Shoesday Debacle

Though I hate to feed into the terribly on point stereotypes about myself–that is to say: premature Carrie Bradshaw, shoe hoarder, freak who lives with parents in effort to afford shoes, juggler of many disposable talents, what we have here, as in, the photographed below–this won’t turn into a self evaluation of sorts–is the forerunning reason in form of platformthat the chunky heel ain’t dead. In a sea of frail, elegant, near-ground heels, it’s quite refreshing to see (hehe) a shoe that may keep us far off the ground. And that notion just comes to show how quickly things can become fresh again in the fashion space. If this were a mere six months ago, these particular guys may have rendered dime a dozen, plain, a mere pun-induced step from Steve Madden knock off. Today though: sartorial genius. Now, the pertinent question here is: do I–and when I say I, I mean we–feed into this brand of trend, right now?

It was only but a couple months ago that I was advocating the return of pumps. It should be noted that Rochas is, however, most certainly having a moment. I’d even argue it’s one of the more relevant design houses in fashion right now. The silhouette is likely not going anywhere–you remember the chunky Miu Miu loafers clad in different sized cinder-block of the exotic skin variety that were shown for next Fall, right? Longevity, check. But is this a case of rose colored eye-wear skewing the image before us? I think not but my opinion is only as valuable at the thoughtfulness you inject into it, so, do offer your sense (and cents.) No, really, they’re $850. Via Net-a-Porter. Discuss.

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  • I'm in love with both the pairs. 🙂

  • wouah…les deux paires sont magnifiques

  • The shoes are amazing but the prize not so much!

  • love these!
    xo, Tina

  • Pricey but, oh my, the mint green ones are soooo lovely!

  • M.

    my debacle is this- no matter how many layers I layer, shoes like this inevitably make me man-getter. Slash just look like a stripper. Obviously, you understand the issue…

  • Gorgeous shoes, but hideous price – for my poor little pockets at least.. *le sigh*

  • I'm kind of with your old thoughts on the return of pumps. These feel a bit too chunky to me, you know? Like cinderblocks. You could put them on someone and toss them into a river. I mean, hopefully you wouldn't, but you could.

  • Rock on, gals, but I'm sticking to heels closer to the ground. I would definitely kill myself or an innocent bystander (or one of my kids) in those. For those who can pull them off (and actually get places in them), more power to ya! I'll be waving from below.

  • I've been eyeing those mint colored Rochas for a while..they are just so perfect especially in the mint green. I won't ever give up my platforms, they get me through the day, but really.

  • omg love them, I just love myself a chunky heel sometimes

  • Like – 60s mod meets late 90's chunk?

  • gosh, this is one hard decision to make. pro and contra list haha? I really like the big platform and the minty color is also super sweet, but the price? ugh…I don't think that its worth it.

    X, Annie

  • I'm definitely in love!
    xx Brigita

  • The minty mint ones are definitely my favourite!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  • The mint ones!!!

  • love the mint green pair but i still believe the black pair is beyond my liking. I do believe platforms have not left us yet. I adore all kinds of pumps though so your previous post was better.

  • I've been eyeing the Celine heel with the ankle strap. They're a hefty price too! Sigh. But I love the mint. P.S living at mom and dad's place makes sense! I did until I was married and paid off my student loans. So worth it!

  • I NEED those mint colored heels!

  • Amazing Shoes! Love those mint ones!


  • If I wasn't so broke from buying tons of shoes from the Barneys Warehouse Sale, I would totally get those mint shoes. They are gorgeous!


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  • My heart desires both pairs. My wallet sadly turns itself inside out to reveal heart wrenchingly empty contents. Shoes that are more than my rent…you darling temptations, wait for me.

    🙂 Ewa

  • love both pairs of shoes, but the first one is more chic. The mint one is adorable!!!! besosss

  • Hey i feel you there girly! i'm just denial is not a river in egpyt because my legs are long, and toned for my size and standing at 5'8 I stand out in shoes like this even when I'm trying to tone it down. I still continue to buy shoes like this anyway.

