Greeconomy Woes

Support! Beat! Tampon!


…But I’m not going to delve into the aforementioned woes–my political knowledge is quite limited (I’m an ignorant assbrain). I will, however, call attention to one particular brand of the Greek variety that I learned about while I was there. If the islands that I visited taught me anything it is not that feta cheese is awesome, or that you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten Mediterranean fish. No. It’s that dainty fine jewelry shits on chunky costume stuff.

Now, as it always happens when I spend time away, the foundation of the composition of the country’s style rubbed off on me quickly. As a matter of fact, it was a only few days before my chunky cuffs and bib necklaces were stowed and the piling of dainty dangles commenced. I stopped at every single tourist trap Crete, Santorini and Mykonos had to offer in order to grow the various limb parties that were trying to manifest but wasn’t until a quick layover in an anything but hopeless Athens though that I found love–get it? Hehe–enter Ileana Makri.

This particular brand is no stranger to the U.S market but again, my knowledge of such was limited because I’m an assbrain. I stopped into a store called Mageia where I saw an extensive array of the kitschy fine Makri pieces. It was that perfect dose of happy, playful and still somewhat serious that reeled me in and ultimately left me with a gold thunder bolt around my neck.

While the stones are precious and prices quite high, you should at very least be able to draw some inspiration for your summer layering. It’s too hot anyway for layers of clothes but there is no such limit to the amount of snakes, spiders, heck, even toilets, your neck, arms, fingers can holster. Peep the collection here, also available at Net-a-Porter.

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  • Donna

    Hahaha that toilet pendant is gold!

    • Leandra


  • Oh, I wasn’t familiar (at least, by name alone) of that brand, either!  I’ve preferred jewelry  of the more delicate sort as opposed to that of the chunky trend, myself, so it’s nice to see how petite can be equally as creative and statement-worthy.

  • love it, so delicate. yet edgy and fun..the safety pin wins me over

  • Kirbybee

    Sparkle encrusted safety pins, creepy doll eye earrings and spiders webs…….gotta love that!! And that smiley face is totally calling my name!!


  • I like the dainty mix of jewelry being brought into your look.  I live in Athens, although GA, and unfortunately my surroundings are not as magical as the ones you experienced:)  That’s why I enjoyed living vicariously thru your Instagram pics.  These pieces are cool – only you could pull off a gem encrusted toilet!! 

  • I like the safety pin pendant.

  • katie

    the jewelry, super cute and very halloweenesque. Not sure how the toilet fits
    into the spooky theme but I guess it’s seen its fair share of gruesome events…

    By the by, always wanted to go to Greece – you’re so lucky! Bring back pics, I
    want to know where to go and what to do when I finally make my way there.
    – katie 

  • I think that toilet charm was made for me. And I say this in all seriousness.


  • Beautiful inspiration, thank you, Leandra!

    On a completely unrelated note, I was checking the latest additions at the Outnet and saw those beautiful pieces of Gaultier for La Perla lingerie. I commented the issue of it being 70% off and still around 200 euros the matching bra and briefs and how I was dwelling on the fact that although the prices were still fairly high for an undergarment, those were such a wonderful statement and perhaps an investment… at this point I realized he was completely uninterested at the lingerie I was showing him and it hit me, OMG, this is man repelling lingerie.

  • Ileana Makri is a success story for us Greeks! Glad you discovered her, and don’t forget there are quite a few Greek names in fashion (apart from Katrantzou) that are worth looking at!

  • abigail lind

    need eye remind you (ha!), a month ago you and ileana shared space as evil eye inspiration on my blog!  talk about a small world!


  • There have been pieces by Ileana Makri in netaporter for a while I think. And I cannot believe I missed the chance to meet you somewhere around our beautiful islands! Glad to know you enjoyed your little vacation! And yes, summer style in Greece is something unique in many ways so.. .be inspired!

  • Lol at the toilet pendant!

  • It’s all awesome. I particularly love the toilet and the safety pin.

  • Z B

    The safety pin and the skull win for me!:)

  • Nick


  • prudent fashionista

    Adore the skull and snake! Safety pin is pretty damn cute too.

  • I could never in h*ll imagine to wear a snake on my neck, but this was actually quite cool!

  • Ashlyn

    Luv the toilette chain! Sexy!

  • Hannahfile

    OMG! I want the smiley & skull! These are awesome!!

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    What a cool and funny jewelry! Love the smily!

  • Haha, the toilet pendant is hilarious and if you’re into eyeball pieces and such, Kreepsville 666 makes odd eyeball accessories!

  • Genie

    The toilet is hilarious and reminds me of Duchamp’s Dada stint with the Fountain piece. I’d definitely wear it, just cause it’s something so unique. 


  • Annie Markantonatou

    if i’m not wrong ileana makri gave jewelry to “the row”. Yes we do have great jewelry designers!

  • love this and you!

    did a post about you and how you’re what I want to be when I grow up… weird? Whatever.

  • Belén cavas
  • Yevgeniya Yelkina

    really quirky i dig it 


  • Material Fixations

    I have never seen jewelry reflect less elegance than these pieces. Odd. 

    Material Fixations

  • Omigod – the toilet!  How witty.  Love the spiders in web too.

  • Vanessa

    Oh these are fun and nice!


  • I love that all the pieces are edgy but almost childish. So cute!


  • Toilet pedant is the shit!

  • nataluya85

    the toilet charm made me laugh so hard! and i kinda want it!


  • Stavroula

    also Folli Follie is a nice Greek jewelry brand!

  • Alimorsco
  • She’s just brilliant. Rewind a year back, check out my post!


  • toilets.  holy shit!

  • JB

    a gold toilet, eh? This reminds me of when POGO found out the pentagon was blowing 700 dollars on toilet seats, ha ha. I love all of your little trinkets, they’re all fun and beautiful. I particularly enjoy the happy face; I have been obsessed with the classic happy faces lately, I need something with those on them – NOW. I also really like the spider webs, they’re so small, yet totally fabulous. My Mom once told me a story about how her mother-in-law got her a necklace with a spiderweb and spider on it for Christmas. Unfortunately, I think her gift was more appropriate for Halloween while yours are clearly better suited to the red carpet. 

    The safety pin and snake necklace are also really fun. We sell a version of safety pins for the brand that I work for and they seem to be pretty popular. The fashion industry can make any seemingly mundane thing in to a fabulous object worth spending thousands on. I can’t tell if those are rubies or garnets in all of your new pieces, either way I love the color of the stones! I think it’s clever that they did diamonds around the outside of the evil eyes. Whether or not it was intentional, it makes them look more anatomically correct, which I always seem to be drawn to when buying things like that.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself while you were in Greece, I enjoyed watching you document the trip through your Instagram account!