Brought to you by the weekend in Palm Springs that changed everything. Well, not everything but some things…like my hemlines and the fact that if I don’t have fringe coming off my arm the day feels 60% less efficient than it would under reverse circumstances. And that sixty percent gets things done. This got me thinking though. Before I left for the Desert–see a style cue cultivated there, here–I had been pretty much exclusively clad in low rise jeans of the pure denim and white varieties, muscle tees or billowy button ups and fucking awesome fairly cool heels–see: On Feeling Blah, but then I arrived at Coachella, and that’s where flower crowns, ethereal anything, white linen, lace, eyelet, denim, and utility topped with the obligatory suede bootie reigned. It was like Isabel Marant had been dubbed the unofficial sponsor of the festival and everyone had gotten the memo(randum.) But then I came home, and when that happened:

photo by Bridget Fleming

The same fringes followed me, even more of that denim, infused by the muscles tee from before and some bandana printed tiers of Isabel. I even went so far as to add a pair of dangling earrings. This is a hobby I haven’t yet penetrated, mostly because I don’t trust myself in anything that hangs from my face. Can you blame me? I’m still not sure about them, I think they might drive the look to lose some polish. Ultimately though my point is that I saw a change. Change, I tell ya. Not the same. And then I got to thinking about how quickly an aesthetic can be altered. My ride down festival express likely won’t last as poignantly for very much longer than say, a week or two (update: I wrote this on Wednesday, today I wear burgundy skinny pants, a white t shirt under grey sweater with leather sleeves topped by denim vest, nothing on ears,) but I think a little bit of the bobo (part bourgeois, part boheme,) may stick around. The wheels of integration are in motion and I suppose that’s how style phases come in and go out.

I may just be exercising my idiot-chic again though, so: thoughts from the audience?

Maje jacket, The Kooples chambray blouse, Acne muscle tee, Etoile Isabel Marant skirt, Isabel Marant sneakers, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Proenza Schouler purse, Dannijo earrings, MR Dannijo iPhone case. Coca-cola can, not a product placement though I wish it were–I hear they pay well. Note: I did in fact, just switch out the previous iPhone image for a fancier one snapped by Bridget Fleming of Downtown from Behind. The coca-cola sentiment is no longer applicable.

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