Packing for: Coachella

Behold, the obligatory Coachella post, so much for original content. While the my fun won’t start until next weekend–blame it on edible cardboard–many people embark on their journey to sing along with Snoop right now and so it is for that reason you win not one, not two, but three days worth of Coachella outfit inspiration, emphasis on the inspiration. Earlier this week, Coachsent the greatest Coach-ella survival kit which included a really cool vintage tee, dry shampoo, Chapstick, tic-tacs, Emergen-C and other practical things I would have definitely overlooked in the grand scheme of packing. It got me thinking about the outfits that would go along with this newly procured practicality but ultimately led me to conclude that practical clothes are for babies and people that suck at having fun.

Missoni bathing suits, however are not for either. And without further ado, the three outfits. Day one, at left: an Acne muscle tank with the alpha-denim cutoffs, pocket seam shining through et al. Pick your poison: floral print Supergas, though I’d save those for the Isabel Marant romper, or very practical and yet underrated Havaiana sandals. I find that in matters of the summer months, buying flat shoes, while fun and ostensibly worthwhile, tends to render somewhat useless because it gets too hot to conjure up any shoe less easy than the three tone Havaiana flip flop. Look, there’s Chapstick in my pocket.

Day two: the aforementioned romper and because festival wear typically mandates day to night, how about a leather jacket clad in Fringe a la Maje that while looks like it is giving birth to a fringed bag, is factually not. Print blocking shoes: here, here.

And day three: strapless maxi dress by Zimmermann. A denim vest over the dress, one that is presumably fairly long, and some Dickers because they were practically made for Coachella. On the jewelry front: a lot of eyes by Dannijo and me because I actually did birth them and some nail claw rings to slip over your nails and poke people with at bottom by Mr. Kate. They kind of look like gilded noses. You’ll obviously bring white sunglasses, right? Yesterday’s post was no joke. Viva Jeremy Scott.

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