From Down Under
Just when that familiar wave of un-inspiration starts to take its toll–we’re in that unusual fashion week limbo where the previous weeks are too far behind to look back at and the future weeks are still too far ahead–Australian Fashion Week rises from down under and just like that: blasé no more. Overwhelming talent is most certainly coming out of there, see: Zimmermann, Sass & Bide, Ellery, Camilla & Marc and while my perception of such is streamed-through-Instagram exclusive, MBFW looked chic as shit in Valencia. Perhaps we should look to the streets though where a more precise and sharp lens caught what was up beyond the tents. Here below Tommy Ton does what he does and acts as the vehicle that will convey the Aussie style cues we should likely be taking. Ta da:

It ain’t a street style round up without a cameo by the one and only: Taylor Tomasi Hill, this time clad in unconventional neck wear in form of copious fringe to ponder and mirrored lenses. If I could retract my white-out story and instead report on reflective eye-wear, I would do it. Consider this that.

From an outfit that suggests fairly warm climate conditions to another that alludes to arctic freeze, it should be noted that if I had mongolian ombre’d fur and it was warm, the sun wouldn’t stop me either. The bright orange Siamese cuffs on both wrists add a little insult to injury if insult were code were character and injury for sweet style.

Meanwhile, Alexandra Spencer endures a popular new trend that we can call “athletica” going forward and makes us (me?) almost, almost, consider taking up soccer. I won’t do it without those heels though, nu-uh.There she is! I love an image that depicts real quirk and personality and Susie Lao is no stranger to the marriage of just that. Here she projects playfulness onto her face with pink glitter Miu Miu lenses and some kitsch onto her wrist with a python novelty purse.

Finally, Meg Gray and her swanky race car. These particular photos resonated well because even beyond the use of eclectic color, it’s nice to see familiar faces come alive. Celine and Prada and Miu Miu are great but better when served with a healthy dose of fun. The purpose of this little exercise was to offer this sort of reminder that fashion can have the power to procure sincere happiness. That’s easy to forget in a sea of thin, frail faces clad in black and grey. And because it’s hard not to compare fashion weeks to one another I’ll also have to note that it seems the mood in Australia bodes best with that of London: fashion for the sake of fashion, where saleability is just a long nonsensical word and white leather fringe suspended in mid air is no rare sight. The important question still remains: should I dye my hair or what?

Just kidding, it’s not about me.

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