If April Showers
…Are meant to bring May flowers, what will May flowers bring? And what happens when a depleting o-zone layer skews the boundaries of vintage proverbs and April is actually composed of a series of very pleasant 85 degree days and in the one whole day we’ve bared the latter month, May flowers are actually a humid, wet climate that acts in a manner most reminiscent of mother nature’s persona–see: bi-polarity, and turns out to bode a sunny day that leaves our rain outfits irrelevant and our souls ready to embark on the happiness induced by a perfectly slouchy pair of light wash denim cut offs? Paired with washed silk, durrrrrrrr. Eight r’s, people.
I think I likely lost you on this but just recognize that it is a long, long projection brought to you by the real life perils that rain-wear in sunshine activate. Ultimately, what I mean is connected to a string of images that answer a question unaffected by the harsh meteorological realities of real life-life. Double entendre. What? No it’s not. So, if April showers bring May flowers, them Mayflowers better bring:
HoVuxX on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Some fancy ass pilgrims! If I could go back in time anywhere, it would either be to the peripheral of ancient Egypt where Moses split the sea or to Plymouth Rock where Mayflower attendants left their English spirits behind and became Americans. America, I tell ya. Land of the big mac. It’s too bad Marc Jacobs hadn’t yet penetrated to notion of metallic square toes, Miu Miu of thin pointed collars but then again neither had penetrated the notion of life either.
The fact of the matter is though: all the sudden Alexa Chung’s aesthetic makes a new world of sense. That’s a pun. Respective looks via Chloe, Miu Miu runways F/W 2011, Marc Jacobs F/W 2012. Happy Thanksgiving, if Thanksgiving very actually code for second day of May or something else that mandated an ambiguous capital letter. Interjections welcome. (See: Americans as land thieves.) Also, it’s raining. That calls for a look back at the projections from paragraph one and even more importantly: at the thematic nature of this case study, so, look back, look back, look back. (Here too.)
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