Oh my Margiela

What did the box say to the carpeted foreskin? There is no punch line, read me.


With the very exciting news of H&M’s newest collaboration nation alongside one of the forefathers of Man Repelling–file this one under things that live life blissfully alongside Rei Kawakubo–I got to thinking about Margiela. And for the uninitiated or several of you that don’t lack reading comprehension skills at all but haven’t yet learned to decode the slew of words I string together that may or may not make sense depending on how you read them, H&M and Maison Martin Margiela are getting married, making babies, allowing us the good grace of owning the aforementioned babies. And if we’re lucky that means boxes for jackets, carpets for dresses, saran-wrap for blouses, condoms, or rather foreskin, for head-wear. For a designer that is so niche and avant-garde, it’s a very special thing to see an enormous mass retailer like H&M taking to a more internalized representation or understanding of fashion. See below.

This got me thinking about my own style cues. I’ve really only ever invested in a couple pair of Margiela shoes, though it should be noted I did DIY my own paper Margiela, once, see here. One pair of the shoes looked like a python print house for the foot and another featured pseudo-suede eyelashes down the center. But what with the obsessive sneaker craze overwhelming the ladies of our fasheration, how is it that I’ve never so much as even double-took a pair of the infamous sneakers. After all, Margiela was doing fashion sneakers before sneakers were fashion, or fashion was doing sneakers. My train of thought seemed to fall complimented by a morning drop that looked like this:I came across the denim pair photographed above on Shopbop earlier today and since you know, I know, we know I’m on a fairly serious denim kick–no pun, fine, yes pun intended–I thought to myself: self, this is the perfect complimenting tool to not only enrich your sartorial vernacular but also complete your Canadian, Texan, Indonesian tuxedo. I threw a still of the silvers in for good measure too because I am all about good measure. Also, they’re on sale. I love them but I’m wavering and by wavering I mean waiting. Upward $700 is a lot o’money for denim trainers. Or anything, really. Except a Tribeca loft. Finally, I summon you to tell me what you think about a. Margiela x H&M, b. Margiela carpet skirts, c. vaginas spray painted fuchsia, d. Denim sneakers at large? Do tell.

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  • Guest

    “box” joke

  • MKP

    I literally just wrote about this on my blog! (
    http://marykathleen.blogspot.co.uk/) I’m excited! I really hope it’s something shiny.¬†

  • vaginas spray painted fuchsia, definately.

  • Chelsie M

    Get em’! If worse comes to worse you can always pull them out for a Space themed party, because Space themed parties happen All. The. Time! ūüėČ


  • Elisa

    Oh dear I wonder how this collaboration is going to work out in the end… It could be quite horrendous, but maybe that’s just me being my pessimistic, un-adventurous self…


    Wandering Minds fashion


  • I was so excited to see this last night! The sneaks are pretty cool.¬†

  • I can’t wait for the Margiela x H&M collab– absolutely love it! As for the quirky denim trainers, you must get them. xx¬†


  • wow they are amazing, gaga should call Margiela¬†

  • I am SO excited to see the H&M collection!



  • render sublime

    Ooooooooooooooh Im so FREAKING excited for this collab!


  • Natali Karppinen

    I can’t wait for this collection! I just hope that it won’t look cheap, because I love Margiela, but I don’t want to get disappointed in them as I did in Lanvin’s and Jimmy Choo’s cheap looking collections for H&M.¬†


  • India

    Margiela x H&M, amazing.  Vaginas spray-painted fuschia, double amazing.


  • If the collaboration will produce¬†brown paper-bag rain coats (laminated of course), lamp-shade hats, and rubber skirts (hopefully with tire trends), H&M may be on to something. As for the sneaks… not the best ‘lofty’ idea… Tribeca awaits.

  • I can’t wait for Margiela for H&M because, well, it’s Margiela. H&M better have their ecommence site ready by then, because I have very important and exciting matters like education to do. Denim sneakers kind of make me gag, which is probably a good thing, because it would then be both men- and women-repelling. Or just human-repelling.


    • Leandra

       But think of the leather skinny pants. THE LEATHER SKINNY PANTS

  • Jasminenalvarez

    Yesss I want a “box” jacketttt

  • katie

    a. margirla x H&M? saaaaweeeeeet! they better be making some amazing carpet attire which brings me to my next point…

    b. margiela carpet skirts РLOVE! gimme gimmme! 
    c. ??? 
    d. denim sneaks? for $50 yes, for $700, heeeeeeeyallll no. they look like moon boots meets air force one’s, denim style. cute but too¬†kitschy.


  • Syliayi
  • i can¬īt wait for these clothes..this will be epic! big love!

