Salute your Shorts

Bermuda shorts, that is.


From left: Richard Chai Love, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Tibi, Alexander Wang, S/S 2012.

I had a pair of seer sucker Bermuda shorts when I was fifteen, I wore them all the time. Everyone hated them, including my mom who never judges me not even when I still every so often find the result of a nose picking session quietly and subtly making it’s way into my mouth. Just kidding. I, however, did not. A traumatic experience followed the ritual wearing of my knee flirters and perhaps speaks to the very reason I never hated looking like a Bermudan but that’s a story for another time, one that bodes far closer to the release of a certain book about mixed nuts…This week in new and innovative ways to give your legs something to cry about: so long denim cut off, hello Bermuda. An ambiguous trend, perhaps, but we’re ambiguous people. Ones that certainly don’t sit out the potential opportunity to close the cage in fresh new ways. Am I right? I think yes. And so:

Two birds–three if you include the notion of a genuine action shot–one stone, boom. Hawaiian tropics and Bermuda come together in one synergistic image that subtly but not inadvertently convey this sentiment: fashion victim. But only below 14th street. And I have to say, it’s refreshing to rid the prospect of potentially having to shave your thighs though if you follow me on Instagram Manstagram you likely know I’m not all that good at shaving anything. Haha? Crickets. Cut to details.

Phillip Lim shorts, Proenza Schouler pouchette–file this one under pretentious words I like to use–Alexander McQueen double skull ring, T by Alexander Wang striped linen tee.

Altuzarra pumps, New York City sidewalk, all photos by Naomi Shon. The end.

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  • KhiaIssue

    Love your shoes, and how you looks when you laught!

  • Natali Karppinen

    Fabulous shoes and purse!! Love them!

  • Lolo

    They work so well to cover the lizard skin on my thighs.  Seriously.  Then again, if I were a TRUE Man Repeller, I’d let that old lizard skin swing freely in a pair of jorts.  Yeah baby.  =)

  • Great, so glad it’ll be the season for shorts again. Such a sexy look 😉

  • Those shoes are banging! 

  • LizPlease

    You totally rock these! 

  • Lisa Daniels

    like what phillip lim is doing over there, especially with those pumps! and well, the purse.. you probably know the answer to that one


  • Seriously one of my favorites outfits!


  • abigail lind

    you couldn’t look happier.  unless you were like maybe in bermuda.  great mudas (that’s a thing right?)!


  • Hella Elbaum

    I’m obsessed with these postcard looks!! already have a post of my favorites ready 😉 xx fouchou

  • rhodawong

    those shoes are to die for. gimme, gimme.

  • Such a great mix! Has me itching to break out a pair of vintage Bermudas I scooped up in Toronto eons ago…

  • LUNA

    Loved that show! “We hold you in our hearts… and when I think about you… ” Oh man. Thanks for taking us back. You pulled off that crazy ‘fit like nobody’s business. Go you.

    P.S. So great meeting you a while back during FNO!


    • Leandra

       Yes! Thanks for catching the ref!

  • word.

    great outfit, of course -on you because your tiny like a hanger. and fortunately anything looks good on a hanger.  

  • Whichclothestoday
  • hlyke

    YOU MAKE ME WANT EVERYTHING TROPICAL. well, all things made in respectful tropical print. lovely!

  • love them!! I want yours!!!!

  • Carlyj

    pretty much my fav cut right noe! Ive been cutting all my hubbies denim to this length. He pretty much wants to murder me. Too many have fallen to my cutting shears!


  • Jenaly Enns

    i love ALL of these pieces. amazing!!!

  • I love the shoes!

  • Mandi

    I think you’re great. <3

  • Ambersmouthwash

    Those shorts and those heels!! I am loving them. I am also loving the longer length of these shorts…


  • oh no, I don’t like these kinda shorts… neither too loose nor  figure hugging …but that what man repelling is about, I guess, right?


    love shorts too. also when its cold with boots.

  • The Marcy Stop

    bermuda shoes, yes. bermuda shorts, i’d prefer not to look like a walking billboard for tommy bahama.

  • Colleen Guinn

    Such a cute print, and I love that you can be fashion forward and classy!

  • michellinhablog
  • Gita Bončina

    First I have to say I’m completely impressed with your new blog layout, it’s awesome! Second, I would kill for those heels and that bag. O boy, o boy … Amazing stuff. The clash between the patterns is űber cool.


  • Love the shoes but long shorts are unflattering on all women back it seems like you wearing a diaper underneath 

  • Hannah

    So bright and summery it hurts my eyeballs. In a good way, that is. 


  • Belén cavas

    Me encantas, i love your fresh style and your attitude!!! really thanks for inspiring a lot of times.

  • I like a tropical vibe for Bermuda shorts. You’re rockin’ the red/white themed shorts. Shoes are a hit. fun outfit all around. (PS: funniest ‘call me maybe’ video – thanks for posting!).

  • I’m loving the rise of the Bermuda Short! Oh and your legs are fabulous

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    I don’t know what it is exactly, but you really can get away with anything when it comes to fashion! Including these bermuda’s! Love it~!

  • Those shorts remind me of men’s wear swim trunks and with the pumps and purse, you don’t even have to go on a summer vacation. You’re already wearing your vacation-thats not to say you don’t look amazing because you do.

  • Alexa

    I love shorts! Perfect Summer essential, especially for walking around NYC in. I have a love for oversized ripped boyfriend shorts and bermudas. I die every time I see those heels! How fun is that with the clutch. Super unique look.


  • Neijah

    Those shoes are BEYOND amazing!


  • Diana

    You always make everything work so well!! Such an inspiring outfit, i think i’m wearing a bermuda shorts tomorrow! 

  • kaithuder

    Not a fan of the new layout.. always appreciated how you kept your blog simple and straight forward, let the words do the complicating. The new layout detracts from the actual bulk of the conversation. Hope to see the old layout back! 

    • Leandra

       Sorry to hear you’re not into it! Would love to hear more specifically what you think is detracting from the actual conversation, thanks for your feedback, yo.

      • Lilli

        i think the new layout is sick! so easy to move from post to post. If you have eyes you can still read the post. no distracting at all if you ask me d00d!

  • April

    What a great mix of prints here. Love the ‘pouchette’ haha.


  • Brijetblog

    I want Bermuda shorts. Not because they are chic but because they’ll cover my cellulite! Yee-haw!

  • Vanessa Pereira Ferreira

    your blog is amazing!
    I hope you’ll visit me and follow me if you like 🙂

  • Danielle

    Those shoes are amazing! 

  • Madeline

    also, bermuda shorts polish by essie is bangin’

  • Outfitdeluxe

    amazing mix!!Love it!!

  • Kimberly

    really love this outfit those shorts are amazing!

     City Style

  • Lola Reggy

    And again, I am totally in love with your shoes!! Your shoes wardrobe must be the best there is in the world!!


  • Guest


  • Lilly


  • Kimberlywaldropt

    It’s like a mouth full of color. Quite refreshing.

  • smathea

    Colorful Shorts, and shoes, really like the style

  • Cabana bro shorts

    Oh my gosh. Loving this look.