Meet Manstagram

Pete, The Legend wearing Junya Watanabe.

Happy Sunday night, mother chuckers. I don’t know what you’re doing but I for one am sitting upright in bed watching the new episode of Girls hoping that if and when an old classmate and teacher start interacting with one another and my name comes up, they don’t seek solace in a brutal commonality that suggests or rather explicitly says that I am a shitty writer. Do you even know what I’m talking about? At the very least care? Why am I posing questions? Are you going to answer them? Should you answer them? Does a seal shit in the ocean? See what I just did? Do you think we’ve ever accidentally had it to drink? Okay, meet Manstagram: a sweet new Man Repeller feature that allows you to browse my instagram photos online and site in real time and even shop them should you feel so inclined. Have a look around and tell me what you think. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Dit moi.

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  • Hilary

    That jacket is fucking ridiculous and I love it.

  • paula mcclelland

    Instagram is addictive for sure.  I would’nt worry about seal/fish pee… it would be such a small concentration – wait – why are we talking about this.

    Love your blog 

  • Hey Pete, hey! That jacket. Is awesome.
    As are you, I doubt anyone is talking about you as a bad writer… and really? Do I have to answer all those questions? (You don’t have to answer this one, unless you feel particularly inclined to)-

  • Emma

    I must say that I am loving Manstagram! It allows for the reader to engage fully in TMR-Universe. Which is good, of course. The interactive shopping element is quite handy too!

  • Aleksandra Paszkowska

    Why does Pete even look so good with the jacket? Everyone should get a complementary flamingo with the purchase of this item.

  • MeganBarr

    Me gusta.

  • Indi

    oh my god, that is amazzzzzzing!

  • Sue

    Manstagram is a pretty awesome idea! Cool stuff

  • Oi ManRepeller, is the French part of the repelling arsenal as well? If so I applaud your commitment. If not, that would be dis/dites moi! Much (french) kisses.

  • Dominika Wojciechowska

    omg! it’s amazing!


  • you are so friggin hilarious that its not even funny anymore. Ok fine, you still are funny. Manrepeller, luv ya! Kisses from sunny Spain.


  • You’re the funniest and best dressed blogger around the web! 🙂 🙂 I just love you!
    {I so wish I were american born so to understand the whole amplitude of your sense of humor… it’s never enough! }

    Love from Portugal,


  • Cassandra

    The jacket is tooooooooo awesome!

  • ana

    win win situation

  • ILaktionova

    The jacket is awesome!

  • Sketch42blog

    Ugh, I hated Hannah and Lena last night. She was SO DOUCHEY. First, we all hate anyone more successful than we are, especially when we are suffering with crippling self doubt and confusion. Hannah doesn’t seem to suffer from that, she just has this giant knowledge bomb sitting on her shoulder telling her that she is better than everyone else.  And as such, she doesn’t have to actually DO anything to be better than that girl, she just IS better. But guess what, all you people who criticize and don’t DO, YOU ARENT. Me included in certain instances. 

    The reason why I got pissed at Lena is cause why did she have to write that girl as such a complete loser? She couldn’t let her actually be semi-decent, which was shitty and bad and insecure writing. 

    And having her prof confirm that the other girl is a shitty writer- to which she replies THANK YOU! Very realistically horrible. 

  • cool feature, very handy 😉

  • umm that was hilarious…never thought of seals shitting in the ocean lmao you’re awesome and that jacket is INSANE!

  • Manstagram??? Ok this is seriously cool! How did you do it? Is there so sort of software that we should know about?
    As for your writing, it is absolutely amazing, funny, unexpected and clever!

  • Eva Kraaijeveld
  • I lovee Instagram. That jacket is honestly the most obnoxiously crazy GORGEOUS JACKET EVER!!! And only you can pull it off. Ugh.


  • Hahaha you have no idea how much you make me laugh. The only thing a can answer from your diarrhea of questions is that I also have the same fear (teacher suggesting how shitty of a writer one can be…) nevertheless Girls is freaking awesome to say the least. Oh and that jacket: Man Repeller at its best!

  • Raphaëlle

    Yaaay is the first thing that comes to my mouth.

  • Cristiano_0901

    love your blog! hugs & Kisses from Brazil

  • Jade C

    Dis* moi 🙂 

  • Theblondebohemian

    This jacket is amazeballs.

  • Where can I get this jackkett daerrr lorddyyyy

  • ZxM Fashion Addicts

    i adore it!it takes balls to make it work but I adore it none the less!
    style-squared by Z&

  • Shemademedoit

    Obsessed with this jacket! Haven’t seen anything like it.

  • Alimoresco
  • The jacket is so cute!
    Love it!

  • Danidecarlo

    You are brilliant. Te lo digo!!!!