On Mules, not Drugs

This is a story about mules that do not transport drugs but may however, have a close relationship with the feet on your grandfather’s legs.


From left: Fendi, Oscar de la Renta, Miu Miu.

I remember the days of short thin heeled shoes covering the front of my mothers foot and making an obnoxious sound with each step. They looked okay with cropped skinny pants but it was in the moment that my mom lost her shoe, and clean foot to a subway grit that I promised myself the mule was a trend I’d likely never advocate. It seems however, I’m not all that good at keeping promises because upon finding myself deeply interested in a pair of Jenni Kayne flats earlier this season and then subsequently and perhaps unknowingly foot toe deep in the copious Manolo Blahnik backless and eccentric offerings at insert department store on sale here, it dawned on me: mules are having another moment and what’s more: I’m into it. Above you’ll find three pair of shoes from three different S/S 2012 collections. Backless, romantic, in Oscar’s instance even somewhat royal. I imagine it may take some time for this one to resonate but here find few of the pair on sale that I’ve mustered from around the great web for you to sit on. Let them marinate. Heck, soak them in fava beans.

What? And from top left: Giuseppe Zanotti watercolor leopard print for the feline with a little sex in her step, another espadrille pair of the Zanotti variety clad in greige suede. Kurt Geiger’s mint colored sting ray with a silver cap toe version is most representative of everyone’s favorite Louis Vuitton pair, only this one is from Asos. So is the pale pink pair in the middle, just above the two tone Miu Miu pair. You know what they say about a two tone shoe, right? Me neither. Back at left: Fratelli Rosetti tassel mules and some yellow Acne for the sake of currency. The infamous Jenni Kaynes in a hue of red just next to the purveyor of good mules: Marni. And at right: Reed Krakoff, Prada. Cha-ching.

What do you think, trend to try? Happy Shoesday.

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  • Elisa

    They look good, but hm, not I’m not into them. I’ve known a lot of annoying women who were mule-wearers and perhaps this has tarnished my opinion on them. The chunkier ones are almost acceptable though, and I almost want a pair.


    Wandering Minds fashion


  • Amara Howe

    oh fashion, what do you do to me. seeing them on the runway makes me want to run into kurt geiger and buy the mint pair whereas two years ago i would of rather owned a pauls boutique jacket.


  • KhiaIssue

    It’s the big return of mules and i love that!

  • Reptilia

    Some of them are cool but there are some that i don’t like them!



  • Bibi C

    oh no!!!i don’t like this model of shoes!!!


  • Cecilia Montoya

    I hate mules, I think they look like an unfinished shoe

  • I love them… Maybe it’s time to order a pair. 


  • rhodawong

    i really don’t understand this trend either! maybe I will when i grow up..


  • I like a good mule  now and again. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘slip on’. Digging the yellow and sliver-capped mules. Haven’t tried the mule wedge (I could try riding a mule and find out that way, but I’ll stick to entertaining the feet). Will keep an eye out for the fierce wedged mule. Cheers to Shoesday!

  • Alimoresco

    I can’t decide how I feel about mules. I keep seeing them EVERYWHERE. I never thought they would make a come back.


  • marni please!  not feeling the selection in the 1st photo and didn’t think you’d win me over but alas you did with the 2nd photo and all that had to offer…
    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Love the black guys, acne and marni. I say love, but I know my fellow blogger will not agree, and obvs actually committing to the trend is another matter, may have to make do with white clogs….

  • mariana paes

    some of them are almost clogs aren’t them?

    still can’t get past the flapping sound

  • Don’t do it. Don’t do it.
    That constant slapping on the back of the heel – nobody deserves that abuse.

  • Neijah

    I can’t figure out which link you have them listed under but those black ones with the silver ombre heel are a dream come true! Never thought a mule could be edgy/sexy



  • Beckerman Girls

    Holy AWESOMENESS!!! I didn’t even think that they could transport…WOWOWOWOWO!!!! How crayballs is that! Lovin’ those mules…the Miu Miu western ones….I have like a love/hate relationship with them…they are soooooo hottt and then soooooo ___________ fill in the blank!!! hahaha
    kissesxoThe Beckerman Girlswww.BeckermanBitePlate.com

  • Lucia

    love them!


  • Rayne S

    These look great but I could never do mules. I’ll just admire from the security of shoes that won’t fall off lol.


  • Farah Greta

    Is the second pair worn by a man??? whats up with those hairs?? Don’t like the shoes though…

    • Leandra

       Was waiting for someone to pick up on that! A woman after my own heart.

  • i love the miu miu shoes 🙂

  • Belén cavas

    Beautifull mules, i love Louis Vuitton ones!!!


  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    I really have a love/hate afair with mules. There are some I hate and some I love. Love the black ones on the bottom right!


