Last Resort

That was a terrible pun that seemingly means nothing, nothing at all.


I guess I should have called this, resort speculation. Hey look, there are great new photo-shop skills on the Man Repeller team o’two and what better way to utilize just that than with a collage-o-lage that depicts five fun trends to note emerging from the resort shows currently in tow. I also think I should ask if you still have the lyrics to Call Me, Maybe stuck in your head? I do, it’s really starting to infiltrate my brain and that’s not good for anything. Whatever, look down.

From left: Michael Kors, Proenza Schouler, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Nahm, Reed Krakoff

Trend number one to note: matchy, matchy, tatchy, tatchy. The aesthetic at Michael Kors was a general recall to 60s glam, white and gold but small bits of what I imagine will become very relevant like a head to toe look in one singular print were sprinkled over the collection too. Evidently, it seems, I was onto something when Naomi shot the below.

What? Don’t tell me you’ve never put on a matching Marni x H&M pajama suit with your fur Alexander Wang Simona heels, a cross-body baby purse and sunglasses to stand knee up against a shower wall? No? Well, some people just know how to live.

Up next: Proenza Schouler, perfecting the perfectly-calculated-dose-of-carefree girl. The right dimension of loose fit jeans alongside an oversized coat, plain belt and tee and some simple sandals. Do note the pop of color in yellow formation and to that I allow this to resurface, again.

And at Phillip Lim, the overalls. Not just any overalls though, these ones are leather and slim fit and can only promise the prospect of constant speculation that Aunt Flow may have dropped by, only to be disappointed or rather relieved upon tedious and excessive removal of such overalls to find: it’s just leather induced sweat. Sweather, if you will. For this it is important that I bring in a low quality iPhone photo to depict the more colorful and over accessorized summer equivalent of just that.

Prabal Gurung tee, Genetic Denim overalls, Giambattista Valli heels…some people just know how to live. Life in the bike lane.

And at NAHM: traditional silhouettes infused by loads of color, this particular look struck me because of them leg slits. I am always one to stand behind a slit pant and to prove, here is the resurgence of a certain DIY I conducted months ago and had Aram document.

Carven jacket, McQ jeans, Chaser tee, Chanel heels, DANNIJO necklace.

Finally: Reed Krakoff. Perhaps my favorite collection of the season. This one is a tell tale indication that my recent inclination to lean toward tight pencil skirts with loose fit blouses is likely not a self-procured testament to new age fashion. Sometimes it’s hard to assess the line that distinguishes that but here’s what I know: pencil skirts, sweatshirts, I am coming.

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  • India

    Love the Proenza look!

  • Katevfunk

    Oh my goodness, I cannot get enough of those Nahm pants! Loving your last look, so chic. 

  • katie

    well, i completely commend you for sporting overalls in the 21st century and yes, you are totally rocking them, but i still am not sure i could muster up the courage to revisit my 90s uniform just yet. by the by, those Giambattista Valli heels are ridic! i neeeeeeeeeed :O

    – katie 

  • moiminnie

    I’ve become so in love with the anything-plus-sweatshirt look, it’s insane! And those leather overalls…I never thought  I’d regret my decision to throw mine out. Sigh.

  • I’m glad to see the perfectly-calculated-dose-of-carefree girl look will still be with us.  It’s the one for me!

  • Guest

    I too love the Reed Krakoff look. However, I didn’t know it was a “look” when I recently wore this: bright green loose-fitting Gap sweatshirt, sleeves pushed up, black leather Oscar De La Renta pencil skirt, and Alaia lace-up sandals. The boyfriend looked a little confused when I walked out the door this way, so I had to show him this post. He is now questioning why I take fashion advice from someone named “The Man Repeller”. I think it’s a win-win. 

  • abigail lind

    i think i’m gonna ease into the overalls trend with this guy.  you better believe that’s gonna get muscle teed.


  • You’re the coolest b I know-ish  🙂


  • Natali Karppinen

    The third outfit… You look fabulous!

  • iLaktionova

    Fantastic outfits!

  • rhodawong

    you always have the best looks!

  • Ana

    Hi Leandra, My name is Ana, i’m brazilian and i just love your blog!I enter the website several times a day, since you started it…I love your style, your shoes, the videos you make, the way you write…. I would like to say thank you, after i started reading you i really changed my style and today i’m so much more happy about myself!!I really want to send you a gift to express the way in thankful to you! I want to send you some new havaianas, i think you will love them and i will be really pleased to send a gift to you!Can you tell me some address where i can send them? And your shoe size?Kisses!!Ana

  • i love the first outfit!!! Love the shoes <3 The pajama Marni outfit looks so comfy chick !!!!

    xoxo LOLYA

  • Kimberly

    absolutely love all the outfits you pull them off so well!

     City Style

  • Cassandra

    Simple yet amazing outfit!

  • So excited for Proenza jeans!! Loving NAHM! 

  • You look amazing!

