So Long Carry-All
I fell upon a photo of my arm from a Tommy Ton/Club Monaco hosted event last week and it got me thinking about handbags. The evolution of purse in recent years suggests ‘So Long Carry All’ been a long time coming. First it was a transition from the Olsen sized hobo to Olsen-sized clutch. Then it was a reintroduction of the pouchette of sorts–last summer’s favorite in particular: Alexander Wang’s Marion mini. Shortly thereafter Proenza Schouler’s smaller PS11 rendered more lust worthy than the previous PS1 and Celine’s trio, a triple zip threat will in time–here’s hoping–remove a certain large tote from the grand scheme of purse. While we see fashion reverting back to this place of sartorial modesty–silhouettes are far more reminiscent of the 50s than they are this decade–it only makes sense that the minaudiere would see shining time again too.
Here’s me. Re: minaudiere, that’s the formal word, as taught to me by the experts at Ferragamo, for baby-ass-clutch. Somewhere along this stream of consciousness I remembered that over fashion week I’d been trotting a small satin clutch and it was then that I resolved, not much more space than the allotted there is all that necessary. Forget the chunky wallet and spare pair o’shoes, various sorts of lotion, battery chargers, prosthetic limbs, etc. When push comes to shove the imperative remain: credit card, cellphone, tampon. Boom, ladies night! Below here find a few variations of the small silhouette no longer reserved exclusively for swanky evening parties.

From top, left: Alexander McQueen, Diane von Furstenberg, BCBG Max Azria, Bruno, Givenchy, Lena Erziak, Judith Lieber. Credit given where credit is due: Alexander McQueen never saw nor accepted a death to the minaudiere–this particular version features a nice disconnect: utility suede on hard shell. Judith Lieber (bottom right,) cultivated an entire business on Swarovski adorned ornaments of sorts. And mixed among the aforementioned, you’ll find a few more options for when you’re ready to retire the massive sack. I am particularly keen on that little blue to pink ombre guy at right and the lucite apple, mid-bottom. Images via Stylespotting, Jak & Jil.

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  • what a cute selection of clutch you picked!
    xo, Tina

  • Lia

    that clutch is perfect for storing a hamburger. what? I'm always hungry

    Glass of Fashion

  • They all look like mini, odd shaped flasks to me. Quirky.


  • What a lovely post! <3
    The apple bag is awesome!


  • Amanda Walsh

    Totally unrelated to the bite size purses (although I love the Alexander McQueen one), but does anyone know where can I find a double ring like that?

  • I love all these clutches, but only for going out at night. During the day I can't do without my camera, tissues, water, sunscreen and thousands of other things
    new outfit post

  • I'm not really into minaudiere yet… but I think it's just a matter of time!

  • The one I'm wearing is Made her Think

  • What certain large tote bag do you mean…the Celine Luggage? Elaborate, please!

  • Hey Leandra,

    I really see those Apple clutch in our hands… What do you think?!

    I spotted the glitter green one recently and felt madly in love!

    Very nice selection there.


  • really love all those bags!

  • love it! I want a lucite one!
    Please vote for Molliee in this shoe styling contest! xoxo

  • I'm definitely guilty of having the gigantic carry-all. I really don't know if I could live without it. Maybe if I had my carry-all and the clutch… I really do like the Alexander McQueen!

  • Love this post, your totally right. I especially love the mcqueen, BCBG and Givenchy versions, très chic and très tiny.
    Too tiny for my everyday use (I'm a carry around lotions, chunky wallet, etcetera… kinda person), but i will change to team minaudiere when going out 😉

  • Anonymous

    Won't work, I'm a bag lady 🙁

  • This is the first time I see this blog, and I must confess I've been here for almost 2h going through all your post.

    This blog is AMAZING, you are hilarious and your style is UNIQUE!

    Congrats 🙂

  • I love the one from Ena Erziak!


  • That little lucite apple is adorable! Scholastic chic! I can imagine Teach rocking that to class…although all the contents would have to be majorly PG…great selections!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  • I OWN THE ONE THAT LOOKS LIKE TIE DYE!! its a wonderful clutch, truly GREAT BUY!! Serpi Marie is the brand!!


  • I am so glad this is now appropriate for whenever!!! I hate giant bags and find that I lose stuff in them. Plus, I don't really need to carry that much around anyway!! Thanks for the trend update 🙂
    Enter my giveaway!!!

  • great post!


  • I love the idea of forcing myself to downsize all the crap i collect in my purse ;). I love the mirrored clutch.

  • This is true + a bit of cash. My big bag is killing me in the city and I'm dying to scale down. I thought yours was so perfectly petite that night.

    Thanks for the shweeeeet plug and for using my image here.

    PS You can see more of The Man Repeller on – Woop

  • I love your blog, great text!!

