Repellers on a budget, unite!
…Part 5. Despite a particularly gloomy May, sunglasses are on the mind. Mine, at least, see: this story on white lenses, this one on Australian Fashion Week that features one particular homage to the reflective lenses of Westward Leaning, and this crazy pair to help complete my the general crazy lady aesthetic. After reviewing the above though, I noticed how expensive these offerings have become and speculated their real purpose. Retina protectors, yes, but also the accessories most commonly misplaced, broken, deployed to the trenches of toilets and so below I offer you ten pair–plus one for good luck–of my favorite sunglasses from around the interwebs that run for no more than a whopping $40. Forty, I tell ya. Four zero. Buy one, all, none, whatever, it’s most important that you enjoy. So do that too.

From top left: Yellow circular frames clad in reflective lenses from Asos, Red circular wire frames from Topshop, some Spitfire two tone cryptic cat-eyes, more circular lenses with aviator wire and aqua-turquoise lenses somewhat reminiscent of a certain pair of Jeremy Scotts, from Asos, heart lenses via Topshop, black circle dudes from Spitfire and to the right, to the right: Miu Miu looking yellow brow freaks by Asos, striped Zebra meets Kanye wayrers via Forever 21, Pleasant-ville pink lady cat-eyes from Forever 21. Finally, a hybrid frame marrying most the cat eyes and circular lenses previewed above by, Spitfire. And break.

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