  • Neijah

    Their designer collabs are ALWAYS exciting! I can’t wait to see what the tone of this collection will be



  • Oppositelipstick
  • Personally I don’t care much for designer collabs anymore… as you said, Margiela is soo niche and I don’t think it should ever ‘sell-off’ its exclusivity. Exclusivity is part of the fun of high-fashion. I’m usually about more is more but in this case, less is more is better for designer collabs – the Margiela collab is a definite no-no for me.

    The sneakers, I like.Carpet dressing – yes please!Tiziana xhttp://www.rougereveries.com

  • Amy Rose

    Have a peek at my piece on the new H&M X Maison Martin Margiela collaboration, it’ll blow your mind, I swear ūüėČ


    -Amy Rose x

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Can’t wait to see this collection!!!


  • Now THIS is why I LOVE H&M! Ahhh so excited for this collection! I think it’s going to be one of the best. I think the silver sneakers are kind of cooler. The denim ones look like they should be on babies feet.


    • Coral

      aaaand babyfeet dissuades from MRing how?

  • Yevy

    wowza – margiela x H&M would be an answer to my prayers. as would their carpet skirts – denim sneaks need to stay in texas along with denim skirts. as for VSPF? i think theyd liven the sex between corpses



  • those sneakers are rad

  • Michelle S

    Isabel Marant already got all the girls buying $700 sneakers so why can’t Margiela? Except, these don’t have the added bonus of height but they look quite comfy and stylish to boot.¬†


  • Juliana Daddi

    When I first heard about the collaboration I thought it was a joke. It was too good to be true. ¬†But it is. ¬†And I can’t wait. ¬†This is one H&M collaboration that I may just have to camp out for.

    Hudson EastHudsonEast.blogspot.com

  • Laluce36

    once i found out Diesel owns MMM …. Do i need to say more … and for those who truly in the know … its questionable on who is designing it … once what was mysterious now kinda cheapens the Set… ¬†thats just in my Opinion

  • Wale

    UGHH… no H&M in Miami!!!! I wonder why???

  • Feeling boxy

  • im loving the sneakers need a pair for sure
    lolyawhatshouldiwear@ee467803b0d10a0d55ab33c90da600e5:disqus blogspot.com

  • rhodawong
  • luxe1968

    The ¬†nude colored penis head helmet/bodysuit combo¬†would totally work for those days when you wake up late and don’t have time to do your make-up, or are having a bad hair day, or can’t find your underwear.¬†

    Talk about streamlining your morning routine…and should the urge hit to commit burglary on your way home from work, while simultaneously creeping out any possible onlookers, you would be seriously set.

    I just hope the H&M version doesn’t cheap out on the crotch snaps.

  • I’m so excited to see the collection, I can see it being a love it or hate it kind of thing! I am so in love with this website! It’s the bomb dot com. Speaking of the bomb dot com, check out my blog thaliachic.blogspot.com Okay bye. No but seriously check out my blog?!

  • Brijetblog

    When I heard about the collab I wee’d myself a little. I can’t wait to see what they are possibly going to come up with. I want me some mesh booties. Unfortunately H&M don’t have an online shop for Australia so I always miss out on all the good shit. Racists.¬†

  • Style-Squared by Z&M

    Oh my dear man repeller, those run-on-sentences of yours are killing me sometimes!:))
    Prefer the silver sneakers  over the denim ones, the denim pair is not weird enough for you!:)My opinion at least!:)))xoxo


  • just love this post!


  • SEG

    margiela himself would never have allowed such a collaboration.  ever. renzo rosso is such an exploiter.  maj womp womp. and i mean maj.

  • Cassandra

    I dont really like how it looks! ;/


  • Gabrielle G.

    This collaboration will be awesome, for sure, and will be good to increase H&M business.

    The denin sneakers are an absolutelly good idea, but this box jacket stuff… Dont think so..

  • Annie

    √ľber thrilled by this pairing! however i lack the gift of good timing at knowing when such stuff goes live for purchase. CAN WE ALL MAKE A PACT RIGHT NOW TO KEEP EACH OTHER UPDATED? so i can (for once!) snag some swag from such a killer tag team. i’m still lamenting my loss at not scoring anything from the H&M x Katranzou alliance. Sad day. Sad day.¬†

  • Samira Hersom

    YES to the sneakers. 

  • nataluya85

    i’m actually really excited to see what they’ve come up with!!! i’m hoping for original cuts and standout-ish statement staples! ya’knowwhatimean?


  • Sam
  • Amazing show!
    Love the style!

  • Margiela anything wins my vote. the denim shoes are a fitting alternative to the Isabel Marant wave.