  • loveeee the prada and acne ones! love a good mule.


  • Something about the pairs that go up high on the ankle, like the Reed Krakoff, Prada, etc.. balances out the lack of a deriere , which despite my own similar atomic structure, I’m not 100% fond it. That being said, I’m sure within the next week I’ll ONLY be looking for the type that most blatantly lack a behind…because I’m fickle, and trends are zombie viruses.


  • nbarbier

    Can’t do it…I will not step out of my shoe and have my foot touch gross subways, NYC sidewalks that dogs and homeless men have made their bathroom…  Not going to happen.

  • kate

    where can i find the fratelli rosetti tassel mules?!  they’re amazing

  • They are elaborate.

  • Sketch42blog

    I have the Reeds, they are so elfin heavy and look terrible with the wrong pant, but when they work they look fab! 

  • I think mules look great, and potential throwbacks to Marie Antoinette make me drool, but let’s be honest here – there is no way I could keep those shoes on my feet. They would fall off all over the place. If I were to buy a pair, it would be to use them as decor in my flat. haha

  • Izabela

    mmm im still on the fence with these, occasionally i see quite a cool pair, but otherwise they arent too exciting.


  • ET

    Some I like, some I don’t. Some of them remind me of the clogs my frumpy art teacher back in grade school would wear. 

  • grace

    its all about the mules!

  • 2fashionfed

    I love the chunky one with the platforms! I can’t wait to get a pair


  • Olso5558

    You mustered some great mustard acne shoes. 

  • For me, it depends on the style of the mule.  For instance I love the Marni pair, but I’m not so sure about the miu miu ones.

  • ZxM Fashion Addicts

    Loafers and the black suede are the winners!
    style-squared by Z&Mhttp://style-squared.blogspot.ca/ 

  • I’m digging those yellow wooden heels. Couldn’t wear them as they would put me straight in the hospital with a twisted ankle but hey, super cute.


  • Kesly

    I’m not a huge fan of these type of shoes, but I’m wondering how you, the awesome MR, can pull it off! Can’t wait to see you try these on! 🙂


  • The infamous Jenni Kaynes in a hue of red, are pretty,  but I haven’t seen  this kind of shoes in stores 🙁 . Hope to see them soon

  • Julia

    My mom, bought one of them last week, I was like: “omg, that’s way too fashion for you”, and she said: ” yeeah, today i woke up, feeling like carrie-sex and the city, let me go crazy”, was a nice answer. Maybe I’ll also buy one, for my carriedays =))

  • I adore your blog and writing style, you never fail to make me laugh!

  • Haha excellent take on the mules. I can’t believe that all the trends just come back around…

  • love these heels! so carrie bradshaw – esque! so cute!!

  • Lateybirdy

    i don’t think i like the Miu Miu ones but the Prada’s and the Asos pair are to die for!




  • Sylvia etc

    Loving the yellow Acne silk mules, so cool with denim or a long dress :!

  • Vanessa

    Love the styles, my favorite though is the red Jenny Kaynes 🙂



  • OctoberSong

    such a strange trend.. didn’t think i’d love it either but i’ve seriously been craving those very lilac  KG ones for months now! it’s just the walking part thats stopping me from parting with the cash..

  • Cassandra

    Love the 2 tone miu miu pair! I need this! 😀


  • abigail lind

    my clumsiness has always kept me from embracing mules but those reed krakoff beauties are making me want to get my shit together!   and soak them in fava beans, i’m no foul (ba dum cha!).


  • Sharon

    I love the ones from Miu Miu!


  • Artificialsunshine

    I hate them. I hate how they look, and I hate how less trendy versions are suburban soccer mom’s dress shoe staple. I hate the sound they make. And most of all, I hate how impractical they are to keep on one’s foot.

  • Brave Beltworks

    Mules are great – comfy and I love the slipping on and go part!

  • Sarah

    Wow, I need these! From my dreams!

  • Chelsie M

    God. My grandma owns a pair and I swear its my goal in life to burn them. It’s safe to say I wont be trying this trend 🙂 But I could see how you could pull it off somehow xx


  • The shoes look great. The red and white stripy one’s are my fav’s


  • Trend to try!  I know there are a lot animosity towards mules that they start to look like a Homeland Security threat to our fashion nation, but…as long as they look slim and slinky, I’m more than willing to try.  The latest LV mules are quite charming, as matter of fact.

  • Brijetblog

    mules are just a pain in the ‘nads to wear. But if I didn’t have that issue, I’d go the the most ambiguous mules you can find at the moment, the rose Miu Miu’s.

  • EveYedid

    This trend is just… irritating. I try so hard to like them but I just…..never……do!!!!! Love the mom-subway anecdote though!!