I DIY: Fancy Footwear

Last week while I was gif-ing together a short post about April showers, May flowers and pilgrims, I came upon an old inspiration photo from Chloe’s FW 2011 runway show. It was in that moment that I took another, you know, moment–so that’s moment on moment, I layer sentiments too–to reflect on the footwear. I couldn’t remember actively spotting the patent pumps clad in large front bow anywhere and that registered weird. So, I called my friend, the interior decorating wiz who pens Sketch 42 because she is one crafty ass hooker and suggested we recreate the shoe. She already had the materials, I just brought the pumps, et voila: easy as pie. Take a look at the process below, just after the jump. The jump? Jump purpose: an act of kindness that rids the opportunity to aesthetically assassinate your computer screen with extensive photos of hot glue guns, suede tape and some weird me.


Step breakdown, here’s #1: the aforementioned weird me, right this way. Here we also have: burgundy leather tape around my neck, a hot glue gun ready to shoot. Bing bang boom. Dangerous combination of objects in my presence but I’m still alive and that is telling. Figure you’ll need about three feet of fabric so to perfect the bows.

…And then you glue the burgundy leather tape to the heel of your resurrected black patent leather pump. I used a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps–the glue detaches easily–but the shoe you decide to use can really run the gamut. I’d even go so far as to buy a new pair from say, Payless should you have separation issues with whatever exists in your closet currently. Now, glue that shit to the cusp of the heel to make the inevitable bow tying somewhat more seamless. Tie your bow. And…

Ta da. That’s it, that’s the whole thing. Have you ever, ever, ever in your long legged life seen a DIY that simple? And the beauty of this is that we’re not necessarily offending any designer and knocking off magic for less, no sir. More like, recreating a void and offering a solution. Next week: Birkins. Just kidding.

For photograph sake, here’s me on a stationary bicycle, part I.

And part II. This one says, I’m so happy there are bows glued to my feet, and I want the left and right sides of my world to know it. Feast your eyes on these hot chicks.

And finally, one close look at the finished product. Easy as pie, fun as Christmas. Christian Louboutin pumps, Cut 25 trench coat, Commes des Garcons t-shirt, Acne jeans, Dannijo necklace. All photos by Sketch 42’s Nicole.

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