Call us, Maybe?

You may remember a humble brag from today’s earlier post that chronicled my existence at the CFDA awards last night and included hot dates Rebecca Minkoff and Hilary Rhoda. That wasn’t actually a humble brag, you see, more just a teaser because upon getting ready we made time to contribute to the easiest-way-to-make-your-YouTube-video-go-viral format since Shit [insert race, gender, ethnic group here] Says and produced Call Me, Maybe? fashion edition. There were babies, some champagne, even a husband but the end result ultimately begs you just answer one question. One question only: did you file for an extension on your taxes? Lol, jk. Watch, enjoy, call us. Maybe.

On me, pre-CFDA: Lands End boyshirt, J Brand jeans, Oscar de la Renta heels.

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  • Loes White

    This is amazing!

  • Love it! 😀


    IN LOVE LEANDRA!!! Best Call me Maybe video yet! <3


  • The Bubblist

    Absolutely love this! xxx


  • Betsy Soos

    You got me jammin’ in my work-chair!!  Thanks for the afternoon uplift!!!

  • Hallo

    this is not working!! : (

  • Lauren

    Maybe the best thing ever… 

  • Manar

    So funny! love it

  • Um, simply awesome. That baby stole the show!

  • sofiavp

    LOL this is outstanding!! day was made

  • Skaff

    Oh, Leandra, you made my life in this video. Love it! 

  • Ellie

    This is such a great video!!


  • marina miouprincess

    this is soooo cool!!! love it!!!

  • Alice Bergmann

    I am in love with this! Hilarious!

  • Ha! Brilliant Leandra (and this is exactly why we love you)

    Briony xx

  • This video makes me smile!

  • Bre

    I want your job!

  • Madara Freimane

    Hahahaahaaa.. this was soooo funny! Awesome!

  • Sylviaetc

     hilarious !!  
    ps: the heeled sandals you wear with denim+white shirt are trèèèèèès chic!!!

  • Me, My fashion and I

    This is definitely de best Call me maybe I’ve seen. It seems that you guys had a nice time and a lot of fun, isn’t it? I’m so jealous!!!!!! I love THE BABY he (I think he is a boy) so adorablekfjalkfjadlkfjsñklagsjglñksadjfñklsjdñlkajsdgñklj, love it!!!

    Kisses from Spain!!!!!

  • This was brilliant.

    I would call…

  • I sure enjoy this video and I must say I love your outfit that you wore at the CFDA Awards…You looked amazing xoxoxox


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  • Paularituma

    So Fun, amazing girls!

  • highlight of my day. 

  • Haley Thompson

    Oh damn, I always thought you were badass but this just seals the deal. Also, props to the editor for turning this magic around so fast!

  • April

    This looks like so much fun. I really hate to say, but I love that damn song! Thanks for the laugh 🙂


  • Liliana

    vous etes toutes adorables! amazing outfits 😉

  • Filipa Ferreira da Silva

    You’re such a tease… CFDA-outfit-post me, maybe?  🙂

  • I would totally call you. All of you. Even the baby!

  • that baby looked like it was having a blast!

  • very cute!

  • bbBeauty

    hahaha the baby is so cute!

  • OMG! This video was hilarious! You crack me up every time I visit your blog and I loooooove it 🙂 Sweet dance moves!

  • itsnotthatdeep

    That is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katie and andee speakman

    Ummm…love it!! So much fun!!   A

  • I just watched this seven times in a row. I think my favorite part is when you drink the tea. 

    • Salty

      Me too! That and the laughing baby. 🙂

  • This was at least more interesting, and fun than the stupid ass kardashian videos they are doing right now. Good job! 

  • Maja

    It’s not working 🙁 could you upload it on vimeo aswell?

  • Agustina Rodriguez

    My fav!

  • This just made my day! <3

  • Alexa

    omg cutest vid ever!! you all look stunning! such an incredible event to attend-beyond jealous. i imagine you had the time of your life.

  • Sketch42blog

    OK, Cookie made we watch this 3x in a row, and now she is dancing in my dressing room singing this! 

