Oh my Margiela

What did the box say to the carpeted foreskin? There is no punch line, read me.


With the very exciting news of H&M’s newest collaboration nation alongside one of the forefathers of Man Repelling–file this one under things that live life blissfully alongside Rei Kawakubo–I got to thinking about Margiela. And for the uninitiated or several of you that don’t lack reading comprehension skills at all but haven’t yet learned to decode the slew of words I string together that may or may not make sense depending on how you read them, H&M and Maison Martin Margiela are getting married, making babies, allowing us the good grace of owning the aforementioned babies. And if we’re lucky that means boxes for jackets, carpets for dresses, saran-wrap for blouses, condoms, or rather foreskin, for head-wear. For a designer that is so niche and avant-garde, it’s a very special thing to see an enormous mass retailer like H&M taking to a more internalized representation or understanding of fashion. See below.

This got me thinking about my own style cues. I’ve really only ever invested in a couple pair of Margiela shoes, though it should be noted I did DIY my own paper Margiela, once, see here. One pair of the shoes looked like a python print house for the foot and another featured pseudo-suede eyelashes down the center. But what with the obsessive sneaker craze overwhelming the ladies of our fasheration, how is it that I’ve never so much as even double-took a pair of the infamous sneakers. After all, Margiela was doing fashion sneakers before sneakers were fashion, or fashion was doing sneakers. My train of thought seemed to fall complimented by a morning drop that looked like this:I came across the denim pair photographed above on Shopbop earlier today and since you know, I know, we know I’m on a fairly serious denim kick–no pun, fine, yes pun intended–I thought to myself: self, this is the perfect complimenting tool to not only enrich your sartorial vernacular but also complete your Canadian, Texan, Indonesian tuxedo. I threw a still of the silvers in for good measure too because I am all about good measure. Also, they’re on sale. I love them but I’m wavering and by wavering I mean waiting. Upward $700 is a lot o’money for denim trainers. Or anything, really. Except a Tribeca loft. Finally, I summon you to tell me what you think about a. Margiela x H&M, b. Margiela carpet skirts, c. vaginas spray painted fuchsia, d. Denim sneakers at large? Do tell.

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