OMFG Shoes

Since Shoesday was replaced with Jorts-day this week, here’s an OMFG moment brought to you by Wednesday. While perusing Tommy Ton‘s site yester-eve, I fell upon these knockers and it was in that instant that my heart fell into the trenches of my vagina. Come on, you know the feeling. It’s just like that inevitable moment you find yourself unexpectedly and off guard standing face to face against an ex-boyfriend or crush or, you know, Jenna Lyons. I’m not the most committed animal print enthusiast–this has likely become quite clear but holy blue puff ball, it’s like your soles were made for my soul. Wishfully, I hope these fall into the no-animals-were-harmed-in-the-making-of-these-shoes genre but to assume they’re faux is probably a bit ambitious. Never mind that, before I can decide whether or not they’re moral or feasible to buy, I have to find them. Evidently, they’re Sergio Rossi. Have you seen them? I haven’t. Tell me.

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