    You have a tiny repeller fan! 

  • Sketch42blog

    Scratch that, we are up to 6 times now… 

  • selena

    Love Love Love… brilliant

  • Leigh Ann Fisher

    Perfect. Love it.  I can’t turn away!

  • Cocoblush

    OK, you’re crazy, it’s awesome. Because of you I think I might be bisexual. And because of the baby… oh no, too weird !

  • Rayne S

    Calling, immediately!


  • this just made my day. haha love it!

  • jkg


  • Ok, I’m pretty sure this is 1. the best thing ever, and 2. better than the “real” call me maybe vido. you win at life! you ALL win at life! oh man, cannot stop watching. 

  • Ana Ortuño

    This was freakin fantastic/awesome/ridic/adorable!

  • Kate

    Not going to lie. Leandra, I find you intoxicating! 

  • Seeareex

    This was so cute

  • Nicola Fumo

    Okay… I am officially 100% sold on you and probably 30% more likely to buy a Rebecca Minkoff product strictly due to this video.

  • Beatrizharoglz

    its better than the original video!! 😀

  • This literally MADE my night. That baby, I can’t. 

  • Oh my freaking christ. I can’t even handle how badly I wish I could hang out with you all. You’re the shit.

  • This totally made me smile.  So much fun!

  • rhodawong

    this is so cute! love it (:

  • littleladyylove

    this. just. blew. my. mind. haaaaaa hilarious. thanks for the work distraction! 

  • Dear MR, you kill me.  And your videos rule.  They make me feel like I actually hang out with you, instead of just dream of it.  But seriously, you’d love me as much as I love you.  I’m sure of it.  Keep dancing.  It’s lovely/hilarious/wonderful.

  • HI-larious. You ladies are the best.

  • Adriisdabomb

    Make the video viewable on mobile preeeeeeeeease!


    Love it when a bunch of gorgeous gets silly! And where did you get your white shirt? I LOVE your clean look with the oversize white shirt and cuffed jeans with killer heals.

    • Leandra

      The shirt is from the Lands End catalogue, little boys

  • Jenaly Enns

    that was great. and i like the little changes like the comment area!!

  • This is so cute!! By far the most fashionable and adorable cover yet. Looks like great fun! 

  • OMG!!!! This has got to be the funnies thing I’ve seen in a long time! Thanks for making me laugh.  I love your outgoing, fun (and yes sometimes crazy) personality. You put a smile on my face!  Oh…and CONGRATS on your @cfda award!  🙂

  • Gaby Haru Dani

    haha so funny, love it!!!
    You all look amazing <3

  • michelle_a_cook

    UH-mazing!!! the baby out staged everyone! Sooo cute, but no seriously…the video is awesome.

  • poshmotif

    Rebecca Minkoff started the “call me maybe” trend with the cards inside her bags!! very cute

  • Jessica Figuera

    I can watch it thousands of times. Very funnyy! XOXO FROM VENEZUELA

  • Sayraht


  • Amberly D’Anna (Asliceofglam)

    That was great! h

  • suzi

    Ooooooh lordy lordy!

  • Hehe, love it!

  • Buzygurl


  • Y E S ! ! !  That was awsome 🙂

  • Kate

    haha this is hilarious!! seems like you had a great time:) 
    xx Kate 

  • Ok this is way, way cool! And made this song much more appealing too!

    Have a great day!SDMxx

  • Krisss

    Not available in Germany…So sad!!

  • YAHH!!:)

  • clod_rosa

    AMAZING! laughed too much 

  • Veronique
  • I am so obsessed with this post that I blogged about it! I love Leandra Medine, she’s truly her own person and so goofy.

  • I love this video. Since I see it for the first time, I watch and watch again. This is a really great song and you’re so crazy. I really love this video 🙂

  • Terry Marieux

    like we say in France, ENORME!!!!! ça file la patate!

  • loulalou

    like we say in France : ” ENORME!!!! ça file la patate de bon matin”
    very funny , thanks!

