Ferragamo trousers and blazer, Club Monaco tank, DANNIJO and Jennifer Fisher necklaces.

Silent G. Labial inspired back-drop. Fancy Canadian tuxedo for fancy non Canadian party, and big eyeballs are big eyeballs. Well, cats out of the bag. Contrary to what instagram and twitter suggested I would do last night–see: Look ma, no shirt!–I did in fact mask the chest with a tank. The truth of the situation is, I had no choice. My nipples were showing and not in the runway hip sense of that sentiment. It was more…contrived hooker. Blame it on the sailor pants. Actually, don’t. Denim trousers are the best example of unlikely pairing so magical it shines since gummy worms to soil. Photo from the very swanky Palazzo Chuppi hosted Ferragamo launch for their new fragrance, Signorina last night. I do love a generous slew of fresh cut flower and what’s more? A live performance by Coco Sumner who coco rocked so hard my head fell off. There were balloons everywhere. I tied one to my wrist for the sake of reviving childhood memories and, you know, bringing new dimension to the mundane arm partaaay. Oh my gowd, a party?

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