Identity Crisis: The Pants

If this were a year ago I’m not sure I’d ever allow an iPhone 3 or, gasp, Blackberry photo to function as a stand alone site image but look what vintage filters have done to mankind. I may be doing a disservice to the purpose of this post by allowing the phenomenon of the iPhone generated filters in question to infiltrate the photo at hand but bare with me. What we have here is a most unique adventure in copyright. First there’s me, standing in a sparkle laden hallway, smirking at a camera that just so happens to be in the palm of my mother’s hand, ready to exit the aforementioned hallway. And I’ll tell you what else, while the sunglasses in doors most certainly offer me the additional douche bag points we so often delegate, there’s a kicker: it was dark outside. Dark, I tell ya. Not light. Glad that’s out of the way, now on to the pants. Can you tell that they’re tie dye? Well, they are. And what’s more? They’re engaged in a massive case of identity crisis. You may remember the first pair of cloudy jeans that fell onto the literal laps of several bodies. They were these ones, $420 via Isabel Marant. The photographed ones, however, $59.90 via TRF. Zara continues to hold its title as the most accurate Celine-Dries-Stella-Isabel-Givenchy hybrid shop for the girl with just one dollar to stretch to couture–on planet earth. The magic here is ultimately that after Zara implements the copy and paste tactic, tweaks are had, the result is often better than the original. And that is hash tag very awkward. Here, here to refugee pants. Still with me?Β 

Linda Farrow sunglasses, Calypso scarf, Maje jacket, Equipment blouse, Zara jeans, Proenza Schouler boots.

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