On Accessorizing Accessories

Because I’ve already exploited the notion of accessorizing oneself with copious…accessories, I’ve taken a sort of liking toward turning my knack for engaging arms, legs, neck, in perpetual exercise via limb party, purse, triple fist bottle o’wine into accessorizing the very accessories we use to spruce shit up. Say that sentence ten times fast. No matter how you slice it, chances are it will not in fact begin to make sense. In any case though, here’s the small history behind this thought process. It started last month at that Coach Beverly Hills LA event I hosted alongside the Tony Duquette baubles. The collection placed a fairly large emphasis on pins and brooches and it was then that I began to wonder why more designers don’t experiment with pins and brooches? And furthermore, if they won’t do it, why haven’t we taken it upon ourselves to start tapping that genre of jewel again yet? It was at that point that I proceeded to attach a gilded waterbug to my red purse and that’s when the proverbial flood gates opened–cue the above, et voila: accessorizing accessories. It doesn’t stop there though, think how fly an elaborate brooch can be pinned to say, your denim work shirt, or utility blouse.

Or, heck, nipple. Regardless, I say we give this a real try. What say you?

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