done with a long shirt/blouse.

  • jessicaberesford

    love the layers! Just started blogging, any advice? 

  • Taylorhumphries17

    Love this and Love your style so unique and I want everything you wear! I have those Proenza shoes so adorable! check out my fashion blog at

  • okay! we have this trend here in egypt since forevaa! why? because some girls here wear it not just because its trendy,but cause some of them wear “hejab” and it’s better and a must that hide those legs and butts! i never wore that but i’ll reconsider it for sure.. LOVE IT!

  • Omy Deb

    love the jacket

  • Rachel

    Short dresses worn as tops over trousers, definitely! Unsure about separate skirts however.

  • i do love a good skirt over pants, and this does look cool – i’d like a lighter, maybe sheer-ish skirt too.


  • Kim Hall

    I just saw your lovely photo on Refinery 29 and I wanted to say congratulations (if you’re not trolling us)

  • silvia_citterio

    Love your shoes and your legs are fantastic!

  • Never ever. Too trend-driven. 🙂


  • Stefanie

    I don’t think that skirts over pants have any future. Or I hope so.

  • Emily

    congrats on getting married!!! keepin it real 

  • [Ah, you changed the way your comments are arranged.] I like the feel of the skirt on the pant. It’s like I can be sporty/flouncy at the same time!

  • Unterhosen

    As Jay-Z say: “No skirt with those jeans, so unnecessary….” Well, he didun actually but well the sentiment is there.
    Layers are lovely but here they are merely bulky and sweaty. I’m getting something less gathered and perhaps diaphanous, sheer or absolutely see-through here. And trashy, definitely trashy like Rayon (do they make that anymore?) or plastic! We want to see those Repeller Propellers!

  • beautiful jeans

  • Beauty Follower

    Like that outfit!

  • i love EVERYTHING you are wearing!

  • Isamarti2013

    will you keep posting during your honeymoon ?

  • Natalie- nataliechristina

    Wow, i just discovered your blog and i totally looooveee it! You look gorgeous, and nice outfit. I’m SO following you now! – check out my blog, and participate in my competition (a Kranz&Ziegler bracelet!)

  • erinloliver

    I preferred your skirt-over-pants-makeshift-peplum look in your Coldplay inspired  with the monochromatic yellow duds. It doesn’t work as well here. 

  • Love this look and gorgeous outfit! You look adorable.

  • nicolelikes

    love the outfit leandra! Cute jacket!

  • topcoat122ctc

    SICcK…love THIS skirt over pants …but you have to be careful or else ur dipping into hippy-like territory..

    • Jimmy Skee

      i have seen you wear that.

  • the coattail effect

    you’re bringing sexy back with your makeshift peplum 🙂 those shoes are amazeballs too

  • Ellirr

    I like your outfit, whatever is happening 🙂 And love the name of your blog, freshly put what everyone knows, fashion is not for “every man” hahh.. Not that you wouldn’t look just adorably cute and to the taste of many men. -Elli/Finland

  • Dahlia

    I really  like the look ! as long as the pants aren’t baggier than yours here and there are heels involved.. 

  • Lisa

    I think the issue with this specific example is that it layers too many bulky items at once. Skirts and dresses both can work over pants (and specifically jeans) if they are a slim cut pant. The key is to never pair bulky items on top of each other, because then you just look frumpy! The coat over everything ends in a decidedly unflattering place when you are layering items as well. So having the jeans be more of a skinny jean, and having the coat replaced by a cropped cardigan or vest might make this look better. Personally I have been wearing dresses over jeans and pants for years now, and the materials as well as the cuts make a huge difference on what does or does not work with this style.