MR vs. LDR

Or rather, Lean del Ra vs. Lana del Rey. I was going to preface the below video with something and then I decided not to and when that happened I got to thinking about how often I share the writing process with you. It’s like we’re in the kitchen together making all these ambiguous sausages–this food choice was intentional–but in the end, you’re the only one that has to taste them. Ultimately, this is not a metaphor for penis. Regardless, I don’t want to say much about what’s below other than that it is a newer age new age Who Wore it Best treatment paying tribute to while simultaneously battling none other than internet favorite: Lana del Rey. The sartorial matters at hand are obviously taken very seriously but it is after all an homage and so therefore only appropriate that songs are sang, flats are worn, flowers are crowned and large tigers are transformed to pink furry things. This one is for the sake of safety, etc. Do also note that while yes the film is certainly very low budget, the sentiments are more priceless than anything MasterCard has ever deemed priceless.

Video and editing by Naomi Shon. Giggles and haha’s by original LDR enthusiast, Chuck Grant. Dress by Theyskens Theory, Matzah and silver platter brought to you by Passover, literal video games by Mark Medine and finally, the stuffed animal that I am breast feeding is my oldest, closest friend: Puffy. We met at Mount Sinai hospital in 1988, have been inseparable since. And don’t be confused: Sean Combs adopted this nickname a few years after the original Puffy was conceived. I tend to surround myself with trendsetting taste-makers from all walks of life. Finally I ask the inevitable: who wore it, sung it, did it best? I’ll disclaim this suggesting that I think I missed my real calling.

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