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In partnership with Michael Kors.

Here’s another collaboration nation for you to chew on: Man Repeller x Michael Kors. Their new store opened just this morning on 61st and Madison and so in celebration of that I worked some of my awkward Repeller magic, if it can even be classified, “magic,” and engaged in a one man show induced store raid to help debut the boutique. Among other things being debuted: my fancy new comb-over. Unfortunately, many of my sweet dance moves, the bits where I befriended mannequins, dismantled their bodies, used the ceramic limbs to scratch my behind and the unusual facial gestures I made that suggested I do not have an upper lip didn’t make final cut. Such is life though and what you will find includes a pretty perfect portrayal of how large, in charge and fancy the new store is. This is likely the most normal portrayal of self you will see so I suppose you can bask in that. Cha-cheers.

Genetic Denim overalls, Michael Kors blouse, blazer and shoes, Vivienne Westwood, MK necklaces. The end.

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