Shoesday Sale Fun
It’s like we’re right back at Cyber Monday only the weather is nicer and it’s Tuesday, which means Shoesday which means there’s no better time to collage like it’s a sport and exploit fancy shoes than right here and now. I don’t know if you’re wondering where I am but the answer is inside a motorhome wearing assloads of extensions in my hair while also somewhat exhausted because I spent most of yesterday dancing and falling, falling and dancing and then ultimately looking space age meets figureskater at the CFDA awards alongside Rebecca Minkoff and Hilary Rhoda. When we stood in height order I was at the end of the line, this made me very uncomfortable but that’s a beast to tackle another time. What we have here, friends, are ten pair of shoes. Ten. All on sale and waiting for your feet. I already took the plunge on a certain pair of plastic open toe brogues a la Oscar de le Renta, see: Manstagram, but what will you do? WWYD? Here’s a loot.

From top left: Oscar de la Renta plastic brogue heels, Dolce and Gabbana leather woven sandals, Oscar de la Renta yellow wedges, Stella McCartney pink and red lucite heels, Michael Kors kork heeled platforms, Isabel Marant Rio sandals, Proenza Schouler wedges, Gucci fire engine loafers, Marni embellished mid-heels, Charlotte Olympia tropical pumps. Not for anything, Yoox is doing some rad shit too, see: Laurence Dacade canvas booties.

But finally, I summon you to tell me how you like us now, live on WordPress.

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  • iLaktionova

    The shoes are awesome!

  • katie

    love all of these – well most of them…not the stella mccartney one’s but i LOVE the rest – especially the yellow oscar wedges!!!

    – katie

  • Zareenhelaly

    I think it is amazing that you are on word press and I love the layout of it all. Especially the View More option at the bottom of each post. This is a great way to show everyone a glimpse and draw attention with an image and make readers want to know more. I also like all the different category options. Its incredible to see you on Copius and Style Owner. Copius is a great way to connect through social media and shop!!! Ive followed and loved you since the beggining and you are a style trailblazer and blogger trailblazer. I always try to learn from you and innovate my own style and blog with my own unique touch so that someday I can be a trailblazer like you. I cant wait to see what you do next!

  • Love, love, love the Marni embellished mid-heels!

  • I guess my favorite pair is the Stella McCartney — it´s very wearable, it´s fun, it has translucent heels and strong colors, all at the same time.

    You seem to have a soft spot for light colored peep toes with black detailing — you often go for that kind of aesthetic, no?

  • emily doyle

    Oscar de la Renta dreamy chartreuse wedges are now going to haunt me.  Thanks MR!

  • mcgintylauren

    Ohh goodies galore. I am especially coveting the Marant Rio sandals. To die for.

  • These shoes are absolutely amazing! 

  • Neijah

    I love the neon wedges!!! I wouldn’t mind owning all of them lol


  • Indiamackenzie

    The michael kors wedges are cayuuuuute

  • Loving the new layout and move to WordPress. It’s much more professional than Blogger. The Manstagram is a great addition to the blog and the shoe collage is insane. *Two thumbs up*

  • samantha

    loving all of these shoes!!!!

  • Wait…why don’t I see the Charlotte Olympia ones on sale? I need them…but at the sale price 😉 And I love those Stellas! xo

  • Eva

    Oh my god, I’m in love with the Oscar de la Renta shoes!! I love the Gucci loafers and the Charlotte Olympia shoes too! Those loafers though, oh my god. Those are sooooooooo pretty. 

    Love your blog!!

    xx Eva

  • Belén cavas

    Nice shoes, the first one are cute

  • I would probably get all up into that Stella business.  Love the colors, love the chunked heels-meet-sexy ankle strap.  They make every Valentine’s Day cliche okay and season-friendly.

  • C’est Classique


  • LOVE the oscar de la rentas. Seriously. LOVE I tell you.
    And I feel kinda (really) cool for having bought similar (although not as sweat-inducing) brogue heels from topshop last month.

  • OH I love the Isabel Marant shoes!
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  • Juliana Daddi

    SO many pretty pretty shoes.
    The Stella’s are my favorite.But alas… $615 is still way out of my budget

    Hudson East

  • jessica

    Love the shoes specially the Charlotte Olympia tropical pumps.  Go by my blog to see why 😉

    stay fab!

  • Diana

    I love every single pair you picked!! 

  • Alexa

    Those yellow wedges are sick! Incredible Gucci loafers also. That red is quite striking. 


  • Skye

    yum! your blog has been super inspiring:

  • Honeyduemelons

    I just scooped up the Prada Flame heels I’ve been stalking!!! Holla!!!!

  • The black ones, pink ones, yellow ones.. Can I have them all?? I’m posting my June shoe picks soon!

  • rhodawong
  • jenniferwright


    • Leandra

      Ok! Good to know. Hoped it would make the site look cleaner. Why dont you like it? (important to understand!)

      • jenniferwright

        A bit of an overreaction, perhaps, but don’t like having to click and navigate away from the main page in order to even see the text. I guess that is better than the annoying “here see the first 3 sentences…”, though.

    • sanam

      I actually think the new design is fab. once i’m on a specific page the bar at the bottom (with the Prev and Next buttons)  is useful when I’m in the mood to stalk some more of your posts instead of having to go back and forth to your homepage 🙂

  • Loving the yellow Oscar de La Rentas!! Shoe heaven going on heree!

    Ashiee B

  • Excellent selection!

  • Red shoes are absolutely amazing! Love it!

  • Ifigeniainthecity

    amazing shoes! but some of your link aren’t working 🙁

  • The shoes are gorgeous!!!!
    Especially the D&G one!!

  • Precious Formals

    We love all the wedges and chunky heels! Prom is our main selling season, and girls are always looking for cute but easy to walk in shoes. Looks like they’ve got some samples!

  • Keep up the outrageous accessories!

  • These shoes are really amazing!!!
    Love love love!