And Party and Bullshit
New on TMR: In which I demonstrate the vast ways my face can morph into several other faces all the while maintaining an utmost important blogger pigeon toe. Figure this one a Thematic Repelling, Girls Night or something along that linear equation. I know what you’re thinking: there’s a box of empty space giving me fake abs amid the ambiguous ikat print and gold ornaments but that’s an illusion. It’s actually a flab instigator and I’ll tell you what else, rolls of skin protruding from the middle of a dress amid dinner, not as clairvoyant as one might think and for that reason alone: man repeller. Try drinking soda in this guy, I dare you. And in other news: I’m dealing with the perils of an unannounced drive by for dinner and drinks that aunt flow has imposed upon my mind, body, spirit, vagina. Can you dig? I’m glad we can communicate so openly. Below now, a photo of happier days: a smile followed by a dance routine that Naomi was able to capture in one single photo.
See: smile, midriff, brick wall. Raffia pom pom.
See: dance move. I did proceed to break into a sprinkler too but Frank Sinatra tunes were emerging from my mouth and so in that moment, this seemed far more appropriate to celebrate the gesture. And with that I conclude this round of Party and Bullshit brought to you exclusively by Biggie and The Man Repeller, sprinkled in this edition over some Sinatra. A collection of people that can only exist digitally so, there you have it. You know, at this point, I don’t even know what the shit comes out my mouth either. Carven dress, Charlotte Olympia shoes, Rebecca Minkoff jacket, photos by Naomi Shon.
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  • herpersona
  • Lisa Daniels

    Hahaha I love your writing!

  • Newest Wrinkle

    Amazing dress!!


  • Loving the biker jacket!!

    Please check out my style blog – – an Australian @ Parsons in NYC! 

  • Tatianaptouch

    You are perfection!

  • Myblissisthisway

    love that song and your outfit totally goes with the title of this post.. idk what it is about it but i think you look simply fabulous!

  • Robie

    You are so wonderful 😀 and I looove your style! You just got a new follower!

  • Octoberchic

    I love the cropped jacket!!! really amazing.

  • Matsooooo

    I really love your blog!! :)) great shots! and great style!!

  • uber chic as always.. LOVE theee dress! 


  • Adornlafemme

    That jacket is soooo amazing! 

  • Mambile

    You are so funny!! and love your shoes 😛 thanks for joying us!

  • tanya_caines

    lol its actually made me laugh this morning and made me happier reading your blog xx
    PS that dress is hot!

  • Your hair is perfectly messy. I hate you for it. Biatch.

  • Natalie Johnston

    listen.. lea… you must stop be perfectly perfect all of the time. give it a rest. really. you’re killing all of us here. i don’t think i’ll stop thinking about this dress/ shoe combo for at least 45 years. that might be slightly overdramatic but really

  • Natalie Johnston

    this just deserves a second comment.. so here

  • yesImAGuy

    those legs are truly fine, almost unreal…