Ironic Jewels

A recent appreciation for lip adorned chokers, bracelets, hoopssprawled an entire investigation that would look to the type of jewelry that has subjectively created a unique niche and sincere fan base. This ultimately equals success and so we can assume the brands in question are doing something right. The common denominator in those speculated is irony. And why? Because the beautiful, lust worthy fashion jewelry of today doesn’t translate beautiful and lust worthy when the item in question isn’t, you know, jewelry. It’s the weird details and imperfections that make them perfect injected with an important dose of rawness. Let me explain. Bugs, skulls, bullets, safety pins, roaches, eyeballs and you know I love a good pair of lips, for example: cool when dipped in gold, silver, brass, ox brass, you know how it goes. When in raw form, however, either mundane–cue the safety pin, or grotesque, cue the roach.

Noir batman studs, hand cuff, pelican ring. Delfina Delettrez column cuff, lips. Jennifer Fisher bullet ring, angel wing bracelet, safety pin ring. Aurelie Bidermann snake and leaf rings. Mr Kate bark bracelets, Made her Think studs with nail. DANNIJO skull earrings. Bijules cockroach brooch.

So what is it about us and weird jewelry. The trend’s skeleton, so to speak, has been there a long time: snake, bug, skull silhouettes are costume staples at very least but the rest of it–why? Take a look at the Man Repeller and Dannijo collaboration. Six styles of jewelry, all adorned by eyes–and that wasn’t particularly a play on evil eyes. It’s actually more a salute to eyeballs in general, a sort of spin on aliens in outer-space, our taking the mundane and making it beautiful, giving eyes a way to look around, even when they’re not looking. Ya di ya di ya. This difficultly has no answer except maybe the transgression of irony in different fashion scopes but I really defer to you to figure out why we’re so enthused by the boring and grotesque in matters of wrist, finger, neck-wear. You’re up.

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