  • Ana

    Trop bien j adoreeeeeee

  • Anna

    i love it!!! 

  • Isabel Nazaré

    Hahahahahaha! This is amazing!!

  • Dashionmouse

    very ggggoooooddddd:) crazy girls, loved

  • rhea_2

    Love this!

  • lydia260

    That was awesome. Jealous!

  • Redheadfashionshooting
  • I genuinely LAUGHED, so so great, funny, cute, pretty. everything. AWWW, loving it.


  • Hahaha amazing! I love it when fashion and fun are being combined.. That’s the way fashion should be in my opinion: FUN!

  • Sara Smith

    You just made my day with this!!! Posting it on my blog…you guys had me laughing so hard.

    Sunny Blonde Studio

  • Sara

    Hahaha so awesome, you made my day!

  • Alexquitta

    SOCUTE!!!!!! i loved it! yall are too fun!
    xoo Meagan 

  • Aimeliedebelder

    Haha made my day! Especially the Baby 

  • kirbybee

    Gold Man Repeller, Gold!!!


  • Love, love, love!!!

  • The best cover of the of song as of yet! 

  • This is the best one yet!

  • Cassandrab

    So fun

  • Best cover!! It was funny and fun!! This is singing with friends on a happy day :^)

  • LOOOOVE! So fun! Make me want to gather my girlfriends ASAP! Xo

  • This is soooo cool!

  • Saraheliv

    Incredible, so fun!

  • your white shirt, well – it’s perfect isn’t it? where from, ms. medine?

  • hahaha loves it! especially the underarm noise move, so random. lol

  • BMB

    this is great hahah love it…well done ladiessss

  • Lisa Daniels

    Hahahaha awesome

  • Frabra007

    Love love love love love!!!!


  • Diana

    I love it!

  • I just died. This might be my favorite thing on the internet ever. You’re brilliant!!!

  • Floor Reitsma

    Whaaaaa, this video makes me so happy! 

  • LolitaintheMix

    LOVE IT! To bad capslock doesn’t get any bigger! You guys had big time fun, huh!

  • mcgintylauren

    Hilarity. There sure was an army of people to get you ladies ready, but you all looked beautiful.

  • Julie

    THAT MADE MY DAY.  Potentially my life. I’ll let you know.

  • My husband just asked if we can come live with you guys…apparently he needs a little music video dance fun in his life. xx

  • vittoria gallacci

    OMG I love this video, is so funny! And the baby is wonderful 🙂

  • ana.janca
  • Michelle Moy

    you and your dangerous moves.. love it!

  • Diana

    ha this was great. you guys are hilarious… and the baby = perfect. 

  • Love this video!!

  • Natalie

    Love it!

  • Stephanie

    LoL love this!!

  • Jessica

    brunettes do it best! what an exceptional break to my boring day!!!

  • Kawtar

    AWESOME ! is there anything you can’t actually do ? freaking good job to all of you

  • Maria

    I looove it!! hahahah 

  • Paula

    So far this week this is the best moment I’ve had. Hilarious! You all look perfect though! Thank you so much for sharing it!! From Spain!

  • Nicangelico

    my fave call me maybe video! even beats the bieber

  • Ahhhh the video is just awesome. Congrats ! xoxo

  • Marnie Thao Nguyen

    Kind of amazing.

  • Jo

    Wow I really love this video!! You all are so funny

  • Pedro Mafra

    SO DAMN GOOD!!!!!!!! you are unbelievable!!! 

  • this is the best thing i’ve ever seen in my whole entire life!

  • i love this song. i love this video. i love it all. 

  • Annie

    Leandra, love the video. You either bring out the quirky fun side of everyone around you or you just know how to pick who to be around. Either way I’d like you to screen the friends I make from now on and maybe even some of the ones I’ve made. 

    I have to be honest though, I hate the new format. Please please please go back to putting everything on one page sans “View more” link. It’s like you’re not wearing your heart on your cover page anymore. (Plus it’s annoying to have to click. I want to hear what you have to say that’s why I came to your website in the first place, don’t make me do tricks for it)

  • We love it! 

