Saturday Style

…In real time. The age old question, “Where is Carmen Sandiego?” finally sees an accurate answer and it’s a wonder we haven’t looked in the very places hybrids are born. What’s more, this hybrid suggests an orgy of the most sartorially eloquent manner. Participants include the aforementioned Carmen–this time clad in beige, a certain cat lady with penchant for wide brim hat, a small Caribbean island where denim is appropriate day-wear, sneakers with obligatory pillow yellow pump–someone asked if they were weights–and, of course, the triple zip threat manufactured by French wonder-lads at Celine to perfectly emulate the mid-menstruation ridden leather vagina times three. X 3. You can’t make that shit up. Satya Twena hat, J. Crew sweater, DANNIJO necklaces, London Fog trench coat, Alexander Wang jeans, Isabel Marant sneakers, Celine purse. Or rather, pocketbook-let. Here’s to a rainy last jour de March, the April shower anticipation, May flower appreciation and, of course, pilgrims.

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