Packing in Small
Today we hit two birds with one stone because on the one hand we will discuss the luxury of packing in small but on the other: an homage to the old installment called “Things that Look Like Vaginas,” this time, featuring three gold zippers and a dark hue of red. A period piece, if you will. Here, here to the alienation of an entire species. Glad we got this out of the way. On to the purse: When I bought this little guy–composed of three small pouches snapped together and featuring a long arm strap–I wondered whether all my shit would fit inside it. Figure two phones, one fat wallet, the obligatory arm adds, house keys, an array of tampons and chapstick. As it happened, they did. And then some. Anti-biotics, on the rare occasion: mascara, larger cuffs than I had anticipated and even nun-chucks in one instance.

A Mary-Poppins bag, eureka! It got me thinking about how much space we really need and whether Olsen-sized handbags are necessary. I grazed upon this notion in a conversation about the minaudiere a few weeks ago but it’s a little ambitious to assume we as women will put down the luggage in favor of some weird ass shell-shaped boxes, for the everyday at least. I concluded that there’s something somewhat magical about roaming around without the entirety of your belongings strapped into your purse and onto your shoulder. The end of a posture fail, for one thing. But even if just for the sake of zen. Women often refer to the contents of their bags as their “lives” but should a mass of clutter confined into a big sack of your belongings really describe your life? Maybe you’re ultra-neat and crumbled paper receipts don’t infiltrate the insides of your purses but for the sake of my own sanity, I’ll assume you’re not and suppose that perhaps the answer to excess rummaging could be easily solved by a purse half the size. It’s just a thought though. Can you believe that two entirely different words can be cultivated by the differentiation of just one T? Weird.

What do you think?  Celine purse, MR DANNIJO cuff.

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  • Absolutely gorgeous bag!!!


  • I think you may be right. If we stop buying XL bags, maybe we'll stop carrying so much sh*t around. I'm used to thinking that everything I have in my handbag is truly necessary, but maybe I'd cut down if I started using smaller bags.

    I guess we'll have to try it to see if you(we're) right!

    xo Joana

    P.S. – That bag is *effing* gorgeous.

  • Love the color of bag & bracelet. Xo

  • The bag and jewelry both look luscious!!!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  • Yup, definitely a smaller bag means less hassle.I find bags to be like budgets- no matter how big you always ending using all of them! If I carry I giant bag, you can be certain i will have found crap to stuff it with. Thus smaller bag will still be stuffed with crap, just a smaller amount of it. Which is always good.

  • ohhh i carry so much shit. its crazy. I am downsizing though…. by using smaller bags now. so you are RIGHT 😀

  • OMG, that bag is a-ma-zing! xx.

  • girl i think you may be onto something

  • I have to admit I feel lost without a lot of belongings with me. Part of it has to do with having kids, and part of it is just my pack rat personality. Something about being somewhere without everything I need strikes fear in my heart. I do, at times, especially at night, leave the house with smaller purses and do just fine. But for long stretches out, I need my stuff.

  • It's definitely my obsession of the moment!

    Try to find a hand bag that would be a compromise between my loooovely clutches and my – too heavy – Darel 24h.

    I love the colours of your photo — It's a repin!

    Bisou bisou Leandra

  • I love the color of the bag!
    For me the size of my bag doesn't matter, the thing that I'm looking for seems always undiscoverable! It's always the last thing that comes out when I empty it


  • I guess you're right, and a medium size purse could accomplish its function… after all, I don't carry so much stuff with me!

  • You should see all the shit my mom carries around… scissors, measuring tape, 2 wallets, a few half-empty water bottles "just in case!". I've tried interventions with her – bought her small, chic bags – she just fills them, then puts them inside the big bag!

  • Lol fun post!

  • Downsizing in the bag department is definitely where my head is at right now. I decided I look too much like a vagrant searching for a home when I carry a large bag. This one is perfect!

  • i'm obsessed with this bag.

  • The bag looks really nice. Unfortunately, I have never managed – or should I say dared? – to leave the house with a bag smaller than a shoebox … It's not that I actually carry around so much with me everyday, but I like having the option to add more content to my bag.

  • I worked in finance until a month ago (i quit!) and carried a huuuuge Balenciaga (nicknamed The Baby Elephant amongst friends…) and we all used to joke that it carried all 'my lives' (banker, illustrator, designer and yogi…).

    Happy to report that I bought now a Celine clutch and it serves the purpose of my current life of exile in paradise (Mexico) just beautifully


  • I feel like Celine took a cue from MbM with this one. Love it way much.

  • Live this.

  • The size, colour and style of that Céline is just perfect! Love the cuff too!

  • Very pretty bag <3

  • Love the bag amd good point… I hope the contents of my bag don't represent my life, scary!
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  • I do believe our bag carries our "lives" and it's all good to call it that. It's like "they" say that how you dress is an expression of yourself – no difference, right? I do agree though that women can tend to be pack racks and could minimize what they take with them. It all depends on who you are and what you're doing that day. Our bags are our security blanket. And to end this note – love the Celine!

  • Oops….spelling…..pack RATS, not pack racks…..

