Last Season’s Fashion Now
Last week The Outnet dropped a pretty big chunk of Stella McCartney a la Spring/Summer 2011, (the links provided are mere projections,) at which point I imagine sale fiends of the interwebs made a collective migration over there in order to obtain a bit of the notorious fashion fruit. Because when life hands us lemons, it seems only Stella McCartney can successfully turn them into body flattering silk slices of sartorial heaven. The skirt shown above in particular, I’ve had my eyeball on since runway time last March. Instagram suggests that many of you did too and so here’s a fun factoid should you have missed the small window of opportunity The Outnet provided. I got mine from Yoox, it’s still there. Run, don’t walk. And with that out of the way, here’s to the post’s title. The massive hype this collection garnered got me thinking about longevity. The general consensus on clothes or shoes so characteristic of a singular season and brand–take last season’s Miu Miu glitter booties or this season’s Prada rocket sandals–is generally that after the season at hand has gone, the items in question render outdated. When a trend is coveted for so long before it’s drop date and then exploited well after, it’s hard to look beyond the trendiness of that point in time. There’s something to be said though about the excitement and general notion of continuing wear-ability attached to this collection.
Apologies for the halt in fliudility but I have to interrupt proper programming to reference an important red carpet moment from last week and give myself credit where due because you see, I was doing the Angelina when it was still being called the Man Repeller. But back to my point.
Stella McCartney skirt, Style Mint t shirt, H&M; vest, Altuzarra wedges, Camille Zarsky clutch, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, DANNIJO and Mono & Me bracelets. Photos by Naomi Shon.
When I saw the skirt a few weeks ago, minding its own business, sitting idly on the internets, I found myself just as excited to own a piece of this movement as I was last season. This is why I decided to pull the trigger on it. The skirt sort of passed the test of its time. It’s still relevant regardless of the oversaturation–this is not a real word–it may have fell victim to last season and doesn’t feel, you know, dated. Now, maybe not pertaining to this particular bit of cloth, this is still a good shopping rule of thumb to keep in mind while pondering whatever it is you’re attempting to buy. Ask yourself if you’ll still want to wear it in one year? Two years? And depending on the heftiness of the price tag…eleven years? 
Now ask yourself this: do you like my new banner? It is an homage of sorts to alien life on earth.
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