Beat Frizz

Sorry, that’s deceiving: manage it.


My week long excursion through an array of Greek islands taught me several things: 1. It’s not a meal if there’s no feta cheese in close proximity, 2. You are a fool if you so much as attempt a pair of heels, 3. You’re also a fool if you pay full price for any single chachka in any single chachkie store and finally, while the air is dry, frizz is inevitable.

This relevation is one familiar considering the natural mane that resides above my head. Sure, resilience to comb hair and proceeding to air dry is a ritual that works famously in New York (best done alongside products like Bumble & Bumble surf spray) but in Greece that just wont cut it. As they say, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, enter this new management system. It’s like a pair of princess Leia buns got married to a tricycle and moved to my scalp. Wind is bitchy and my hair isn’t long enough to wrap into a single chignon so I gave the triple threat a chance. Wind woes diminished and when all was said and twirled, the end product left my hair looking wavy and air dried, ergo: perfect  Boom (shaka laka.) Should you face similar woes, I highly recommend the pseudo-homage to Coolio and friends.

Iosselliani necklace, Vince striped tee. Photo taken in Santorini.

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  • Did i tell you i love you? 

  • Catindreamland

    you are right girl! And I am heading there myself on Wednesday, cant wait for the feta cheese and all these juicy greek salads!

  • Yes, I do this daily to my hair! Works perfect for LA too!

  • Natali Karppinen

    Interesting harido 😀 I love Feta cheese 🙂

  • So cute!!

  • Celia Wells

    I like to do that with my hair sometimes but I do it down the middle like a mohawk.  

  • Ria

    I really want to go to Greece, but never got the change. 
    Have fun!

  • That’s so hilarious! I could see it as a summer do!

  • Genie

    Lol, you’re as innovative as ever. 🙂 Is there an after shot?


  • Elle

    LOL girl you make no sense and I love it.

  • Clare

    I’m bringing this with me on my next Adriatic excursion! Inspired! 

  • Alimoresco
  • I wear my hair in two buns like that a lot…but never thought to try three! Greece must be amazing…on my list of places I want to visit!


  • Lydia Gasperoni
  • Aleksandra Paszkowska

    Bada bing, bada boom! Aaand it’s back to a 90s middle school dance. Hello nostalgia!

  • Belén cavas

    Natural is the most important adjetive that can describe you, i think is this one the secret of your success, is for this a lot of people identify with you, dont chage.


  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    Sounds great except for the frizzy hair (I already have that every day….)But your cool hairdo is a nice tip 😛 Enjoy!

  • Lilylovelock

    Haha I love this…. looks pretty killer actually! I want to know how people have smooth silky hair abroad it’s just unnatural!! 

  • coolio – ha!  hope you are having a wonderful time
    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Michelle S

    When i was in Greece, I kept a log of how many greek salads were consumed. I think I reached double digits.

  • abigail lind

    i had similar frizz problems when i was traveling but i just made like a greek salad and slathered my hair in olive oil and voila, frizz free.  OPA!


  • Precious Formals

    So creative! We love this, especially being from the Houston area. Right near the Gulf gets pretty humid (although probably not so much as Greece)!

  • Oppositelipstick
  • Kara

    Don’t you love Greece? It’s so windy in Santorini so you’re better off rockin’ the princess Leya buns for sure. Enjoy all the feta you can… you’ll be in withdrawal when you get back. 

  • Maneater

    Only bc I know you are far too intelligent and I want your blog to maintain it’s journalistic integrity (I mean, hello? What did Mum and Dad pay NYU’s cray cray tuition for, right?) but it’s “tchotchke” and “Leia” — let’s face it, for the most part most fashionistas are as dumb as bricks (pretty, but wildly moronic — in the bad way, not good way) and your blog was one of the first to address both INTELLIGENCE and FASHION in a dry and witty way.  Honestly, I’d rather you NOT post this, as this is just for you/your intern but as a friend, I cannot let your ig’nance overcome.  

    Also, again, mazel tov. miss you. 

    • Leandra

      I went to the new school!@#$$#!!#$^@!

  • nat


    • Cj

      Fertilizer and photoshop.

  • Honestly thank you for promoting Greece that way through these hard times… Our country is beautiful, inspirational and our islands are a paradise on earth! Your instagram photos are magnificent, your taste is the opposite of repelling and it would be a pleasure to meeting you if you plan to stay in Athens! 
    Kiss Kiss

  • VotreAmie

    Fabulous idea!! Definitely love rocking “the triplets” as I call them on muggy days when my hair is doomed to frizz-out

  • Monica

    So cool! very cool ! A more natural way to make your hair wavy without using an iron! 

    Awkwardly Dancing: Fashion, Films, Photography and Music

  • Material Fixations

    I have seen you wear wild things all the time, but it’s nice to see you do something interesting and wild with your hair.

    Material Fixations

  • Now the only thing I need is: Long Hair. Damn.

  • I’d love to go to Greece one day<3 🙂

  • Adohrwong96
  • Myblissisthisway
  • Ireneccloset
  • Gita Bončina

    Now I all can think about is feta cheese.


  • Z B

    Hehehe, no matter what happens north of my neck I am not putting those things on my head!:))Just not gonna happen!:)) 
    Had the same situation last summer in Mexico where the humidity is a bitch, just proudly spotted my do every night for 20 min until it becomes a frizzy mess and up in the bun!Eeeeevry freakin night!:)))

  • Z B

    Hehehe, no matter what happens north of my neck I am not putting those things on my head!:))Just not gonna happen!:)) 
    Had the same situation last summer in Mexico where the humidity is a bitch, just proudly spotted my do every night for 20 min until it becomes a frizzy mess and up in the bun!Eeeeevry freakin night!:))

  • Kate

    Wow I need to try this! My hair is naturally curly and gets so frizzy in the summertime, because I am too lazy to straighten it when I am on vacation! But if these buns leave it wavy, then I am in! The first tips are great as well, especially the one about the heels, since I am going to Greece this summer as well.. can’t wait! 🙂 

    xx Kate

  • Nathan Niche

     wooo loving the triple braids!

    xx nathan.niche


  • Annasteenberg

    Cute! //

  • I have never gotten any Bumble & Bumble products but people are always raving about them so I guess I should try! I have pretty good hair which makes me lucky. Not very frizzy or crazy.


  • Lateybirdy

    what the hell is chachka?

  • megoesmexico

    Love your blog…and hairstyle ^^

  • Sketch42blog

    Ive always spelled it Tchotcha. Welcome back! 

  • I do the same thing – Except, I go princess Leia – two at a time.

    Enjoy the rest of your Greek adventure.


  • Keilah

    My friends do the same thing, but with a single french braid. Looks exactly like beachy waves.

    I wanna see an after photo though ):

  • Maria

    I’m Greek and you’re fab x

  • Sonia

    My boyfriend’s comment:  “Why is she wearing penis buns?”

    Mission accomplished, honeymoon-style.

  • I hope your honeymoon was amazing!! 🙂

  • Lucy

    may i suggest adding a dab of aveda be curly first…gave me mermaid curls after i let out the coolio buns. great success!
    (obvi still use surf spray for a finisher)

  • Che

    Just discovered you blog…
    I love your sense of humor and wit!

    Just earned yourself a fan and a billion kudos. 
    Stay classy MR. :*

  • You’re such a crack up “boom shaka laka” loveeee your humor!!!! It reminds me of mine! : )