On my Mind
I’m not suggesting that I’m packing for Coachella, but I am saying that the recent configuration of a certain collage may or may not have gotten me fairly excited for the good music induced festival of fun that lies ahead. I’ll be there with bells on and when I say bells I am most accurately referring to overalls. And while the photographed below aren’t the ones in the immediately aforementioned referral, they’re a decent example of baby pink, pastel pink, Easter pink, whatever you’ll call it, done right. It’s hard to escape the stereotypical newborn association with a color so sweet, but we will.

And what’s more: they’re diverse. Feed into the pastel nature of this season and pair the Carven lace blouse at immediate left or opt for a plain old white t-shirt–this will make the red leather jacket a bit more relevant. There’s also always the prospect of: bikini top! Zimmermann has a way with prints and producing reminiscent-of-bra-socially-acceptable-as-outerwear products so let’s embrace that. Holy gold Supergas where have you been all these years? These years are referring to the ones that followed the seventh year of my life because it should be known, I did own those little dudes. Chunky black heels in case you’d want some height, these are a particularly fun recent Rebecca Minkoff roll out. And as for the accessories: a few good rings, why not. A DANNIJO necklace because ultimately, if you don’t want to wear anything else, you theoretically wouldn’t have to. This one is called the Cleo and runs for a whopping $810. You can, however, opt for Man Repeller x DANNIJO version, clad in eyeball for $450. And there’s my shameless plug. Don’t forget ringmasters, ASOS is the winner.

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