White Out: Sunniestory

I hate myself for calling sunglasses, sunnies and even more for merging the fake word and story to create this dumb title. Maybe you hate me too but soon you’ll forget all of that and we will be party rocking in the house tonight. Yes, everybody will just have a good time. I digress. I’ve done pertinent stories on white shoes and then on white clothes, I suppose it’s only natural that a progression to white accessories–namely sunglasses–would follow. The infatuation started with a look at Celine’s classic wayfarer/cat eye hybrid lens in a very stark and opaque shade of white. I tried them on, the outcome read more elegant than it did wacky and so I got to thinking about the lenses and noticed that no frames I could account for in recent weeks didn’t include at least one pair of the white variety anymore. It seems they’re having a moment, but then again what isn’t? Call it a corresponding accessory for the fifties throwback, another salute to unexpected elegance among women or just simply an easy solution to summer-time man repelling when it’s too hot for layers. Whatever it is, the fact of the matter is simply that it’s good. And we are into good things.

Behold here, a selection of high and low, fancy and casual shades to induce the ideal white out. I love hate to make another reference to Coachella, but aren’t they surfacing at just the nick o’time? From left: Chanel pearl sunglasses–for when your phallic necklace needs a break. Prada Baroque sunglasses, $290. White furniture on your face, why not? ASOS round shades, $27. Linda Farrow snakeskin–no, really–sunglasses, $725. At center: Dries van Awesome x Linda Farrow clad in green lens, $390, more of the Chanel variety, this time far more blatantly. Gucci square frames, $270. At right: Miu Miu, $340, Jeremy Scott via Linda Farrow, too white wings–and perhaps my favorite of the loot–$315, these, by ASOS are pretty fly too. And finally, a reliable pair of the good old Karen Walker sort, $250. Speaking of KW, this pair, not white, can bring new meaning to the cat-eye.

Give your face what it wants, dammit: a party. Will you give it a try?

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