The Denim Vest
Hey! Happy Tuesday! This week in more ways to cover your ass in denim of any variety: one particular acid wash over-sized vest that begs the question: how over-sized is too over-sized while simultaneously answering the very same question: there’s no such thing. And you can’t put a price-tag on an object that asks and answers questions on its own, now can you? When the particular vest in question first showed during the Phillip Lim Spring 2011 runway show, I walked away thinking: shit man, I need that vest that turns into a back pack. It turns into a back pack. When it finally hit retailers and I got my hands on it, I struggled with whether or not it was in fact too over-sized but ultimately concluded it was a back pack too and who the shit on planet earth doesn’t need a $500 denim backpack? In tracing this thought process and noting the sarcasm I put myself up to a challenge that would beg me to style the vest three different ways. If it worked, I’d keep it. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t. Take a look at the below and see for yourself whether or not this was a mission repelled, well done.

Look numero uno: with palazzo pants and a plain white tank, the over-sized leg holes and my perennial effort to stand on one leg subtract some decent attention from the over-sized nature of a vest like this one. To me, that works fantastically for two reasons: 1. balancing exercise, 2. creative use of hidden body parts.

3.1. Phillip Lim vest and shoes, Topshop tee, Caroline Hedaya pants, Proenza Schouler purse, MR. Dannijo necklace. The smirk is its own brand of asymmetric oddity.

Look two looks to the maxi dress. See what I did just there. L-o-fucking-L! This particular maxi dress is special in that it’s more ankle length than maxi from front angle. Figure it a subtle mullet or something like that. In this exercise I used the vest to rid myself the peril of a wearing a bra because bras are the female enemy but exposed nipples aren’t all that SFW. Solution: oversized denim, eureka!

NAHM dress, Alaia heels, Jennifer Fisher and Aurelie Bidermann chokers. More leg-up, catch my drift?

And finally, the festive shorts. Pairing the vest (I should have imposed an Andy Cohen inspired rule at the beginning of this post and silently mandated that you collectively take a shot of an alcoholic substance of your choice every time the words denim or vest are written,) with anything too short deemed slightly difficult. With a popped leg, however, difficulty vanishes and only happy remains. That said, fuck da rules. Stripes and ambiguous paisley shouldn’t exist without a blanket of acid-wash to throw over them.

I think so. And here’s the detail shot. Zara blouse, Thakoon shorts, Chanel shoes, Samudra beach pouch, MR. Dannijo necklace, Aurelie Bidermann bracelet, Mark Henry, Catbird, Aurelie Bidermann rings. So tell me, clowns, what do you think? All photos by superstar photo freak, Naomi Shon.

Also, OMFG, the Net-a-porter end of season sale is now in tow. I picked up these hot ass chicks this morning. What are you getting? 

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