No but Really
In a new practice test not unlike those proctored by College Board, I call this one: express your love for any sort of sartorial finding in 140 characters or less. I stole the foundation from twitter but at least I’m man enough to admit it. No But Really was the sentiment I chose and I think in doing that I quite well mastered the art of conjuring up grammatically incorrect sentences that somehow tread the line of social acceptability. No but really? Really? Really! This jacket, my torso. Peas in pod. Jam in jar. Eggs in uterus. Can you dig it? Black ruffle, satin motorcycle. As they I say, if it looks like a vagina, it’s probably couture. Ambiguous nether region, yes, but nonetheless one that will inevitably menstruate. Or, I don’t know, maybe it won’t. I think this just got awkward. I’m going to go. If you’re still around, do shed your light. Via LN-CC
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