  • Decadefour

    That just made my layover in Charlotte a hellva lot better!!!!!!

  • volont.un-sens
  • looks like jamie
  • This is gold!! Love it 🙂

  • rye

    watched it twice. big smiles. that baby!

  • The actual baby made it! Looks like it was fun 🙂

  • Fashionablecollections

    I beyond adore this video it just makes me want to dance.


  • How many times am I allowed to watch this? I might have gone over my quota! This is adorable! (and now I’ll have that song stuck in my head all night!)

    Great video! Cheers,

  • Mona Sultan

    This is HILARIOUS! 

  • Emjane12

    This literally made my night! Amazing. All of you are so beautiful!

  • Emilie

    excellent! love your crazyness!

  • Chloé Abitbol

    J’adooooore !!!!

  • Diane

    Toujours ce grand sens de l’humour, au top ! Ne change pas ! 

  • Jajaja es buenísimo! No puedo parar de verlo!

  • Leonora

    AMAZING! Love it. BIGGEST smile at the end of the day x

  • i should have seen this video and not the actual one of the song..dying with laughter!!!!

  • Svea

    love it

  • Marie-Albane

    OMG !!!! You’re so funny and lovely !! You’re my favorite !
    Love to read you each day from my very small small country : Luxembourg

  • So. Many. Lolz.

  • Ajda

    Love this!

  • ana

    Hi Leandra, My name is Ana, i’m brazilian and i just love your blog!I enter the website several times a day, since you started it…I love your style, your shoes, the videos you make, the way you write…. I would like to say thank you, after i started reading you i really changed my style and today i’m so much more happy about myself!!I really want to send you a gift to express the way in thankful to you! I want to send you some new havaianas, i think you will love them and i will be really pleased to send a gift to you!Can you tell me some address where i can send them? And your shoe size?Kisses!!

  • AMAZING!!!

  • I’m pretty sure Rebecca Minkoff has the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.

  • Pamela

    I´m obsessed with Call Me Maybe  videos and yours is my favorite BY FAR!!  

  • Marinalda

    Adorei, muito legal

  • My Scrambled Style

    This is so funny 🙂

  • Eva de Wijs

    Leandra, you are the funniest person! Although that baby is serious competition!

  • The Edit

    Ahahaha I love it. You guys look like you had so much fun filming it, which is the best thing about it!

    xxx the edit xxx

  • Lilly

    U guys r freaky good singers-funny how u all sound the same though.;)

  • let’s become friends!

  • Indi

    i wanna be your friend!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bahahaha this is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Thank you, MR, thank you!

  • Anne Mentta

    Leandra, where are your shoes from? They are Rebecca’s? because I did not find it on the website =(
    I just loved them!!!

  • Lola Reggy

    Hahahhahhaa, way too much fun, so how many calls did you get???? A bunch??

    Love you and your funnyness!!


  • Malou

    This is so cool.
    Your blog is so inspiring! 🙂

  • Sarahmorley88

    That just made my day!! This is the greatest!!! I actually spilled the cup of tea on my desk over with exaggerated laughing hand movements! So worth it!! 

  • Valeriavvg

    love it

  • Barbarap

    Why would you even do that??
    Why don’t you and the video’s crew put resources to better use and, say, volunteer at the local shelter for an hour or two?

  • k mash

    this is fuckTASTIC!!!! love it!

  • Rose

    love it

  • Chelsie M

    YESSS! Mind. BLOWN!

  • This made me laugh out loud at work! 🙂

  • Ramalhoni

    Love. So funny, it seems you guys had so much fun. BTW, the guy in the mustache and baseball cap looks just like Conan O’Brien!

  • April Rose Pengilly

    This is hot damn fleeping incredible!

  • I must say that I loved this video!!

  • so funny!!

  • ChubbyCheeks

    I hate that dong but I love you guys!

  • today I declare myself a fan and a man repeller…

  • hi

  • Shukurovaf

    Can I get the link for the shirt please? There are too many fabrics on the website, and I can’t figure out which one you have on.

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