Tin Shit

Actually, I call this one: when classic goes crazy. Well, I’m at Coachella and as aforetweeted, it’s just like fashion week but with live music, flower crowns and Havaiana flip flops–it’s also 110 degrees, wearing anything more elaborate than the listed is just ambitious. Except a pair of tin man inspired Superga sneakers. I’ve briefly penetrated the notion of timelessness and my rejection of such–sartorial conquests should always bring to mind vividly memories the way scent and music do but there is something to be said about a brand described as classic–figure Converse, Superga, on a higher scale: Chanel, doing the unconventional. Sure I can opt for the classic linen or canvas in an array of red, navy, beigein this particular silhouette but why endure normal when I can embrace the crazy? Well, not crazy per se, they’re just silver and mesh combo sneakers. This is more about removing oneself from a comfort zone though, looking to more classic brands and opting for whatever ‘trendy’ option is being served. In this case, that means saluting the unsung hero of The Wizard of Oz, even injecting a heart. And speaking of hearts, the trenches of my insides go out to a certain pair of sunglasses best described as fly. They are so puntastic it’s offensive.

Hubba, hubba. Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow, $315
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