White Feet

While we’re talking footwear, what do you think of these freaks? They just landed at my doorstep–I knew they were coming, so did my depleting bank account and in my head I had already conjured some fifteen outfits that would implement the white leather foot containers–they look a bit like opaque containers, don’t they?–and when they came: surprise! Patent leather. It’s a whole new story this but at least they’re still swimming under this trend story’s umbrella and for the sake of a good pun: rain proof too, which is ironic, awesome and pertaining to the current climate instantaneously. What’s more, man repelling indeed: this shoe spares toe cleavage for no digets. Not even an elongated middle toe, over accentuated by the nature of the shoe’s opening. So, should I keep them or send back? The decision is up to you, though I will say I’m leaning toward an affirmative yes, classic and quirky is a hard marriage to come by.  

Jil Sander sandals, Genetic Denim jeans…overalls, really.

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