Casual Fridays

That’s not a flamingo in my pocket, I’m just happy to see you.


I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes: every so often, I do in fact wonder how I’d look if I were to make make the decision to abandon by signature ass face and smile like a human in some photos. To put internal queries to rest, I did just that and, you know, smiled like a human in some photos. The results were nothing short of normal.

…Which lead me to believe that I’ve had it right all along. In any case, what we have here is a vignette called Casual Fridays, if your casual Fridays include salsa shoes and dip dye. This is of course, another fantastic practice of Zara-fostered Identity Crisis. Do these pants look familiar? They’re not Dries. It’s heartwarming upsetting to see cloth giants like Zara replicate innovative, albeit brilliant designers and then do it better. I have the originals, they’re somewhat palazzo and so these are better for, you know, salsa shoes and well, footwear at large. In terms of the casual, it ain’t a Friday without a certain pink flamingo peeking out of my pocket so that’s where I’ll leave this: a foreshadowing pocket peck that I assure you promises a very exciting Monday ahead, stay tuned. Happy weekend, so glad I’m home, I missed you mother fuckers so hard it makes my nipples tender. Cheers.

Isabel Marant tee, Zara jeans, Peter Pilotto x Nicholas Kirkwood heels, Dannijo headpiece worn as necklace. Photos by Naomi Shon.

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  • Love the look.. but you know I think Mr Pelican is only after one thing!?

  • nataluya85

    radsky as usual! love those shoes!


  • Nataliechristina

    Hehe, i love your look! Nice touch with the flamingo 😀 

  • monse
  • Maria Onorio

    ahhaha you are great !!!

    Maria Onorio

  • VotreAmie

    LOVE the dip dyed jeans! Super cool – and hellooo flamingo!

  • Alimoresco

    Oh my gosh I love this! The statement necklace over the laid back sweatshirt adds just the right omph. I will be using this for inspiration!

  • so sad about zara – I know they do this, I’ve seen them rip off brands far too close to my heart and yet, like a traitor, I still shop there… I digress… flamingo accessorising – too cool for school!  Have a great weekend.
    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Crystal Taylor

    I only hope to have such an amazing closet as yours. Hopefully my jewelry business will launch off and be a success

  • Natali Karppinen

    You always have the most funkiest outfits and great poses 🙂

  • only you rock a look like this ….i wish i have your confidence 

  • abigail lind

    human or ass face you look great, so glad to have you back you greece-y bastard!


  • It really does make me cringe sometimes how I lust for the copycat styles of Zara.  But, I figure I compensate for the real goods when I can.  Balance is good… yes?  In any case, you are the queen of quirk, so a tip of my flamingo hat to you.

  • ozlemce-lik

    super casual style! love

  • Lilylovelock

    Obsessed with those shoes! Also looove the fact that this is your “casual Friday” outfit 🙂 


  • Flamingo Pete! I was dying to get my hands on them but they were all gone in a split second…Funny how sometimes the rip-offs are actually cooler than the originals in my opinion…


  • Lostinpattern

    That flamingo is the heart of your outfit! Brigita

  • how are you so freakin’ cute and hilarious every single time? you can even pull off a flamingo! that’s no small accomplishment 🙂 

    ardena rose

  • Guest


  • a.n.a.l.u

    The flamingo in the pocket is going to be a huge hit and please, don´t stop to do your signature face.

  • ahhhh your shoes!!!! big loove <3

  • gem

    off the topic: has anybody told you how amazing your hair looks lately? it almost wants to make me stop rocking awkward 8 year old boy cuts, and that’s saying a lot. (hi pete) 

    • Leandra

       My hair on this day was actually the result of a four day no washing rally after getting it done at bumble and bumble, so that’s that!

  • Genie

    Lol, props to Zara! And your smile is gorgeous (no matter what face you decide to pull with it). PETE. If I do casual Friday, will Pete also come with dip dyed denim and such?


  • WTF!!!! only the “Man Repller” 

  • CJ

    I love the pants!  I tried to make my own version of these once but it didn’t work because I didn’t let the dye get high enough on the pants so it just looked like I had an awkward pair of jean shorts on and then really fucking pale legs.  Never.  Again.  But yours look good.


  • Unterhosen

    I wear a bird on my leg. He is called Mr Bird. He is my partner….and I suspect he is far gayer than a flamingo! Sorry..can’t stop, am flying back for the Fortunate Islands xxx

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Great look! Loving every item and the Flamengo is a great  accessory 😉

  • Oppositelipstick
  • Greece has you glowing Ms Maam Thing. 