  • Ok Leandra, They are terribly expensive and I – when I say I I mean we – will have to go back to live at our parents!

    There is no real question there >> WE MUST DIVE INTO THIS TREND!

    I love love love them 😉



  • Hahaha, at this comment

  • .

    I dont think I could pull off those shoes, but I would love to think I could….loving them!


  • not my kind of shoes, but I can't say why… I think you can buy better shoes for $850!!

  • Mm okay here are my thoughts: for $850 + tax, that's nearly two months of my rent. It's also a RT ticket to Europe, and at the very least, a huge chunk o' money to splurge on in Vegas during their summer sales. So I'm going to pass on Rochas and settle for a Zara imitation. Keep up the fantastic work! xo

  • i love these shoes. especially the black ones.

  • I love them both!! Fashion has to be inspiring and with a fresh point of view every time! Wearing the mint ones would update any outfit as for the black one they do reming me of a 1990's Satin Dolce e Gabbana!

  • Catalina

    I think we'll be tired of that lovely minty colour before the end of this summer. I wouldn't invest 900 in them. I would 100% go for the black and gold pair. I can see myself wearing them for seasons to come. But then again, when it comes to the real thing, I buy shoes completely on a visceral feeling, one that seems as primitive (ha) to me as sex! I see a certain specimen (of shoes that is!), I obsess, I see it in my sleep, I can't help myself…
    Now and then I recover from the intoxication for a short enough time to think things like the first few sentences above… but rarely.

  • I refuse to choose a favorite. Won't do it.

  • I agree with Nicole. I refuse to choose a favorite. They're both beautiful.

  • I love platforms and these babies are beautiful. I would choose both, but when it comes to longevity, I would go with the black and gold Rochas. The mint ones, although orgasmic, are too trendy.
    Take care 🙂

  • Haha, it's funny, I actually wear mostly platforms rather than "frail, elegant, near-ground heels." I'm quite the opposite, really….I need a pair like the latter! I have platforms that resemble the Rochas shoes on the left, or rather, Steve Madden knockoffs ;P

    The Quiet Spaces

  • those shoes are beautiful and they seem so comfortable!!

  • I do think of you as a real life Carrie Bradshaw, but that is the ultimate compliment coming from me! Those wedges are hot, I'm sure you'd do them justice.


  • Those mint wedges are beautiful!!

  • I think 70s style platforms will always be chic. I have a pair of prada with a 3" wood platform (under the toes) from last spring that are amazing… what Im glad to see go is that ubiquitous 1/2" peep toe platform that is everywhere courtesy of MR CL.

    That look is over. Extravagant and extreme shoes will always have a place. In fact, I was working on a post called " The Ugly Shoe" about how every wardrobe needs an art-y statement shoe. Even if its ugly.

  • Both of these pairs are amazing!!!

  • i love those shoes, i love the style of the shoes and like you said it is long lasting trend. if you have the money, buy them. if not, buy a cheaper version that you can afford. and when it comes down platforms or pumps, why do we just have to pick one? different day, different shoes..

  • Like them both!

  • Aren't the ugly ones always the most coveted

  • I'm all for the return of the chunky heel. The mint ones are perfection, have to say!

    xo Joana

  • Beauties! But the mint ones just stole my heart.
    They're so cute, I want them on my feet – now!

  • Hooray for the chunky heel staying (the slim and strappy heels that have been reappearing are beautiful, but not really suitable for me as I have trouble not falling on my face in flats)but I think I'm well within my rights to throw a tantrum because I can't afford these. The mint ones are FLIPPIN' LUSH. Wah. As long as the quality's there, then I think that price is okay. And since you mentioned Steve Madden – they are horrible shoes, completely over-priced junk – I don't understand why so many bloggers obsess over them. x

  • I have really not been feeling the pastel trend this season but oh my are those mint green shoesies wonderful.

  • I love the chunky heel! In fact, I also love the stiletto, so it's great to have both option open to us. We don't have to settle for one or the other 🙂

  • Charming shoes. Mint pair is my favourite.


