Lesson in Layering: Pastels

While I sat the other night remembering how nice White-Out smells and inexplicably painting it on my legs, I got to thinking about pastels.This trend will no doubt hold as high regard as neon did last summer which is to say by this time next year, you will want to exude oral bile at the mere thought of it. In the mean time though, we’re not a team to pass on trends. Quite the contrary and so here below, enjoy a short tutorial that delves into the small world of Easter dressing and makes it a little mo’fun, mo’fun, mo’fun. Let me disclaim this guy with a small note that will feed into your confusion about the nature of my face. I don’t know why it looks like I’ve just spent three months perpetually plopped at the tip of a mountain wearing ski goggles but that’s the truth of it. Maybe it’s my makeup, though I’m not wearing any or maybe, just maybe, it’s the fact that when push comes to shove, whatever expert repelling you’ve deemed expert is actually just my face doing what it does. That said, do try to keep your focus on that which manifests below it.

A.L.C tank, Aritzia pants. And if you’re still reading: step one. The photo doesn’t do them justice but these are some grade A silk crepe mint-green cropped drawstring pants. They harvest the fupa, grow the ass and promise an overall good time if you’re into tapioca pudding. Pair them with a white t-shirt to keep it clean now, offer extensive room for a dose of crazy later.
Madewell denim shirt. Now look into the trenches of your closet and dig out the lightest shade of denim you have, meant to wear over your shoulders. Put it on. Leave it unbuttoned if you have that sort of control. Rip it open if you don’t. Kidding. Lol, JK. Enjoy this moment: you have a tail, and a thick one at that.

Acnejacket. Now, staying true to color palette, it’s time for another layer, this time you’ll want to add a little something-something to the shirt you’re wearing. A vest would likely render most appropriate in this sort of situation–remember, we are layering for spring–it just occurred to me I never made reference to the fact we may be layering for spring so nix the remember portion of that last sentiment and just look. I don’t have a pastel vest, or even one light colored so I went with the blue leather jacket of our collective dreams. It adds a little edge to the Easter mood anyway.

Chanel shoes. And then there were the shoes. Sure I could have opted for these little fellows to stay more consistent on the pastel front but in matters of the layering game, it’s important to bare in mind the way in which the final outcome will read. Open toe booties just seemed to hit the pant in a more flattering to the female eye proportion. And finally, here’s the obvious last hoorah.

Wink skirt, Alexander Wang purse. A peplum! Eureka. Isn’t there just something so magical about a peplum when you’ve created it compared to say, one manufactured for you and delivered to you from a place that…doesn’t even know you. And there’s my Aloe Marion. It wasn’t always grey, you see. That’s an advance that last summer helped fabricate.

Look at it swing, look at it swing. Okay now, that’s it, the end. All photos by Naomi Shon
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