Come Back, Rain

The irony of a rain-related post on a day as beautiful as this one is a different brand of ostensibly masochist and obvious but I’ve concluded that most ladies hate wet weather for the wrong reasons. It’s got little to do with the actual climate and centers far more heavily around the notion of our exteriors. Justifiably so: our hair typically starts to mimic K-9s of the poodle variety and general style gets compromised for the sake of keeping good threads dry and leaving the shit ones out to mold. But when you’ve cultivated the proper rain look for yourself, all the sudden it’s not so bad. I always say Paris is a special city in that it’s the only one of its kind that can manage to look more beautiful in the rain. New York isn’t too bad either though: the earth is fed, sidewalks obtain this eery but magical glow to them, streets are less crowded and the sky tangibly gives us the key to sustenance: agua. On a less existential note, umbrellas are fun to tote around, poke ambiguous people with, and trench coats are the mother lode of chic-to-the-next-lev. And so here’s a call to welcome rain back whenever it pleases. I’ll wait on a stoop in the West Village, smiling and looking like I just ate cake.

I did just eat cake.

Vanessa Bruno jeans, Alexander Wang sweater, London Fog trench coat, Celine purse, Chanel booties, DANNIJO and Jennifer Fisher necklaces. I guess I’ll admit that when you’ve got lace adorned jeans on your legs, most everything is probably pretty alright.

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