  • Amanda Walsh

    Thank you!

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Aw, they look like little purse candies 😉 It really forces me to not carry so much crap around. I've honestly never like humungous oversized bags, anyway. They always overwhelm an outfit instead of adding to it, like what these little clutches do.

    The Quiet Spaces

  • Wow great collection! I love them all!

    Giveaway on my blog

  • Nice report! Good vision and love your blog. BIG time.

  • I love clutch. And it is so true what you wrote.

    x Romi

  • The clutches are adorable, but I love your rings even more!

  • I'm such an oversized bag kinda girl. Pretty much impossible for me to leave the house without my usually suitcase sized tote. But these are adorable in an impossible sort of way.

  • Ooh do I love a good clutch. Usually they are only for dressier occasions, but I could see them as a trend that could be used anytime nowadays. The light pink floral one in the middle is my fave!


  • Umm…THANK GOD for this! I've always been a no purse, I'll just put this in my boyfriend's pocket or friend's purse kinda gal lol. I only on small clutches.


  • this is no good for me. adios trendsetting life.

  • I own about a jillion of these and never use them! I carry around three different journals and a bunch of other shit. I wish I could get away with this. Right now I'm looking for a monstrous clutch that I can tuck in my woven Bolivian backpack when I bike!

  • Yes, minimalistic living is so much easier!

  • Not to undermine the seriousness of handbags (they're the wind beneath my wings), but Leandra I am being 100% serious when I say that I swear to god I thought this was you: It took me a very long time to realise that it wasn't my favourite blogger teaching me how to crunch my way to tighter abs.

    I just wanted to share this with you.

    Signed, a fan with bad eyesight and a lust for life.

  • That lucite apple clutch is beautiful! I still prefer the Jimmy from Lena Erziak.
    Take care 🙂

  • Such amazing clutches! Thanks for sharing! Love your posts 🙂 -HipSwap

  • while i love the look of these little bags. they are never practical enough for me 🙂

  • love the military green clutch at the top with the skull. a little creepy. a lot awesome.

  • I love the Anna Dello Russo purse!!!

  • I have never hated a trend more than this shrinking of purses. I need to ba able to cary mywhole life in my large messy perhaps even unsanitary tote.
    Material Fixations

  • I'm obsessed for clutchs!!!!!
    These are wonderful!!
    Love it.

  • IDK if I could really do these minaudiere's. I can imagine myself carrying one, but I have a very active imagination too. They look cute, and dainty but I need a bag I can fit the kitchen sink in… or at least a knife.

  • Loving this clutch selection–saw many while in Miami this weekend!

  • Its so true….im never going to get over my mary poppins bags though 😉

  • love the apple clutch!!!!

  • Lovely collection of clutches! But I still reach faster to my hobo bag. Don't know why but always want to bring too much with me and that doesn't fit into a clutch 😛

  • I love clutches, but I am more a sucker for ridiculously oversized bags because they can fit everything I need inside ! x

  • I've got a weakness for clutches! These are gorgeous!

  • nice style and nice post.

  • Certainly they came to stay ! love it !

    I wish I could carry everything on them but the less, the better !

    xoxo from Japan

  • I hate a big bag because it encourages carrying too much and possible shoulder injuries! However, once you get to a certain age and are carrying sunglasses and a pair of glasses, I'm not sure the mini-bags are big enough?!

  • loving the shift to tiny little bags!!

  • Anonymous

    They will pry my Big Bag from my cold, dead hands. Not giving it up. But then again, I have to go to work every day.

    How can you talk of "sartorial modesty" when the jewelry, phone, and bags you're carrying are worth enough money to make a mortgage payment? Just sayin'.

  • Cute clutches! We would miss our handy large totes too much to use any of these all the time!

    Mens Clothing Online

  • I like the idea of a bag-duckin. Take a little purse, stick it inside a bigger bag and boom. You're good. Work-to-play.

  • the bubble gurm Bruno clutch is the cutest!

    i really like that claw ring you have on btw


  • I love this minimalist trend! I've ditched my big bags altogether for medium sized, soft, leather clutches for everyday. But, the itty bitty baby bags are a little unreasonable. My rule: if it doesn't fit my iphone, fuhgettaboutit!

  • LCM

    This can certainly be a good look; however, if you still have to tote around your phone in your hand you know the bag's too small.

  • Anonymous

    The BRUNO turquoise and pink ombre clutch is from Brazilian Handbag designer SERPUI MARIE.

  • I love the yellow dress. It looks very good. Kisses…

  • where do i put all my ish?

  • Not sure how I am only reading this article now, but you are oh, so right! 
    We, too, are proponents of carrying less. All we truly need are the essentials.  
    So happy to have read your post. 

    On another note, we featured you in one of our Style Inspiration profile stories on our bloge:

    Hipsters for Sisters

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