More on Tropical Pants

Saturday’s abridged style postforgot to mention the most obvious and important rainy-day association via tropical pants and that is: vive le tropical storm, durrrrr. It seems my sense of humor may still not have returned from Mexico, but in any case, here’s more on palm trees on pants, not particularly for the sake of a storm but more just because tropical trees are cooler than negative space and what’s color than that? Pseudo holographic images of just that printed on your legs, your legs, your legs, my legs.

Boom. Hairy eyes. What’s up now. I’m practically a Shah of Sunset.

Boom. Fupa close up. The kind that makes you wish your eyes were still hairy. What now? Note the layers.

And voila, here’s me being super smiley and shit. This is the outfit I wore a few Saturday nights ago when I reckoned I was eating fancy food but instead returned to neighborhood favorite: Rubirosa, where good food comes to get consumed and simultaneously be celebrated. I felt bad for my feet because these are not comfortable shoes. This sentiment spawned a new theory.

Months ago on a small post about a pair of Charlotte Olympia flat espadrilles, I mentioned that investing in flat shoes is likely more ambitious than in heels simply because you’ll wear them more. The disconnect between women, their shoes and monetary obligations is interesting: we’ll spend hundreds, some times thousand(s,) of dollar bills on high heeled bitches that become somewhat obsolete after several wears of the classic I’m-so-excited-I-have-these-I-don’t-give-a-shit-they’re-puncturing-my-ankles.

And then what? They sit in your closet and look like art and hey, there’s nothing wrong with that but what about cost-per-wear, damnit? Which brings me back to my initial point–we won’t spend all that much money on flat shoes–give or take an Isabel Marant sneaker or two but figure this: heels are a confidence booster, yes, longer legs, leaner figure but a woman who feels good in flats–I mean really happy and good–is relying solely on herself for that brand of confidence. No exterior support is assisting the process. It’s real, it’s internal, it’s comfortable. Now, this isn’t to say I’m going to give up my heels–I will likely continue wearing the photographed until my ankles truly do snap but if you wanted to give them up, I get it.

vest: Kimberly Taylor, utility shirt: Charlotte Ronson, t-shirt: Chaser, pants: Alexander Wang, shoes: Christian Louboutin, sunglasses: Tom Ford. All photos by Naomi Shon.

Some people, you see, just cultivate confidence doing different sorts of things…like emulating Chuckie the killer doll. Ultimately what it is, is personal.

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