Pre-Fall Footwear

While our collective feet are still all, “give me tropical prints,” or “put me inside an open toe shoe clad in lucite heel and make sure at least one weird thing is sticking out of me,” the fact of the matter is: pre-fall lookbooks, they are a’dropping. And I can most always get behind any sort of footwear related unveiling news. Up today: a closer look at Brian Atwood’s–not to be confused with the rad diffusion line–Pre-Fall collection aptly titled, “Brian’s Women of The World.” In several vignettes of photos, legs are captured in movement wearing shoes that encapsulate the cities at hand. Which, I suppose is quite telling considering the nature on a New York foot on the go, not clad in Leopard print, Parisian dotted tights with mega stiletto heels and copious feathers–no platform, and an assortment of other true-to-its-city’s-aesthetic gestures. See: lots o’fuchsia in LA, three tone shoes and argyle socks in Tokyo, turquoise polka-dot knee highs in Hong Kong. I’m projecting too much of my own hypotheses on you though, peep the below to see what else is up.

Ultimately, I think it’s great to see a collection that stays so true to its own vision–studded shoes, sky high platforms, and jungle prints were Atwood staples before they were, you know, a thing–while taking on the task of complimenting its inherent aesthetic with twelve separate cities. Capturing the essence of an entire regional zone with just one image of the southern portion of the female silhouette is no easy feat but I suppose with a little leather, animal print, fringe, bright color and most importantly, the right shoes a lot of shit is possible. Even arm-less juggling. Now, tell me what do you think? Which are your favorite? Least? Do you take milk with your coffee? I have to know. More Brian Atwood here.

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