    • Leandra

       Haha, but this was taken pre-Greece!

      • =^..^=

        DUDE!! LET’S SEE THE ROCK!!!!  


      •  oooooh well, what the heck did you do? LOL, you’ve got something going on there!

  • Flamingo Pete is the perfect accessory. 
    And so is the top smile. TAKE IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE! 


    Once again you have nailed it! And your sentimental musings have made my morning.

  • Roula
  • Nevena

    Great! xo

  • hahahaha I LOVE IT! love, Thorunn

  • First time seeing this blog, but it’s absolutely a new favorite. You’re fucking hilarious man. Anyway, love the outfit – I’d never be able to pull it off. And of course the pink pecker makes it.

    Feel free to check out my blog –

  • I once saw a woman with a rat in her hair… I would have much preferred to see a faux flamingo in her pocket. Only in NY.

    Also, I want your shoes.

    •  ^^^ Winning comment lolol. I just laughed out loud at this one.

  • the coattail effect

    you and only you can pull off the ass face

  • Solojewelry

    You should add a kitsch hair tie to your arm party:

  • ramblingrants

    Good call on the Flamingo. Although, standing on one leg might’ve been more true to theme. Ha!

  • Diana

    Love everything about this look: the necklace over sweatshirt, the jeans (i love Zara), your shoes, and, obviously, the flamingo!! 

  • Prudent Fashionista
  • Cassandra

    Love the outfit! Love the shoes most! 😀

  • Ashlyn

    not complete rubbish, but i really dont get the plastic flamanco. love the shoes though

  • takeachicpill

    love the athleticism+killer heels combo, but your pink friend steals the show!;)

  • you do have a way with words:)

  • Nathan Niche

    the flamingo made me smile!
    ur peter pilotto shoes are stunnnnnnning! woah! statement shoes ftw!

    there’s definitely the upside to
    your body type, u’re so tall that you carry lots of looks so much better
    than most people, plus u can really work tailored looks to perfection
    with ur frame.

    i didnt try to be ‘on trend’ nor did i hear about
    this trend till u told me haha, i simply chose the denim shirt for its
    blue tone that is repeated in some of the smaller peony flower prints 😉
    plus it added just the right amount of texture and casualness to the
    look i think –

    xx nathan.niche

    P.S I just uploads a full-on CÉLINE floral outfit post, hope you like it!

  • Maia Chavez Larkin

    I need to show this look to my daughter – she will be walking around with a flamingo in her pocket for the next three months, guaranteed. 

  • Fillip65
  • Z B

    A little too weird, even for me!:))Still love ya L!:)xx 

  • LJC

    Perfect look!


  • Sussy Octavia
  • Elana

    Im so honored to own the same pair of jeans as you

  • I hate that I can’t decide if I want to bleach a pair of jeans or dye a pair of white jeans to get the ombre thing going in my wardrobe. I already did a bleach tie-dye thing on some coloured jeans that turned out amazing but need to make up my mind. Your cool pair in these photos has slightly swung me back to bleach the jeans.

  • Brijetblog

    you always make my nipples tender.

  • Aleksandra Paszkowska

    Why, hello Pete! Nice to meet you again, holding onto a gorgeous dip-dyed denim pant and adding an intriguing pink-feathered wader twist to the said pant.

    I’m sorry for your legs, though. Clearly, they’re not getting any longer.

  • herpersona
  • Samantha

    You are adorable in this first photo
    ah ah ah


  • Um Blog Fashion

    Cool, cool! I love the all outfit! You are the perfect combination,  stylish and funny :))))


  • Hannahfile

    Love the dip dyed jeans! I want some so bad! This outfit is too cute!

  • compositiontwo

    It would be more people who wear flamingos =)))

  • Now now… don’t you go abandoning your “ass face” smile!  It’s got character ;-D.  And I second the shoe lust.  Those are ama’za’zing!

  • WNY

    Love your tee and the beautiful pink accessory!

  • Kate

    You’re shoes are awesome!

  • the necklace makes it even more perfect

  • vittoria gallacci

    The flamingo is sooo the right piece for that look 😉 

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    We think that women should dress just to be pretty.

  • Betsy
  • I want that flaming

  • Silvia2326_
  • Ida Ingmer

     I love the Isabel Marant tee, unfortunately they are impossible to find right now, I’m out searching a bit too late.

  • dd dd

    Love the whole look! Just fab!

  • Love the shoes! Is that a pink Flamingo in your pocket?

  • I’m in love with your shoes … <3 And i Love your pink flamingo friend 😉

  • Ioanacilibiu