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This site is often flooded by images of myself and so it should make sense that a load of you would e-mail in to ask about my make-up routine or lack thereof and while remarks like “Man Repeller has got great style but she looks like a puggle with down syndrome” are often thrown at me, I figured the select rest of you that don’t equate my face with a bag of dying babies–Lena Dunham, if you’re reading, I think we should have brunch, please bring Hannah–might actually want to know what I do to my face.

You know, I take that back, even if you do agree with the latter sentiment, it should be important you know what I do just so, you know, you don’t do it. Figure this a cautionary tale brought to you by the internet. The below collage bares no particular order but here you have it: if I were being sent off to a stranded island or say, France, where American products are a rarity, I’d only have to bring five things.

…I leave out the Dior nail polish and YSL lip stain because, well, bonjour. I won’t lie, my bronzer brush isn’t a $70 La Mer product, it’s actually $3.99 from CVS but is chunky and cool and soft and I love her. Nars Casino under Nars Desire gives me perpetual sun glow that is sometimes mistaken for a spray tan at which point I set the record straight and retell of my lineage: mother from Iran, father from Turkey. It would be unusual if my skin didn’t do weird shit with just a dab of some powder. Lancome Oscillation Intensity Vibrating Infinite Power Mascara is awesome because it is wordy like me, and offers the illusion of fake lashes but never begs I actually use them.

Dior skin sculpt concealer hides the genetic bags under my eyes when I just don’t feel like exploiting my heirlooms. The YSL lip stain was actually a gift from Emily of Into the Gloss. I told her I don’t often wear red lipstick and that one year during fashion week I did with a fairly high top knot. People called me Front Row Frieda for a few tweets, it was awesome. Somehow, it just doesn’t compliment my face that well though. Emily said she had just the cure and so I patted on this lip stain per her recommendation and it worked. Worked, I tell ya. I looked cool.

Finally, nude nail polish because with all the color our wardrobes are seeing, I’ve had a hard time doing very much at all to both my northern and southern nail beds. Guess that’s not necessarily ‘On My Face’ but you know, it could be. Hey, speaking of which, a year’s worth of free manicures waits for your ass right here.

For a more extensive retelling of this, Into the Gloss did profile my top shelf last year around this time, have a peek should you feel so inclined, or do the macarena because it’s fun and we are the purveyors of fun.

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  • Blewit

    Think you look fab.

  • priyanka malgie

    nice post! think I have the same YSL lip stain as you…


  • katie

    i personally think you don’t need a ton of makeup and i like you’re routine as is. not sure if i recall a time where i saw you wearing red lip stain, but maybe i’ve just been too groggy in the morning’s while doing my daily man-repeller read to notice :S

    – katie 

  • Cetaphil rocks.

  • Leigh Ann Fisher

    I have had people tell me that hate me on the internet, people I don’t even know. Gotta love those assholes. Your a beauty! 

  • Your wordiness woos me. Oh, and Cetaphil is my summer oil slick face life saver!

  • Chrissy

    I don’t know who would say such awful things! I think you always look adorable and so happy. You make me smile, little lady. xx
    i might try those Nars powders


  • Brittany

    a puggle with down syndrome? nonsense. whoever said that is probably sitting in a double wide frying pickles right now. plus i would LOVE to have your hair. seriously. how can i make my hair look like that.

  • I definitely need to add YSL lip to my collection. Thank you for sharing!

  • YZ

    are you really of Turkish/Iranian decent?!?  

  • Oh I love this post, I love your voice and I love your naturalness!

  • Ela Jean

    Hey MR, 
    Love to see this kind of stuff. But, no natural/eco-friendly products?? I’m actually not sure about all of those brands, but as far as I know, none of them seem to be concerned about the potential toxicity of their ingredients. Sometimes I drive myself nutty trying to find natural alternatives to designer products that are just as luxurious and effective. But when it comes down to it, I’m more concerned about weird shit going in/on my body and down the drain. I don’t mean to throw a hippie tantrum at you, but I’m curious, why do you choose not to go that route? 

  • nat

    totz agree on the cetaphil!

  • Great items!Thanks for sharing!

  • I love that you called your makeup brush “her.” You’re OK in my book.

  • I love your Dior and YSL beauty choices! The quality of these products is incredible! 

  • Stephanie Clayton

    The Nars cool pink blush is very pretty. Cool pink blush makes my face happy and awake – usually a good thing.

  • Eda Surucu

    Hey, glad that you’re a half Turkish because you have an amazing face and style too!

  • Selime Myumyun

    heyyy, I can’t believe you are turk too :)))) I think I like you a bit more 🙂

  • debi alley

    you are adorable. Love your posts, your style, and I have always loved that you are real & quirky. That’s what makes you so approachable.

  • Cetaphil is my shiiiit, love it so much. Just bought the daily moisturizer with 50 spy.

    Paige One – a lifestyle blog

  • Melody

    You’re half Persian! I had no idea– from your book, your mother seems SO laid back for an Iranian mom (ps. loved your book, you’re funny/sarcastic/enjoyable) (that sounded creepy but I think you get where I’m coming from). And I’ve been reading your site for the past week or so, and I’m wondering why I haven’t done this sooner. It’s now one of my favorite reads.
    pps. Nars foundation looks the best and has amazing coverage, but I’ve also read/heard that they use some toxic chemicals? I always swoon at their lipsticks.

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  • agungshafira

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