Packing for: SXSW

The last time I went on a work trip, I reconciled concise packing with a blog post outlining that which I intended to take. And while what’s detailed today ain’t for no L.A. trip, world, I’m going to Texas. Texas, I tell ya. Land of good vintage. In light of such, find here a small collage of fun things I have sprinkled over a very healthy dose of if-the-internets-were-my-closet projected items I want to have, etc etc. You can figure it a thematic repelling: music festival still life of sorts. Look down. Look. Look. Do it. Look.

At left, Stella McCartney overalls are photographed but the ones I’m taking are actually NSF. From front view, fairly cute but when faced with the curse of standing behind me: diarrhea butt, cha cha cha. A grey tank to wear under the overalls, red Superga sneakers wrapped far across my ankles and Karen Walker’s va va vooms. Look at them for heaven sake. A bright ass PS11 should take care of the entire weekend. In the middle, a decent night time choice. Acne’s infamous Pop Trash jeans with a silk white tank, this one a la Phillip Lim. The tropical print Altuzarra pumps are actually a joke–those sexy dudes have no place in Texas but the LD Tuttle lace-up wood heels freaks on the other hand, perfect and lovely. See this is an easy one because no matter what you bare alongside those pants, you’re birth control ridden off proverbial bat. Blee bloo bla. And finally, for a walk or some shit, a Jack Wills dress designed for a girl no older than twelve but fit for the likes of us, paired with an Isabel Marant short-sleeve utility thing of sorts. Made her Think and Pamela Love rings because your fingers asked for them and a bib made entirely of colorful Dias Muertas skulls because, well, it rocks. Thanks for helping me through that. A Saks window update awaits.

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