So Handsome

Here’s a serious question: do you remember elementary school classes reserved entirely to raise endangered species awareness? I do. One time I bought a t-shirt with a gorilla on the front that read “To Be or Not to Be.” I thought the Shakespeare quote under a hairy face was somewhat funny but my mother was not amused by my using the entirety of the only money I was allotted each week to purchase the tee. I suppose that right there is actually quite telling. Carrie Bradshaw may have skipped meals for Vogue but my twelve year old self was all about them mens sized monkey tees. Today though, wildlife preservation comes far easier. A certain swimwear brand has taken the notion of using ones body to celebrate endangered species (among other things like the Eiffel Tower and James Dean) and fashioned a statement.

Eureka! I’ve had my neon eye on the kitschy one-piece bathing suits fostered by We Are Handsome and have been meaning to throw these freaks on to Man Repeller for a while. I quite like this particular puppy face. With the ambiguous 90 degree days that come and go and a more recent advance: Moda Operandi hosting a week long trunk show for the aforementioned brand, I figured there’s no better time than now. See? Bear ass, literally. No moon shine here, pal. Black tiger, seaplanes, Scuba Steve, snow leopards, an American Beauty inspired one piece that may also function as a play on the vaginal ha-ha’s we love so hard. Now if that’s not expert man repelling beach side, do share. What is?

Also, should I get one for Pete? I’m thinking metaphysical flamingo on flamingo.

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