When All Else Fails
Acne jacket, Dolce and Gabanna jeans, but these will do, Organic by John Patrick blouse, Givenchy sandals, Asos thick cuffs, thin cuffs, Made her Think double ring, Reece Hudson clutch. I can’t speak for you but the last few weeks have found me feeling massively uninspired. I’ll blame it on March the same way I do September when the reverse of this uninspiration rears its head. The fact of the matter is, I’ve reached that seasonal point when sweaters make me want to kill myself, and it’s too soon to wholeheartedly indulge in the crisp airiness of summer wears. As it happens, this particular circumstance keeps me going to back to a classic denim, utility, ambiguous leather combination infused by a little bit of white to perhaps help curb the appetite at hand. It’s a fairly good when-all-else-fails option that can easily see new life should you exercise a wear-it-til-you-smell policy by the inclusion of an accessory that pops, say one not unlike the red Reece Hudson motoclutch shown and some sleek accessories that don’t read contrived or overachieving, just plain old warrior freak. White pants deserve more play time pre, post Labor Day and these particular Givenchy sandals have been on my mind for a little while. Figured throwing them into the collage may satiate that thirst, you know how it goes.
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