  • Beautiful bag ! I always tell myself to stop taking that much stuff with me, but sometimes havin a huge camera, a book and a bottle of water with you really is useful.
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  • I've had my trio for a month or two now and swapped out a giant vintage cowhide wallet for a tiny vintage cowhide change purse for the important cards/licenses. Both are freaky/earn me compliments exclusively from women but I can definitely say streamlining the stuff I schlep around has been good for me…

  • Gorgeous bag!


  • Both gorgeous items!!

    XO Charlotte

  • well if I had that bag. I would get rid of some stuff I usually carry so that I could use it everyday. LOVE it!!!!

  • You know it's bad when downsizing your tote feels like a vacation. That's how I feel, right now!!!

  • the celine bag is absolutely to die for. i WANT it so bad. you are lucky.

  • No way ! I want this bag SO badly!


  • Agreed. Clutches & small messengers are the way to go. Especially as New Yorkers… living with limited space is our lifestyle.

    I stopped carrying large bags once I was done with college (& lugging heavy ass textbooks/laptop around) & I don't think I'll ever go back.

  • Karoll Gonzalez.

    OMG! I want this bag!!!! Love!
    Kisses the Brazilian Girl….Karoll

  • Meg

    the colour of that bag is amazing!!

    Meg x


  • Lu

    I love smaller bags or clutches! But I have to admit, downsizing could be hard…
    Love the post!

  • I was trying to concentrate on your writing, but I think I glanced up at that bag about five times while reading it. Love the color and all of the compartments! I wouldn’t say that the contents of my bag are ‘my life,’ but rather the crap that I need to make my life a little easier 😉


  • I love your writing so much!! and you a little too 😉 xx
    much love! all the way from Taipei <3

  • It's a lovely bag!

  • I've always rejected the oversize hobo phase, never my thing. Only time they are useful is to lug around binders and books to and fro class, that is until I get my hands on a Wang backpack.

    Love anything Celine, anything leather- it's a fetish.


  • OMg this celine is absolutely fab!!!!

    love it!!! 😀

    Kisses from Milan :))

  • I agree. That is all.

    Cheers. Wgwizdom

  • love the color of the bag!


  • Hahahahah! I LOVE that cuff! It is so darn unique I can not get over it!! That line has the coolest stuff. Wicked amaze.


  • Haha, great bag and love that necklace. Totally get what you mean. I always bring my huge bag with me because I think…wat if I need to put this or this in my bag. But everything I bring with me when I go totally fits in my smaller bag(s)…

  • love that last question. as a non-native I wonder about such things all the time and used to get thoroughly annoyed by the words thought, though and tough (especially the last two). I wonder how those words ever came to be so alike!

  • Okay the bag is great, we all know that! but I cannot get over your hilarious "things that look like vaginas" posts. I just went back and checked out all the old entries and am trying to hold back my cackling seeing as I'm at work. Love it. absolutely hilarious. I'm a new follower! Love your blog and your sense of humor.

    xx Olivia

  • this bag looks soo awesome! 🙂 I love the colour…and pretty much everything else as well.. 😀

  • beautiful picture!! love the way the eye is coming out of the bag!


  • I love the Celine bag and the bracelet… the mini PS1 has the ideal petite size! It looks small but it is bigger than you would imagine…

  • Great Celine purse, Love the colour

  • I'm so happy for the arrival of more smaller, more compact, and more pocketed bags too. Smaller is the new big. Easier to carry, less fumbling (which usually equates to more elegance) and now we can just concentrate on running in our heels

  • Anna

    Link, link! Leandra, I can't find it and even though it's not quite affordable for me, I need to find this bag on a web page with a shopping cart that lets me add it.

  • love it

  • love the bag!!!! i am so buying one too!!!

  • omg i love ur humor, first time i read it and im in love with ur writings! u're totes hilar and i say the same obscene stuff with my frds (sometimes in public) too!! i bet u're even funnier live in person! cute bag too!!

    xx nathan.niche


  • totally in love with it! :))) i'm beginner so u can also check my blog

  • EveRythinG But The GirL!!!

    LoVE IT!!

  • What a great bag. It's small but looks very spacious for the more important shit we carry with us in our daily lives. I think I'm starting to develop a crush on this bag.

  • I'm definitely a girl for the little bag. Maybe not a minaudiere, but I have a collection of clutches and small cross-body bags. The fact is, they carry everything that I actually need when I'm out, and I basically never find that I left behind something I wish I hadn't unless I forget my phone.

  • That bag is sooooo pretty! I am going to go click the link above to search it out now…

  • yes, very odd. i feel for non-native english speakers for this reason.

  • LCM

    I adore that bag, and the separate compartments. Always a plus with handbags

  • Anna

    But where can you find one? I spent time searching online yesterday and had no luck. I don't even know the name, though maybe it's from the Triple Pouch collection?

  • And one more thing that Looks Vagina-y: mussels, when you pop them out of their shells. You know I'm right!

  • We think that sadly you are correct. We love our large handbags too much!

    Mens Clothing Online

  • Leandra

     Not for sale on line, such is the mystique of Celine.