  • Lovely shoes amnd love the minty one. The only problem is I just can't walk on heels higher then 11 cm and my wallet really doesn't appriciate that price…

  • I am not a "chunk" kind o gal. I like my heels closer to the ground. These remind me of Elton John.

  • ME TOO re: hahaha

  • I love the mint ones!

  • I honestly think it matters what occasion you would want to wear them to. The mint green is of course more summery and fun. You could wear them with dresses, skirts, shorts etc. But I don't see them as really being appropriate for much more then a flirty event. The black is a lot more versatile and would take you anywhere from NYC weather to CA, no matter the season.


  • Love myself and ugly shoe. The higher the platform the better. While I do love the pointy heel that's made a comeback, the platform chunky heel will always be numer uno in my heart!

  • these are probably my favorite shoes that Rochas has ever done! and platforms should never go out of style… they're the only answer we have to the longevity of our feet!
    you can see my full take on the platform in my recent post on this incredible shoe here
    i think we should definitely feed into this particular brand of trend!

    la vie en ardena rose

  • MMmm lovely shoes, I want a pair of each of them… I wish "want" was the magic word

  • I adore both pairs, and yes we should buy into the trend! Who cares what's in fashion, this is about style! And both pairs are fabulous 🙂

  • Both pump and chunk have a place in my heart and in my closet.

  • ohh repellah… these days everything changes so fast, everything is influenced even faster that it´s hard to understand when something aint cool anymore. and when you marry yourself to that belief, there it is again, coming back to the top of the charts and therefor top of our crave! i think that the best thing to do is to honestly think to yourself whether you like it or not, regardless of what the fashion industry is telling you. if you like it, then you´ll make it a hit! if its only a trend you´re being seduced by, then they have an expiration date and prob not worth the buck.
    i think i made my point.
    i luuuv ya repellah! if you, like lady gaga, proclaimed to be Mother Repeller, i´d be one of your little Baby Repellers!

    XO Jannine

  • Thank goodness to platforms they make my legs look longer and I could wear them all day with out them killing my feet…Love pumps but if you stand on your feet all day and you need to look hot, it doesn't last long with pumps…LONG LIVE THE PLATFORM.

  • Man oh man what a dilemma…a conundrum if you will. I just don't think I can do it. The image of the Steve Madden $79.99 version is still to vivid and fresh. Until that picture fades and looks more like a Monet close up, I won't be pulling the trigger.

  • The pastel color is perfect, but the heel! It's too chunky for me, I know how much my legs will morph from normal to "what the heck did her parents feed her?" But I did find a version of these with a thinner heel on Sole Society 🙂


  • Can't wait to see how you will style them!

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  • $850.

    Eight hundred and fifty dollars.

    Half of a typical mortgage payment when living out of town.

    More than half of a tuition payment for the kid's private school.

    At least two killer vintage designer pieces, maybe three.

    I say Herman Munster look will be dead soon.

    Besides, you look so good in those other high heels that have grown up and shed their chunky baby fat.

  • The mint are fantastic… however, i think they would look better in the style of the black pair but still with the gold detail. There are my cents.

  • We love these in both colours! They looks so nice and chunky!

    Mens Clothing Online

  • This and the other post on chus only made me think of this:

    P.S. Mint.

  • I do love a great pair of dainty heels, but long live the platform!!! As far as long periods of standing is concerned, the platform is a must for me. For instance, I'm going to a bbq tomm night and heels wouldn't work, but I need the height. Platforms to the rescue! Let's keep these a staple please!!! My tootsies will be forever grateful.

  • tlc

    In my early teens I lusted after similarly extreme chunks of gorgeousity but alas as soon as I reached age appropriateness they were dated and silly. The question for me is whether they deserve manrepeller status. This leads me to another question which may hold the answer. I have always applauded the audacity of women everywhere who are able to shrug off the thought that it's not okay to look like a cartoon character and embrace the opposite (case in point, the fabulous Dolly Parton) After all, who didn't want to be "Daphne"? Didn't she wear Mary Janes? Pumps can always wait a little longer to come out of the closet again.

  • Helen

    I like the mint green ones, but I'd rather buy a less trendy shoe for that amount of money.