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Hi Friends

In partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue and Louboutain.

Hi friends x 2. Thursday of this week will mark my annual get-in-the-window-of-a-big-department-store-and-do-silly-shit routine. This year’s storefront hails from Saks Fifth Avenue and it’s all being held in conjunction with the fancy freaks at Christian Louboutin in an effort to continue celebrating the momentous 20th Anniversary. If I remember correctly, on the 20th anniversary of my life, I let a shiny mirrored bottle of Absolut take the best of me and in doing so barely made it to the Mercer Kitchen where dinner was to be had before I fell off a bar stool and subsequently ended up right back where I’d started: in the fetal position. This anniversary will read slightly more elegant. With no substance on site, I’ll be styling outfits around the 20th anniversary Louboutin capsule collection in a window, layering clothe upon clothe upon feather upon clothe in a most meaningful manner while pretending I’m a sort of Cinderella reincarnate just in a far more excessive capacity because these shoes are not singular or made of glass. No, no, they’re tall and chunky and rich in range and color and well, maybe, I’ll break my ankle for dramatic effect and the sake of crowd pleasing but maybe I won’t. Figure it an interactive, live, window installation of sorts. You can tweet at me, tell me what to do, or just plain laugh. Regardless the circumstance, copious fun will be had, so you’re invited to skip out of work for lunch break come Thursday, March 15 and watch me act a fool at 12:30PM.

Saks Fifth Avenue. Be there or chew cud.

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