On Overalls

Recently, an unusual infatuation with onesie styled denim has overcome me. Blame it on a looming Coachella or simply the mere fact that you can take the girl off the Man Repeller, but you can’t take the Man Repeller off the girl. Website MR vs philosophical entity MR in case you’re confused by the sentiment I tried to convey in that previous sentence and I suspect you must be. The fact of the matter is, rain or shine, day or night, all I want from life is overalls. Below you’ll find two outfits that may help get the wheels of your closet moving should you find yourself in a similar predicament and enable your, you know, life. The rain or shine portion of it is really more just because denim gets wet and that’s okay. Day or night depicts a casual vs. fancy dichotomy that gives longevity to the over-all experience at hand. That’s a play on word(s).

Overalls by NSF, muscle tee from Topshop, sneakers by Superga x The Row

Scenario A: Caught in the act while doing jumping jacks, Naomi wanted this photo to embody the playfulness of decorating a large portion of your body in denim. They just sort of take you back to the nineties where jumping rope and jacks then playing jacks was a day well done. I think we did alright. Lots of skin remains shown but look to the nearest man and gain an opinion. Does he want to bone me? I speculate not–and I say this in confidence pulling from personal experience.

Now, I’m not one to leave an outfit un-accessorized, enter the fancy.

In transit to Scenario B: Look at me, look at me, I have eyes. The hills have eyes. Look at me, look at me, my feet look like two tiers of mushroom haircuts. What? You don’t get that yet, but you will really soon.

Dannijo necklaces, Giambattista Valli shoes, Ferragamo blazer, Valentino clutch

See? Mushroom haircut feet. The thing about this clutch, while I’ve never thrown up inside of it, I did win it–yes, win it–at an internal sale Valentino hosted while I was interning there. I paid something like $150 dollars for it. It retailed for a billion, which Facebook could have afforded–Instagram now too, but me, not so much. On to the photo though: I recently tweeted a picture of these overalls and called them my most offensive conquest of 2012. It may not seem that way from current view, it’s actually quite trendy, but you know what they say, when you assume you make an ass out of both you and me. So…

Feast your eyes on this saggy ass! The funny thing about presumable negative space when it’s between a chunk of denim and your butt is that it’s not so negative. I think this mission ends successfully repelled. Go on, resume living. Actually, please first look at the contenders up against one another.

Which do you prefer? Tell me. I have to know.
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