  • Jenaly Enns

    you are just the best. you make amazing outfits. come style me please!!! my favorites are the Proenza Schouler and 3.1 Phillip Lim looks!!!

  • Veronique!
  • Bre

    um, yes. Call me maybe has been stuck in my head all week. It’s becoming a problem!

  • NUmber 2!!! Never seem overalls looks so fun, and adult! You put that outfit together well! 

  • Gita Bončina

    You’re gorgeous. (lame comment, I know, but oh so true!)


  • Ana

    Hi Leandra,I had a chance to met you in august last year at galleries lafayette,you was with your mother and you bought a shirt with me at Gerard Darel,i just want to tell you that i really LOVE your blog,you’re just AMAZING!!!as far i can see you have an awesome personality and very funny!continuez comme ça,je vous adore tropppp!!!!!!!bisous bisous bisous de Paris

  • I love that overalls are making a comeback, but Im not sold on the leather slim fit style just yet.

  • Rbrayan71

    Love the first look! 

  • You truly have the most unbelievable shoe collection ever. The Wang heels are insane–love how you’re not afraid to wear fur in the summer. 

  • Stephanie

    Amazing! love the styling! <3


  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Love that Proenza look and you rock the H&M PJ!

  • Wale

    You are ahead of times girl! 

  • h cao

    Well I have to agree with you the Proenza and NAHM looks are da bomb >:)

  • My fave one is the last shot. I haven’t really ever seen you in an outfit like that, but I have to say the simple but sophisticated and very “proper” look suits you so well. You look gorgeous in the overall look too! It’s awesome how you paired the pretty floral top underneath. Digging the color.


  • Alimoresco

    I loved this! Especially the Proenza look! I get inspiration here for my looks all the time.

  • Marina Casapu

    Oh my, the slit pants…in 2002 all the pants I owned were front or side slit….not going back!!!!

  • These are some of my favorite posts of yours – when you not only analyze what you find interesting about the latest designer releases, but show us how YOU interpret the trends. That’s why I come to you. Your reappropriation of potentially unmanageable styles is priceless.

    It’s the perfect combo of high-end and street level, and reminds me of some of your older blog posts – which I really loved. (not that I don’t drool over everything you do, like everyone else)


  • I was just going through the resort looks when i saw your post! I think my fav will be Proenza Schouler collection! However i do love your first look the most. Look at those shoes!!!!!

  • Jennifer Booth

    Your shower is very photogenic. And your legs look amazeballs in that last pic.

    On an unrelated note, I have to admit that I am thus far not a fan of the new layout. I hate having to click on a post to read the entire thing; I like being able to scroll through all of the recent posts on the same page and not have to click a gajillion links. I still love you and your brain juice though. #justsayin

  • Jac Bishop

    just found your blog. so hilarious!!!


    Hey guys! I love Leandra and she inspired me to start my own blog! Check it out!

  • Lilly

    You are brilliant- a fashion godess! i toatally agree with u about the overalls, and u make those jean ones lok goooooood! Also, i love those shoes in the pic above! TOO CUTE!

  • Sketch42blog

    OK, love everything. Especially looks 1,2,3. Leather overalls! 
    LOVE the DIY jeans, and you look very pretty- although not at all repellent 😉

  • Oh my gosh, I LOVE the 3.1 Phillip Lim overalls, they’re so gorgeous!! And I’m enamoured by your fluffy red shoes, they remind me of red velvet cake :9 


  • Bodil

    wauuuuw, those red heels are drop-dead gorgeous!!!
    you have such a great style


  • welovefur

    Adoro la foggia dei tuoi occhiali da sole
    e anche le tue scarpe rosse
    un bacio 

  • Belen Canalejo

    No, please, Leandra, do not do the “read more” as everyone is doing. It is annoying for the reader. Keep being different as you always are. What do you prefer you readers enjoying your blog or your advertisers´smile?

  • marymary

    Love your 70s boy-girl look  in that last pic.  If I didn’t bore so easily, I’d dress like that all the time.

  • Roula
  • Natachabarbosa

    Very fucking NICE! Congrats! i’ve never commented before and i’m from far far far farrr away, some place called HellCity in Brazil. You write perfectly. CONGRATS AGAIN. xoxo Natacha Barbosa

  • Such amazing photos!All the outfits are gorgeous!

  • mcgintylauren

    Super cute looks! Both the resort and Miss Man Repeller’s. On trend as always.


    This is an amazing  jacket!At first I wasn’t too sure how I felt about, whether it was little too much for me but  I realized I loved it!

  • TeuntjeVDW

    Your outfits are a-ma-zing! Love them! xx.

  • Amanda Hall

    I make up fake lyrics to the tune of Call Me Maybe.  Often times I sing them to my pup or more often to my boyfriend.  There was the version where I hinted that I wanted him to WD40 my squeaky car door.  And the version where I dropped the bomb that I shrunk his pants…”but please don’t hate me.”

  • Lisy

     Denim jeans is outstanding
    embroidery digitizing